• Show Date: 08/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/09/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Deerhound


JUNE 2023


PD 2(0)

1. Peach’s Kilbourne Daniyel. 10 months old, very balanced, he has strength with elegance and a nice shapely outline for age, good ears, eyes, neck, top-line, excellent strong rear, very shapely and excellent on the move for age, just flattens slightly but this should come with maturity, RDCC & BP.

2. Wilbraham’s Ardlancien Idris. Raw, good top-line, moderate balanced angulation but needs to drop and fill out a little with maturity, good feet, balanced movement but could just have a little better head carriage.

JD 3(1)

1. Cummings’ Claonaiglen Artney. Excellent condition, lovely balance and combination of strength and elegance, good ears, neck, front, depth and well ribbed, top-line ok, nice profile and front movement but rear could be stronger.

2. Phillips’ Claonaiglen Affric. Good proportions, masculine head and eye could be darker, good neck, feet, when settled moved well in profile but could be tidier down and back, top-line needs to settle.

PGD 4(2)

1. Peach’s Quantastico Giuseppe to Kilbourne. Lovely head and expression, could be more set under in upper arm, top-line a little flat, strong rear, good depth, moved ok but front could be better.

2. Cummings’ Kaleginy Trubador. Overall good proportions but could have a little more detail in his head, just lacks elegance and could be a little more fluid on the move.

LD 7(3)

1. Finnett/Heathcote’s Hyndsight Talk On The Street. Good proportions, excellent ears, head, good neck and shoulder, upper arm could be better, top-line could have a little more shape but is acceptable, in very good muscular condition, enough depth to chest.

2. Llewellyn’s Hunkydory Bowie to Kilbourne. Nice type and outline but carrying too much weight, lovely head and ears, good neck and top-line, could be more fluid moving but keeps outline.

3. Adams’ Ardneish Pinochio.

OD 4(1)

1. Taylor’s Ch. Ormanstar Dark Shadow. Good proportions and shapely, head ok, enough neck but he is all in one piece standing and moving and keeps his outline with balanced easy action, strong rear and is sound, DCC.

2. Finnett/Heathcote’s Ch. Hyndsight Sinnerman. Excellent proportions, good head and eye, good neck, top-line, a little upright in pastern, good depth, strong rear but he has good width all through.

3. Peach’s Ch. Kilbourne Lloyd.

PB 1(0)

1. Peach’s Kilbourne Devon. Very promising, her type, balance, head, expression are excellent, ears ok, excellent top-line, she is very good for her age on the move with good feet and holds her outline standing and moving.

JB 4(3)

1. Edwards’ Quantastico Lucia to Kilbourne. Lovely type, balance and outline, lovely head, eye and ears, excellent neck and shoulder, moderate balanced angulation, moved well with easy stride, just needs a little training but otherwise a very nice bitch.

PGB 6(3)

1. Llewellyn’s Kilbourne Ocean Blue of Matahari. Loved her outline and balance, excellent neck and top-line, good head and eye, moves ok but she did not like the uneven surface.

2. Havercroft’s Kilbourne Lyrae at Dragonsisle. Nice proportions but could have a little more angulation in front and could have a little more strength behind with more width, nice top-line and enough length to stride.

3. Bruton/Dove’s Kilbourne Queen Mary at Mirzabad.

LB 8(2)

1. Finnett/Heathcote’s Hyndsight All I Have To Do Is. Excellent shape, proportions, head and eye but I loved her shape standing and moving and has nice light, easy, effortless stride keeping her outline at all times, BCC & BOB.

2. Wilce-Quinton/Quinton’s Kirjojax Pancho. Lovely type and look, just a little shade straight in front but she is balanced and overall moves well.

3. Williams’ Kilbourne Atoile to Abayomi.

OB 3(1)

1. Bailey’s Ch. Greyflax Tallulah Lilac. Moderate clean outline with lovely head and neck, she was a little shade overweight making her lose her top-line slightly but has lovely balance, construction and moves well with balanced front and rear movement and steady, RBCC.

2. Bailey’s Ch. Greyflax Pearls A Singer. A little overweight but nice flowing outline, enough neck, moves well in profile with strong rear but could just be a little tidier in front.