• Show Date: 28/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/10/2023

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Bullmastiff



PD 2(0)

1. Nicolson’s Karmicly The Botanist. Red, 9 month, masculine head developing nicely with good width to skull and dark well set eye, strong neck, good top-line, strong bone, good depth for age and well ribbed, compact body standing and moving, good rear, moved very well for age, BP.

2. Cridge’s Karmicly Last Word. Still very raw, nice overall general proportions but just needs to fill out all over with maturity, excellent neck, top-line and good balance, good expression, moderate yet balanced angulation.


JD 4(0)

1. McGroarty’s Ardhub Like It In Black. Very impressive masculine dog with excellent bone, good head, strong muzzle and jaw, good neck, top-line and overall proportions, strong powerful rear, good depth, well ribbed, front needs a little time to develop but he is impressive on the move in profile.

2. Latter’s Stoneglad Casanova. Red dog, very nice clean outline, if a shade long and low, head needs to dry out a little, excellent ears and good width to skull, good top-line, rear and depth, moves well in profile but front needs a little time to firm up.

3. George’s Priambulls Tiger Bean.


PGD 3(0)

1. Simpson’s Pleats Reign of Kaius. 2 year old red dog, masculine with no coarseness, could be a little more compact but holds his outline well standing and moving, masculine, square head, strong underjaw, ok expression, good ears, strong rear and good width to front held on the move with good powerful stride.

2. Warren/Green’s Copperfield Hubble. Fawn dog, attractive head and expression, dark eye, good bone, very raw in body and needs to fill out with maturity but shows promise.

3. Williams’ Diablo Sivola.


LD 8(0)

1. Aston/Pavesi’s Angel’s Phoenix Ron Weasley Astonpride (imp ITA). Red, upstanding, masculine, powerful, excellent head, muzzle, strong jaw, lovely expression, excellent ears, good neck, compact strong body, excellent strong body and well filled in front, good moving dog holding his outline at all times, DCC & BOB.

2. Beal’s Emsuart Rocketman JW. Compact with strong movement in profile, excellent rear, good neck, top-line and depth, just needs a little fill in front but very nice type dog with good proportions.

3. Slaney’s GB Dudley Della Famiglia.


OD 5(0)

1. McGroarty’s Ardhub Ethan. Red, powerful, excellent head, expression, ears and neck and top-line, excellent depth and front, tail and very powerful rear mover but rear could be more fluid, he is so handsome to look at front on, RDCC.

2. Myers’ Ch. Optimus Danzy Jones AI JW. Again, he has a very nice, well filled front, preferred head and expression on 1st but both similar shape dog with excellent depth and moves soundly front and rear.

3. Freshney’s Ch. Hyerdunscar Renaissance for Bullenca.


VD 1(0)

1. Forsythe’s Ardhub Black Bomb at Findhorn. 7 year old brindle in outstanding body condition and muscle tone, masculine, lovely size, substance and compact, strong head, good top-line and moves very well, BV.


SBD/B 2(0)

1. Wemyss’ Nanahboozoo No April Fool. Red bitch, lovely body shape and proportions and moves well, head needs to develop a little, loved her top-line and rear, BSpB.

2. Bromwich’s Sundabish Mrs Potts. Has a better head than 1st but needs to body up a little, good top-line and outline, just needs to develop with maturity.


PB 7(1)

Very difficult class, all different in varying ages of development.

1. Slaney’s Kierlaceyian Angel Lacie. Lovely outline and balance and so together, feminine with substance and compact, just a little unhappy on the move but showed her potential.

2. Aston’s Saphira De Terras Lusitanas Astonpride (imp PRT). Lovely free mover, feminine, very raw but she pulls herself together well on the move, a shade longer than 1st.

3. Warren’s Allwatcha Copperfield Tiffs Diamond.


JB 4(0)

1. McGroarty’s Ardhub Nice and Spicy with Braeaaron. Brindle bitch, strong and powerful with excellent head, muzzle, eye placement, shape and colour, good neck and top-line and excellent rear, good depth and ribbing, excellent bone and feet, in excellent condition and moves so well on the move holding her outline at all times, BCC.

2. Latter’s Ch. Stoneglad She’s Just My Style. Another lovely bitch, excellent build, just a shade longer cast than 1st but she has excellent construction front and rear and good bone, again very good mover, 2 excellent bitches who I am sure will change places.

3. Murphy’s Nanahboozoo Catcha Poacha.


PGB 6(2)

1. Latter’s Stoneglad She’s A Rebel. Fawn bitch, lovely clean outline, just 14 months, feminine with enough strength for her age, good bone and feet and head, compact, strong rear with lovely low hocks and deep chest.

2. Turner’s Sundabish Manilla Luzon. Brindle, excellent top-line, good depth and rear, needs to fill in front a little but has lovely profile movement.

3. Brearley’s Jolly Mia at Tatroyds.


LB 5(0)

Lovely class.

1. Downs’ Optimus Mulberry. Lovely strong yet clean outline, if just a shade long, lovely head and expression, excellent neck, bone and lovely, well filled front with excellent rear which she uses very well from all angles.

2. Reader/Bown’s Sundabish Belle Amour JW. Fawn bitch, very similar in outline to 1st, feminine head with good substance, good top-line and lovely on the move holding her top-line with an excellent rear.

3. Marshall/Tankard’s Omfero Princess Audrey at Verosa JW.


OB 8(0)

1. Myers’ Optimus Gotcha Go. Lovely clean, balanced, honest outline, not overdone anywhere, liked her head shape and proportions, good eye placement but could be a little darker, excellent neck, top-line, she has strength and power yet totally feminine, good depth, rear, excellent bone and feet and moves very well, RBCC.

2. Warren’s Ch. Yakee Blue Topaz of Copperfield. Compact, powerful yet still feminine, good neck, top-line, front well filled, good depth and well ribbed.

3. Collins’ Crimlisk Puff of Magic.


VB 3(2)

1. Cox’s Bullberry Delpth from Colom. 7 year old red with lovely head, good top-line, nice size, good depth and moved well, good ears and tail.