• Show Date: 29/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/10/2023

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Pekingese
PEKINGESE SBD/B 1(0) 1. Fitt’s Leostela Perceval Le Gallois (imp FRA). 3 year old male, strong build with good width and ribs, strong neck, top-line could be a little more relaxed, good tail, could be a little more fluid on the move, good coat texture, BSpB. VD/B 1(0) 1. Fitt’s Chasing The Stars Sharbar (imp). 10 year old black dog with strong bone and excellent width to front, broad head, dark round eye, good top-line, if a shade long, excellent ribs, strong rear, nice typical roll holding his width in front, BV. PD 3(0) 1. Easdon/Martin’s Yakee A Daydream Believer. Compact outline with lovely broad head and nice open eyes, good top-line and tail, just needs to fill in front a little with time. 2. Klerks-Delucchi’s Klerkshof We Will Rock You. Loved his outline but carrying a lot of coat which will hopefully develop correctly with maturity, nice shallow head, lovely eye, could have been a little more eager to move and a little shade less compact than 1st. 3. Shaw/Mee’s Pekehuis Dare To Dream. JD 4(0) 1. Thomas’ Meritorous Welsh Whisper. Nice open face with lovely expression and well defined chin, strong neck, good width in front, good tail, coat and rear, moved well from all angles. 2. Klerks-Delucchi’s Klerkshof Romeo Star. Beautiful broad shallow head with good chin and expression, would prefer less coat but he’s compact and strongly built with good bone and feet but was reluctant to move. 3. Shaw/Mee’s Pekehuis Imperial. PGD 3(0) 1. Thomas’ Meritorous Forever Dreamer. Lovely balanced, strongly built dog, who picks up heavy with lovely head, expression and chin, strong neck, short body, excellent width in front held standing and moving with nice typical roll, strong big ribs, deep but not too low to ground, very nice dog, RDCC. 2. Morley/Hitchcock’s Lizlanmor King of Hearts. Lovely shaped head, broad and shallow with short strong neck, a little bit lower to ground and not moving as well, strong bone, nice large eye but could be darker. 3. Roberts’ Wyn-D-Hill Fabulous Frankie at Klerkshof (imp USA). LD 4(0) 1. Leonard’s Lizlanmor King of Diamonds. Compact with good bone, nice open face with large nostrils, deep chest with good ribs, good top-line, very strong rear, good tail and coat texture but could have a little less. 2. Benson’s Chisprite Code Breaker. Lovely compact body but just not as deep in chest as 1st, short strong neck and has a nice typical roll. 3. Oades’ Brentoy Max Power. OD 5(0) 1. Shaw/Mee’s Ch. Pekehuis Apollo. Lovely shape and balance, very honest and unexaggerated with nice width in front, beautiful open face and expression, nice broad chest held standing and moving, excellent top-line, good rear, moved well holding his outline at all times, DCC. 2. Morley/Hitchcock’s Ch. Lizlanmor Mr Mercury JW. Very similar in outline, just preferred nice open expression of 1st, he has good depth and moved well with good bone. 3. Easdon/Martin’s Yakee Expecting Miracles. MPB 2(0) 1. Thomas’ Ralshams Sunset Lady by Jonsville. Lovely puppy, excellent substance, she is feminine with clean, open face, lovely eye and expression, nice depth and bone for age and moved very well, excellent coat and tail, BP. 2. Rogers’ Ralshams Lady Ma Donna. Another lovely bitch puppy with broad head, dark eye, good bone, just needs to fill a little in front with maturity and 1st just dealt with moving a little better today. JB 1(0) 1. Klerks-Delucchi’s Klerkshof Starina. Lovely puppy with beautiful head and eye, nice broad shallow head, just needs time to develop with maturity but she is compact with good top-line and tail and moves well. PGB 1(0) 1. Benson’s Chisprite’s Cracker. Compact, good bone yet feminine, broad head, large dark eye, good top-line and tail, was a little reluctant to move. LB 5(1) 1. Leonard’s Mezrab Jodie. Lovely to handle and picks up very heavy, short neck, excellent front with good fill and width and nice tight elbows, compact with excellent tail, lovely balance of size and substance and moved well, RBCC. 2. Klerks-Delucchi’s Klerkshof Country Rose. Lovely broad head, good eye, short strong neck, elbows could be a little tighter, compact body with good coat texture, moved ok but was a little reluctant 3. Easdon/Martin’s Yakee Wandering Star. OB 4(0) Very nice class with some real quality bitches. 1. Easdon/Martin’s Ch. Yakee Dear Prudence. Beautiful to handle on the table, nice open face with good width in front held on the move with typical roll, good bone, feet, excellent top-line, nice and compact and lovely mover, BCC & BOB. 2. Morley/Hitchcock’s Ch. Greyport Rosebud at Lizlanmor. Could have a little more width in front but is compact with short strong neck, excellent top-line and tail, excellent coat and moved well. 3. Rogers’ Ch. Klerkshof Sara at Ralshams.