• Show Date: 28/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Martyn J Rees Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: KC Good Citizen Stakes



1ST Tigerrock Magic Woundabout JW (Mrs C L Clarke) WELSH SPRINGER SPANIEL: I have Judged this male of 3 years of age before so he had some very stiff opposition in this class today. He still impresses me. I He is impressive in both quality all through, outline and conformation and movement where he excels. Completely Symmetrical. Very typical male throughout and in full straight and dense coat. Correct proportionate head with muzzle of medium length, dentition correct, clean and complete, neck muscular with good length, super layback of shoulder and corresponding return of upper arm, straight forelegs, deep brisket and well sprung ribs, loin that is muscular, strong hindquarters with well let down hocks. Quality bone all through. Feet round and firm with short nails. On the move, he showed a smooth, powerful ground covering action and was accurate both fore and aft and completely at one with his handler who knows how to get the very best out of him.

2ND Parlickview Balze Of Glory Over Beaupippin JW (Mrs J H Ewart) GOLDEN RETRIEVER: A superbly presented and shown bitch of just 18 months of age. I absolutely loved this bitch, so striking and very well balanced. She is truly beautiful whilst fulfilling the breed standard in every department. Not flashy in any way but instead of just a very pleasing overall type. Excellent overall construction and balance and free from exaggeration. Good head with requisite chiselling, dark eye and soft expression correct, clean and complete dentition and correct bite, clean, strong neck into well placed shoulders and corresponding return of upper arm, deep chest, well ribbed, strong hindquarters, good bone moved accurately and soundly. Good coat. Shown & handled very well. On the move, she was both sound and accurate in all planes. 

3RD Shelgra Simply A Star JW (Mrs C A West) COCKER SPANIEL

RES Kxoxo I’m Old Fashioned For Colkeririn (IMP FIN) JW (Mrs K Hodge) RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK

VHC Crumbledor Reubus Hagrid (Mrs S Mowbray) SUSSEX SPANIEL

Martyn J Rees (Judge)