• Show Date: 26/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/09/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Japanese Shiba Inu


MPD 2(1)

1. Dunhill-Hall’s Vormund Satoru Gojo. Very raw but promising body with good proportions of both body and head, good eye shape, excellent ears, coat and tail, brisk and active on the move and alert, BP.

PD 3(1)

1. Bryans’ Marilouvale Eddie Murphy. Very moderate and honest, lovely eye and expression, good coat and tail, top-line ok, nice brisk movement, could have a shade more front angulation.

2. Wright’s Chikamichi Go From Hachimantai (imp MNE). Liked his balance and construction, a little plain in head and expression, excellent tail, just needs to move a little quicker to show off his potential.

ND 1(0)

1. Wright’s Chikamichi Go From Hachimantai (imp MNE). Repeat.

PGD 1(0)

1. Wright’s Toshiro Mifune Subarashii (imp POL). Red dog, well proportioned and balanced, good bone, attractive head, good expression, ears a shade erect, good top-line and tail, very sound but could just have a little more length to stride.

LD 4(0)

1. Ritchie’s Red Ashanti Di Poggio Petroio. Lovely balance and proportions, masculine enough, good head properties but would prefer a slightly better eye and his expression is a shade harsh but he has an excellent top-line, coat, tail and colour and moved very well, RDCC.

2. Hope-Cliffe/Hope-Ellershaw’s Shiomaru Escape To The Stars at Galvikki (imp RUS). Nice proportions, outline and expression, good top-line, tail and coat, could have a little more width in front but overall he has nice type and balance.

3. Wright’s Toshiro Mifune Subarashii (imp POL).

OD 3(0)

1. Dunhill-Hall’s Ch. Vormund Xmas Bonus. Nice size, moderate dog, good eye shape, ears, excellent top-line, coat and tail, brisk and active and alert at all times, good bone with substance but no coarseness, DCC & BOB.

2. Bryans’ Shiomaru Raion at Marilouvale (imp RUS). A little out of coat but well balanced and conditioned, tail is a shade loose but he is a very nice, easy, balanced dog with lots of attributes.

3. Ritchie’s Dundalks Draco Malfroy.

MPB 2(0)

1. Froome’s Lykafoxx Blooming Lovely. Very pretty, excellent colour and expression, a little out of coat, good top-line, tail, moderate steady mover, ears a little large but she could grow into them with age.

2. Dunhill-Hall’s Vormund Rukia Kuchiki. Very raw, excellent ears, good expression, good neck, top-line, very playful and naughty but was at least having fun.

PB 3(1)

1. Casemore’s Akemi NAF TAF. Moderate and honest bitch, good proportions and balance, good coat and tail, steady mover, good eye shape, fine bone.

2. Bryans’ Marilouvale Dolly Parton. Excellent eye, expression and ears but could have more width in front, she holds her shape well on the move but could just have a little more animation.

JB 3(0)

1. Dunhill-Hall’s Vormund Vivienne Westwood. Loved her outline, balance, she is moderate and very correct, she has a beautiful head, expression, coat, ears, tail and holds herself beautifully on the move standing and moving, BCC.

2. Shutt’s Sakura Hanami Alice In Wonderland (imp ITA). Very pretty, lovely expression and ears, good balance, fine bone, good top-line, steady, moderate and moves well.

3. Casemore’s Akemi NAF TAF.

LB 3(1)

1. Brennan’s Burwen Billie Jean at Kaytoni JW. Good proportions and balance, good colour, coat, tail, good depth and well ribbed, ears erect, eye could be a little better but moves well and keeps her outline both standing and moving.

2. Goudie’s Pearlbefree All That Sas. Loved her expression, eyes and ears, a little out of coat, moves ok in profile but could be a little tidier in front.

OB 4(1)

1. Dunhill-Hall’s Vormund One In A Million. Black and tan, liked her leg length, proportions, balance and ears, good top-line, coat and tail, moves very well in profile, RBCC.

2. Bryans’ Ch. Shiomaru Aurora Beautiful Soul at Marilouvale. Lovely expression, ears are a shade upright, good neck, top-line, a little out of coat but very nice steady mover keeping her outline standing and moving.

3. Goudie’s Pearlbefree Oso Jazzy.