• Show Date: 12/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Maureen Reynolds Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Bichon Frise

Crufts 2023 Bichon Frise Judge Mrs Maureen Reynolds

Due to Covid it has been a number of years since I last judged the breed. I have to

say that although pigment is now generally improved, I was very disappointed in the

overall construction in the breed.

Some were far too long in muzzle. Several were out at elbow. There were a number

with short necks and long backs. I could count on the fingers of one hand the

number of dogs with the correct length of ear leathers.

Regrettably my overall impression is that we have lost the depth of quality in this

Country. This is why so many overseas dogs did so well.

I blame judges for this. As a coated and trimmed breed it is all too easy to reward a

well presented dog over a better constructed one that is less well presented.

Temperament was on the whole excellent and many made me smile as they came

towards me.

I was delighted with my best dog and best bitch. They gave me goose bumps when

they came to challenge for Best of Breed. The male, however, I found to be breath

taking and he could not be denied.

Veteran Dog Entries 3 Ab 1

1st Sormusten Christmas Magic at Morusha (Imp Fin) (Mrs E Lawrie)

Very pretty head and good pigment. Moved around the ring with style. I seriously

considered him for the reserve CC. (BV)

2nd Ch. Avenir Above and Beyond (Mrs B Bradley)

A dog that I have given top honours to in the past. He has good head proportions

and general construction, however he slightly laboured on the move. I felt he

was feeling his years that day.

Minor Puppy Dog Entries 1 Ab 0

1st Vanilla Kissing Bear Van De Dyksteinhoeve (Imp B) (Mrs K Senohrabkova)

Pretty head and expression. Good pigment. A little erratic on the move.

Junior Dog Entries 6 Ab 0

1st Manoir’s Licensed to Thrill for Brokengate (Mrs H M Anderson)

Scored on pigment and expression, better proportions than 2.

2nd Amé Jumelle Beowulf Ardmoyle (cen Jw,cen W) (Mrs J Mc Closkey)

A little on the large size, good pigment. Moved true both coming and going. Head

was not as good as one.

3rd Carusca A Spoon Full of Sugar (Miss C C Keen)

Yearling Dog Entries 3 Ab 0

1st Deizi He’s The One with Pamplona (Mr M Coad)

Smart appearance, much more attractive head then second place. Moved true once

slowed to the appropriate pace.

2nd Luka Songbird (Miss V J Crawford)

An already seen dog, his movement was much improved this time round. A sweet


3rd Diamella Meet You at The Top Bel/neth/ger/lux Int Jun Ch (K & P Van De Pol & Alaerts)

Post Graduate Dog Entries 5 Ab 1

1st Manoir Edge of The Universe at Kantosky (Miss D Wilson)

Smaller much prettier than second place. I would prefer more coat on the head as

that trim gave the appearance that it was out of proportion to the body.

2nd Kio Rigata Deserve A Victory (Imp Lva) (Mr & Miss Cooper & Davies)

Not the head of the first place, moved soundly but is more solid and larger than I like.

The Bichon is a companion dog and should be easy to pick up and cuddle.

3rd Sherrosea It Was Only A Kiss (Mrs K Winrow)

Limit Dog Entries 7 Ab 2

1st Ashmair Live to Tell Mamose (Mrs M & Miss A Moss & Connolly)

A handsome head, well handled and presented. Needed time to settle into his

movement. Well constructed.

2nd Louisianna Storming Norman (Mrs A Robinson)

Very much the head & expression that I like. Less elegant than one but moved

steadily maintaining a level top line. Did make me smile which is the function of the


3rd Winharleigh Magic of Music (Miss J Marden)

Open Dog Entries 7 Ab 2

1st Ch Ashoka Blaze of Glory at Keunnevek (Mr D & Mrs S Walton) DCC BOB

Such an elegant dog. As you judge him, he judges you. Presented and handled to

perfection. I have never seen him look or perform better.

Every thing that I was looking for that day.

2nd Ch Limartine Mr Blue (Mrs L A Mault)

Shorter in leg than 1 and a little out at elbow, but a worthy champion never the less. (RCC)

3rd Ch Daveyluvs D’artagnan JW (Mrs D Carr)

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Entries 3 Ab 1

1st Louisianna Storming Norman (Mrs A Robinson)

2nd Winharleigh Magic of Music (Miss J Marsden)

Smart mover, it was a shame that he lacked nose pigment because he has a happy

disposition and is nicely balanced.

Veteran Bitch Entries 4 Ab 2

1st Magstarai Heart of the Ocean (Mrs C S Osborne)

In good coat. Out moved second placed bitch. Clearly enjoying the show ring.

2nd Quissmar Lightening Queen (Mrs M Johnstone)

Very pretty bitch, determined to move at her own pace.

Puppy Bitch Entries 5 Ab 3

1st Brokengate Ruby Tuesday (Mrs A Farringdon)

Both 1 and 2 were pretty little bitches. She engaged with the crowd and was clearly enjoying her day out. (BP)

2nd Tiarian Shooting Star (Mr A & Mrs B E Richardson)

Well presented and exhibiting the correct amount of curl.

Junior Bitch Entries 8 Ab 1

1st Deizi Diamonds Are Forever (Miss A & Mrs L Hill & Macleod)

Prettier than 2nd as a result of a softer expression. She was a handful for her handler

and I liked her attitude.

2nd Deizi No Smoke Without Fire at Louisianna (Mrs Stafford)

Her expression was on the hard side compared to the 1st placed bitch. She was

beautifully prepared and handled and it was very difficult to chose between them.


3rd Moodshadowdream Girl (Mrs D Dunne)

Yearling Bitch Entries 5 Ab 2

1st Regina Bichon Miracles Do Exist Vdw Swiss Junior Champion ’22 Lux Jun (Miss M K De Wolde)

Two very difficult style of Bichons. 1st was very pretty and moved with less

 deviation coming and going than 2nd.

2nd Quissmar Chasing Lightning (Mrs A Marquiss)

Very Striking head and expression, but lost out on movement, particularly the rear

end. Whatever was going on was quite distracting to watch and yet I found no

constructional reason to explain it.

3rd Lady Bernice (Mrs V J Crawford)

Post Graduate Bitch Entries 9 Ab 3

1st Languilla Stand by Me (Ms L Macleod)

Stylish movement, attractive head, won on movement.

2nd Fribonch Hallo Im Dolly (Miss D & Ms D Loye & Taylor)

Another attractive head, but movement was erratic.

Both bitches made me smile.

3rd Amé Jumelle Umma for Lovjen (Imp Arg) (Miss J Lovatt)

Limit Bitch Entries 10 Ab 1

1st Pamplona New Sensation (Mr R & Mr M Smith & Coad)

Both very nice examples of the breed and difficult to chose between 1 and 2.

Had the edge on front construction.

2nd Brokengate Break Every Rule (Mrs H M Anderson)

I had to be picky here and I found her to be slightly out at elbow and this gave

1st the edge.

3rd Linsanim Legally Blonde (Mrs LA & Mr A R Dulson)

Open Bitch Entries 14 Ab 53

A cracking class.

1st Ch/slo Ch/hu Ch Be with You Sileah Z Podchotuci Jun Ch (Mrs K Senochrabkova)

A pleasure to go over. So stylish, I just could not ignore her. The slight

staining did just detract a little when it came to the challenge for BOB. (CC)

2nd Charmandelan Dazzling Tiger Lily of Sulyka (Mrs I L Frenk-Kleton)

Well made bitch. So steady on the move. Another very pretty bitch. Just my

style. (RCC)

3rd Ch Trinity Jp Dream Come True (imp) (Mr M & H Coad & Matsuoka)

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch entries 3 Ab 2

1st Evie Bella (Miss V J Crawford)

Whilst she may not have been the best example of a Bichon in the show, she

was a happy little dog demonstrating the true Bichon temperament, and she

was very popular with the crowd.

Maureen Reynolds