• Show Date: 08/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 20/09/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Pug


MPD 4(3)

1. Makepeace’s Hugapug Guy Fawkes at Sandigara. 8 month fawn with good head, eye and ears, excellent neck and top-line though he could be a shade more compact, excellent tail, front and rear angulation balanced and moves very well.

PD 7(0)

Excellent class full of quality and I am sure a few future stars in here. First two are very similar in outline, balance, proportions and movement.

1. Reynolds’ Eastonite Aramis Croftren. Just preferred slightly more compact body on 1st, he has an excellent head, neck, ears, top-line, coat and moves very well, BP.

2. Ellis’ Eastonite Porthos. Comments on 1st apply to this dog but would just prefer him a shade more compact.

3. Pike/Mallinson’s Eivisah Sonnentanz.

JD 2(0)

1. Crothers’ Hazempugs Jayjay. Very cobby, excellent substance, well filled front and moved very well, coat and tail good, good top-line and feet, good head and expression.

2. Phelps’ Bilohka Beretta. 15 month, nice square outline, just needs to fill out a little all over, he has a lovely head if just a shade heavy in lip but has a good expression, excellent coat, top-line ok, moves well.

ND 3(0)

1. Reynolds’ Eastonite Aramis Croftren. Repeat PD.

2. Lloyd’s Bilohka Brigadier. Square, compact outline with lovely head and expression, could be a little more filled in chest but keeps his nice compact outline standing and moving and uses his rear well.

3. Reid’s Bubbapug Fat Rascal JW.

GD 5(0)
1. Ellis’ Eastonite Porthos. Repeat 2nd PD.

2. Dawson-Payne/Mousley’s Zuma’s Gold Digger (imp SWE). Loved his outline and proportions and is so well constructed, really solid and excellent on the move, good head, would prefer a slightly darker eye, very nice dog and hopefully his coat changes with maturity.

3. Hyde’s Velyurs De Offri Drakaris for Roxmarr JW.

PGD 4(0)

1. Reynolds’ Eastonite Aramis Croftren. Repeat PD & ND. RDCC.

2. Stuart/Ward’s Roxmarr Just William. Nice compact dog with good head, eye and ears, top-line held standing and moving, just needs to fill and firm up in front but has a nice outline in profile with excellent tail and moves well in profile.

3. Linnett’s Conquell Calm To Chaos.

LD 10(1)

Very nice class.

1. Rutherford’s Potbelli Limited Edition JW. Very balanced, nice size, full of substance and compact enough, lovely and alert, excellent head, eye and ears, excellent neck and top-line standing and moving, good tail and he has lovely carriage and is a sound, strong powerful mover, DCC, BOB, G1 & RBIS.

2. Dawson-Payne/Mousley’s Judamie Just Jackson. Very nice dog, attractive head and eye, excellent arched neck, good top-line, moderate and balanced, very square, excellent tail, lovely mover in profile if a shade loose in front.

3. Monk’s Macmoore Stand and Deliver of Zoant JW.

OD 8(1)

1. Farnworth’s Ch. Taftazini Nepalensis JW. Lovely outline with excellent substance, very sound, powerful and excellent on the move, lovely head, eye, ears, tail, top-line, bone and feet, would just prefer a better coat but his profile and movement is excellent. 

2. Hindle’s Ch. Rhodenash Wildest Dream at Readstone. Compact but could have a little more fill in front, excellent head and expression, excellent coat, good neck, top-line, nice strong rear, could just be a shade tidier in front.

3. Ferguson’s Ch. Rhodenash Dream Date with Tartanmops.

VD 3(2)
1. Webb’s Twirlytops Chicharito. 10 year old and has nice proportions with good head, eyes, ears and bone, moves well, top-line ok with enough depth.

MPB 5(1)

1. Wills’ Hugapug Sparkle. Very nice 7 month old puppy, lovely feminine head, good ears, lovely proportions and when she settled was a lovely mover with good coat.

2. Hyde’s Roxmarr Tanya Hide. Very raw and pretty, good neck, top-line and substance, feminine, excellent ears, good eye.

3. Wills’ Hugapug Buffy.

PB 3(0)

1. Arnold-Stronge’s Snugglepug Take The Reins. Cobby black bitch, attractive head and eye, good neck and top-line, tail ok, she is compact with deep chest and well ribbed, moved well with balanced front and rear.

2. Mielczarek’s Margobull Cherry Lips. Good head, expression and ears, good bone, she is feminine with good proportions and well set tail, nice puppy but very naughty.

3. Hyde’s Bottoms Up at Roxmarr.

JB 7(1)

Nice class. First two have similar outlines, cobby with substance.

1. Linnett’s Paradiz Ronado Kiss Kiss Bang Bang for Conquell (imp ITA). Excellent head, good eye and ears, good neck and top-line, well ribbed and filled in front, nice strong rear and moved well.

2. Makepeace’s Cedilla Cherry Jubilee at Sandigara. Very similar comments apply to 1st, very nice promising junior bitch, could just be a little tidier in front otherwise very promising.

3. Cowie’s Afterglow Esther La Vista Megipugi.

NB 5(0)

1. Watson’s Tybec Moonbeam. Pulls herself together on the move and has a nice typical gait, she is compact enough with a good head and eye, has a good tail, top-line and coat.

2. Cowie’s Afterglow Esther La Vista Megipugi. Compact and cobby with good head, eye and ears, good top-line, tail and coat, moved well and is well constructed and thought she could move better than she did on the day.

3. Edwards’ Croftren Bears Necessities.

GB 9(2)
1. Walker’s Afterglow Able Mabel of Sunlea. Lovely and feminine with substance, cobby, lovely head, ears, neck, top-line, tail and coat, good bone, nails and ribs and moves well.

2. Thomas’ Myter Saucy Secret. Compact feminine head, good eye and neck, top-line could be better, excellent tail and coat and moves well and is well ribbed.

3. Webb’s Rosemoorpugs Tinker Bell for Twirlytops.

PGB 7(1)

1. Hill’s Calaquendi Kerfuffle. Compact, very honest bitch who holds her shape and holds her neck, top-line and tail on the move with good powerful stride, good eye and ears, excellent tail and coat. 

2. Bailey’s Lampugs Magnolia. She has strength with femininity, just preferred head on 1st but otherwise very close decision.

3. Edwards’ Croftren Bears Necessities.

LB 9(3)

1. Ashton’s Zobear Le Grand Carousel. Cobby with lovely eye and ears, neck and top-line, she has lovely profile movement with excellent tail, just hope she grows into her skin a little.

2. Rutherford’s Potbelli Keep On Dreaming. Beautiful head and expression and ears, compact and of excellent proportions but just needs to settle in top-line and not putting in her all on the move, nice black nails.

3. Attwood’s Taftazini Helix JW.

OB 13(1)

1. Hindle’s Readstone Pandemic. Black, compact with excellent proportions, good head and tail, she is very together on the move and holds her outline at all times, RBCC.

2. Reynolds’ Judamie Glorious Gloria of Croftren. Very similar, good head dark eye, just not so firm in top-line, good depth.

3. Attwood’s Ch. Taftazini Ivalace JW.

VB 1(0)

1. Attwood’s Ch. Rhodenash Dream Chaser of Taftazini JW. Compact, cobby, excellent head and expression, strong arched neck, firm top-line, good tail, holds her outline and has excellent proportions standing and moving, BCC & BV.