• Show Date: 27/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Wakeland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 01/09/2023

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

BOB 2517 - Ch Tjofselinas Chirac (Imp Swe) (Mrs & Mrs J Hartley Mair & Baldwin)

BP 2495 - Fortonpark Valentallina (Mrs J Baldwin)

DCC 2517 - Ch Tjofselinas Chirac (Imp Swe) (Mrs & Mrs J Hartley Mair & Baldwin)

RDCC 2497 - Ch Cullumbern Milano JW (Ms K Bird)

BCC 2538 - Ch Padiky Starr Studded Skye JW (Mrs D N & Miss P N Spencer)

RBCC 2515 - Waldershelf Gin and Tonic (Mr S J & Mrs J & Mrs E V Green & Green & English)

BV 2512 - Monalou Spirit of Discovery ShCM (Mr A & Mrs J A Fairclough)


949. Veteran Dog

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1ST 2512 - Monalou Spirit of Discovery ShCM (Mr A & Mrs J A Fairclough). Always a pleasure to judge the veterans in our breed, and today is no exception. I’ve known this dog since he was a youngster and I’m delighted to say he’s looking in fine fettle. Well proportioned, and with good conformation he showed well, and moved with a steady and even gait around the ring. Best Veteran.

950.  Minor Puppy Dog

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1ST 2493 - Norburylou Karias Star (Miss M Austen) 7 mth old dog, of an outgoing and exuberant nature – always pleasing to see. Currently, his head has yet to develop fully and he can appear a little loose in the flews, but this will probably change as he matures. Likewise, when stood he can look a little high at the rear, but overall, he has a good shape and substance which bodes well for the future. Typically uncoordinated puppy movement, with a tendency to pace, but when he did get into his stride he showed that he can move in an efficient and business-like manner. Quite a diamond in the rough at the moment, but maturity and patience will no doubt see him blossom.

951.  Puppy Dog

Entries: 4 Absentees: 1

1ST 2494 - Fortonpark Tonyone (Mrs J Baldwin) 11mth old dog, shown in excellent condition. He has a lovely head with dark almond eye and a kindly expression. Well proportioned and with correctly angulated fore- and hind-quarters this translated to sound and surprisingly well-coordinated (for a puppy) movement. It was close between the two in this class, and it was his movement which edged it in his favour.

 2ND 2527 - Jaybiem Noah Fence (Ms J B Miles) Another high quality puppy. Head not quite as strong as 1st – at the moment at least – he has a slightly shallower foreface. However, he has an excellent front assembly and good rear angulation. Slightly distracted on the move, even though his runner did an excellent job with him, and he still moved with good reach and drive and covered the ground with ease.

 3RD 2520 - Hugo Boss Mocne Kurpianki at Morgenmegs (Mrs R Kluge)

952. Junior Dog

Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1ST 2503 - Krimm Bernenska Sfora at Kernow (Imp Pol) (Mrs S Bridges) 15mth old dog developing well. Of solid construction with good bone and substance. Pleasing shape and well balanced, especially for a junior. Good head with dark eye, correct stop and masculine features. Moved well with an even cadence.

2ND 2521 - Finite Melle Dulcior (Imp Pol) (Miss E Krjukova) Another strong junior dog, well constructed with good angles front and rear. Strong head with good stop, almond eye and good ear set. Well bodied and in good coat. Moved well, if not quite with the even rhythm of 1st.

3RD 2498 - Nelstephbern Me and My Boy with Shirdees (Mr M & Mrs J Bramble)

953. Yearling Dog

No entries

954.  Post Graduate Dog

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1ST 2526 - Bernsego Saburban (Imp Rus) (Mrs R & Mr P Meakin) Substantial dog with plenty of bone. Lovely dark face and eye and - when he stood still long enough to see – has a good overall shape and outline. But today, he was exuberant, a fidget and almost constantly moving. Which was a shame, because there’s much to like. Once settled, he can actually move well, with a strong gait and powerful motion.

2ND 2492 - Kernow Blue Mist (Miss M Austen) Much more reserved in character, and appeared at first a little unsettled. But he did present and stand to be gone over, and once at his ease moved quite well, although his rear movement lacked some drive and reach, and could give the impression of being a little ‘bunched’ at the rear – he might benefit from going a little quicker? He has a good shape and outline, with sufficient, if not generous, substance. Nice head and stop and a pleasing expression.

955.  Limit Dog

Entries: 4 Absentees: 0

1ST 2528 - Jaybiem Only Making Plans (Ms J B Miles) Medium sized dog, but proportionate build in terms of substance, size and profile. Lovely broad head with dark eye, correct ears and a strong muzzle. Well built with good musculature and well defined angled. Moved very well for his runner with good reach and drive.

2ND 2511 - Monalou Galloping Gourmet (Mr A & Mrs J A Fairclough) The first thing I noticed was how attentive to his owner he was, and he showed in a very business like manner. Well constructed with sound angulation, level topline and well rounded croup. Moved steadily around the ring with an easy gait and looked deceptively light on his feet.

3RD 2524 - Waldershelf Fame N' Fortune (Mrs A Manix)

RES 2534 - Fortonpark Talk of The Town (Mr & Mrs J O'toole)

956.  Open Dog

Entries: 6 Absentees: 1

1ST 2517 - Ch Tjofselinas Chirac (Imp Swe) (Mrs & Mrs J Hartley Mair & Baldwin) Strong, well defined head with broad muzzle and masculine features. Quite dark marking which accentuate his features. Very well constructed with bone and substance aplenty, and a sound – and correct – construction and angulation. With such a sound basis to begin with I expected him to move well and he didn’t disappoint striding out confidently and keeping his topline. Pleased to award DCC and BoB.

2ND 2497 - Ch Cullumbern Milano JW (Ms K Bird) Its always a pleasure to have a strong class with quality in abundance – its just tempered by the fact that someone has to come 2nd! It was a close run thing and there’s much to admire here, with a well proportioned, solidly constructed dog. Very good head, well angulated and shown in good condition. I was splitting hairs, and today his movement was good, but just not quite as coordinated as 1st. DRCC

3RD 2505 - Ch Shirdees Greatest Showman at Jukesbern (Mr N & Mrs D Cotton)

RES 2504 - Kernow Billy No Mates at Jukesbern (Mr N & Mrs D Cotton)

VHC 2529 - Ch Marouissa Wish You Were Here at Kinelarty (Mrs S & Mr P Murphy)

957.  Veteran Bitch

No entries

958.  Minor Puppy Bitch

Entries: 3 Absentees: 1

1ST 2495 - Fortonpark Valentallina (Mrs J Baldwin) 7mth old bitch, who, if I described her as ‘enthusiastic and exuberant’ wouldn’t do her justice! That said, she’s a young puppy and is just behaving like one. She is also a really nice puppy, very pretty, well proportioned, with excellent outline, good angulation and a very good head. When she did move correctly – we had a bit of tomfoolery owing to her ‘outgoing personality’ she moved straight and true and with energy. She moved better, and was more settled in the challenge and I was pleased to award BPIB.

 959.  Puppy Bitch

Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1ST 2533 - Rodiveco Tatiana Arette to Liskarn (Mr S & Mrs L Oliver Bridges) Good puppy and won the class on movement. 10mths, and looking – like the others in the class - a little ‘rangey’ at the moment but with will undoubtedly change as she matures. However, she has a well proportioned head and neck and a a level topline. Well angulated and developing well. Happy temperament and, as per my opening sentence, won this one on movement which was very well coordinated for a youngster.

2ND 2545 - Bernora’s Killer Queen (Miss F Wood) 11mth old with a good head and feminine expression. Dark almond eye and good ear set. Hope to see her develop a little more substance, which, as might be expected in a puppy, is a little lacking at the moment. Otherwise though, she is well constructed and moved soundly.

3RD 2496 - Jaybiem Indi Fence (Miss Se Bamford)

960.  Junior Bitch

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1ST 2539 - Nelstephbern Dior by Design (Mesdames J & H Sutton & Davenport-Willis) A young bitch shown in excellent condition, looked accomplished in the art of showing for one so young, and moved with some panache, with good reach and drive and flowed effortlessly around the ring. Broad head, good stop, dark eye, good reach of neck and well set forequarters, and well angled at rear.

2ND 2502 - Kernow Florin (Mrs S Bridges) Smaller bitch of currently compact, but nevertheless correct proportions. She had decided that today she was going to make her handler work hard – and she succeeded! Of lovely temperament, and once moving her compact size meant high footspeed but she moved very well. She also has much to like, with good proportions and conformation, and good substance for her size.

961. Yearling Bitch

Entries: 3 Absentees: 1

1ST 2500 - Liskarn Love of My Life (Miss L Bridges) Lovely young bitch, presented in excellent condition. Stands four square with that 9 to 10 ratio that is often lacking. She has a typical Bernese head of correct definition, and, although still young, is well bodied and developed that belies her tender age. Moved with some style.

2ND 2543 - Monalou Voulez Vous at Blumental (Mr M P & Mrs C A Wilson). Another quality bitch that deceives to look perhaps more mature than she actually is. She presents well, with a strong level topline which she kept on the move. She went around the ring with a steady and even rhythm, if not quite with the same drive as 1st.

 962.  Post Graduate Bitch

Entries 3 Absent 3

963. Limit Bitch

Entries: 10 Absentees: 5

1ST 2515 - Waldershelf Gin and Tonic (Mr S J & Mrs J & Mrs E V Green & Green & English) Mature bitch shown in excellent condition and clearly well schooled and adept in the showring, a credit to her handler. Good head and expression with tight dark eye, well defined muzzle and good neck into level topline. Well built with strong musculature which, unsurprisingly, resulted in excellent movement, with good reach and drive and strode round the ring with aplomb. BRCC

2ND 2535 - Kernow Goin Back to My Roots at Glamrock (Mrs S J Rothery) Always a pleasure to judge a class where there is quality in depth and such was the case here – this was a close call. Well-constructed, proportionately built bitch with strong conformation. This sound and solid construction was evident on the move and she moved true and straight with a good deal of drive.

3RD 2531 - Iscabern Summer Saffron (Mrs L F Oakaby)

RES 2516 - Meadowpark's Dancin' On My Own (Mrs J A Harris)

VHC 2519 - Jesterbrock Apus at Calizley (Mrs C E Hyde)

964.  Open Bitch

Entries: 7 Absentees: 2

1ST 2538 - Ch Padiky Starr Studded Skye JW (Mrs D N & Miss P N Spencer) Perhaps not the most feminine bitch - at least to my eye – but the breed standard doesn’t say anything about ‘feminine’. It says Strong, sturdy working dog, active, alert, well boned, of striking colour ‘and she certainly fits that with some alacrity. Very well made, showing good angles front and rear, well defined head and skull and the sense that she would be more than capable of doing the job she was bred for. Moved with an even cadence and strong gait. BCC

2ND 2540 - Ch Nelstephbern Dior Foreva (Mesdames J & H Sutton & Davenport-Willis) I’ve already previously alluded to my liking for judging classes where there is quality in abundance in here is another example. A lovely bitch, in excellent condition, well handled and clearly at home, and adept, in the show ring. Wellmade with good head, good eye, slope and reach of neck into level topline. Well angulated and strongly muscled, she moved very well indeed.

3RD 2518 - Ch Cullumbern Valencia Millermead JW (Mrs H M Head)

RES 2541 - Ch Bernfawr Jonquill (Mrs J Y Weston)

VHC 2530 - Iscabern Daffadowndilly (Mrs L F Oakaby)

Mark Wakeland