• Show Date: 28/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/10/2023

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Dachshund (Smooth Haired)



PD 2(0)

1. Peel/Andison’s Clentry Tiger Feet. Nice size and substance, masculine but not coarse, good neck, front, head, eye, top-line, tail a shade high, good rear, would just prefer a shade more length to leg.

2. Gaskin’s Hampdach I Am The One and Only at Dovestream. Bigger dog with good head though masculine, needs to tighten in front a little, good rear and drive in profile.


JD 5(0)

1. Young’s Craimose Adonis. Clean outline with good leg and length and proportions, underline ok, good neck and top-line and ribs, holds himself well in profile with good carriage and balanced reach and drive.

2. McNaughton’s Cedavoch Rohan. 12 months and very raw and naughty but pulls himself together well on the move, with lovely head and eye, very naughty, top-line could be a little firmer.

3. Rycroft’s Fantastic Frank at Trisensara.


PGD 2(0)

1. Rycroft’s Jacksondax Hornet Hurrah. Excellent proportions, size, substance and balance, good head and eye, excellent neck and top-line, sound up and down, excellent underline, could be a shade tidier in front but has a really strong rear and overall excellent dog, RDCC.

2. Rycroft’s Skywalker Blue at Trisensara. Heavier dog all over, a little deep in body, lovely head and eye, top-line could be more relaxed, moderate but balanced angulation front and rear, moves ok but loose in front.


LD 2(0)

1. Hinwood’s Anerbe Sheer Nanagins. Nice size, masculine but not coarse, enough neck with good proportions but a little deep but he moved with ease and power and is very sound and holds his top-line nicely, head ok.

2. Starkey’s Carpaccio Magnum PI @ Hamoura. Black and tan, would prefer a little more length of leg and depth to chest but has a good head and eye, top-line is ok, he is well ribbed, moves with purpose in profile but just a little heavier than I like.


OD 5(0)

1. Moes/Williams’ Cwmdarhian Super Mario. Red dog with excellent proportions and balance, excellent neck, compact body with excellent top-line, underline and leg length, front and rear balanced and moves in excellent in profile keeping his outline standing and moving, DCC & BOB.

2. Macdonald’s Bensarka Limerick. Very similar but just could do with a fraction more leg but he has an excellent front and moves very soundly and correct, just not the length of stride of 1st.

3. Binks’ Cedavoch Ocean Storm.


VD 1(0)

1. Starkey’s Ch. Carpaccio Jasper from Hamoura ShCM VW. 11 year old, black and tan, lovely old boy with good proportions and balance, lovely clean and tight front, excellent top-line, good head and moved very well for his age, BV.


SBD/B 6(0)

1. Graham’s Marvale Chancellor at Ravold. Black and tan, nice clean outline and balance, masculine, a shade deeper than I like but very well made and a sound, free moving dog, BSpB.

2. Rycroft’s Skywalker Blue at Trisensara. Repeat.

3. Rycroft’s Fantastic Frank at Trisensara.


PB 3(0)

1. Cox’s Bulldaxit Sooner or Later. Black and tan, excellent proportions, could have a little more neck and a shade more leg, has good ribs, liked her head and expression, excellent top-line and croup, nice steady mover.

2. McNaughton’s Cedavoch Sanachan. Very raw, when stacked up has a nice shape but was very fidgety and full of fun but otherwise when she settled had a nice outline standing and moving.

3. Chance Dodds’ Silkybeau Suchn Impression on Dotlun.


JB 7(2)

1. Tomlinson’s Melisdax Memories of May. Black and tan, lovely clean feminine outline with substance, if a shade long, but good leg length, good neck, top-line and very good front and underline and moves well.

2. Lucas’ Tramardachs Booty Licious. Good proportions but a shade lower to ground and not so tight in elbow, top-line ok but falls away slightly to croup.

3. McNaughton’s Cedavoch Lothlorien.


PGB 2(0)

1. Tomlinson’s Melisdax Magnolia in May. Lovely size and substance, feminine with strength, enough neck, excellent top and underline, well ribbed, moves ok if a little loose in front but keeps her outline nicely in profile, RBCC.

2. Stark’s Adnerbs Not On Your Nellie Gobannium JW. Shade longer and carrying a little weight but she has an excellent length of rib with good head and eye and moves well in profile, if a little wide in front.


LB 7(0)

1. Paterson’s Cwmdarhian The Mistress. Black and tan, underline good, good neck, top-line, very sound free mover.

2. Macdonald’s Hampdach Alice Springs at Bensarka. Thought she was my winner initially as I loved her proportions standing but she let herself down in the last run-offs.

3. Jennings’ Clentry Sweet Melody.


OB 3(0)

1. Hanney-Mitchell’s Ch. Bronia Solar Flare. Lovely proportions, size, substance, head and expression, good neck, top-line, depth and underline, extra strong and powerful rear, moves well in profile, would just like her with a little less skin in front, BCC.

2. Williams/Gaskin’s Ir Ch. Dovestream Do Me A Favour. Nice clean honest outline, good head and eye, just losing top-line slightly but very nice honest typical bitch.

3. Tomlinson’s Bensarka Emerald Isle to Melisdax.