• Show Date: 26/02/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club

Breed: Polish Lowland Sheepdog


26 FEB 23

YD 1(0)

1. Hillier’s Mybeards Zip (AI). Excellent proportions, strong dog, balanced and well constructed, excellent top-line, strong loin, good bone and feet, sound and good moving dog in profile with correct carriage and keeps his outline standing and moving. Just needs a little time but full of quality. RBD.

PGD 3(1)

1. Langley’s Mybeards Majestic. Medium size dog, nice clean outline and good proportions, good head proportions, he is just masculine enough, in good body condition with good expression, excellent top-line, could be a little cleaner through his neck and shoulder but nice steady mover with good outline on the move.

2. Watson’s Mybeards Kyon. More masculine dog, whilst head is slightly heavier it is a little narrow in proportioin, he has nice body proportions but just a little shade high on leg and could drop into himself a little, excellent coat and and good eye, croup a little steep.

LD 3(1)

1. Naylor’s Skaijaks Great N Gallant. He has excellent substance and body condition but would not like him any taller, good top-line and tail set, lovely expression, long head, he is well constructed and balanced and is a nice, steady, controlled mover but could have had a little more animation today.

2. Watts’ Mybeards Kuba. Nice proportions but overall outline and top-line could be a little sharper, good head proportions, nice strong muzzle, good coat texture, moved ok but could hold outline a little better.

OD 3(1)

1. Sellars’ Ch. Mybeards Hylos JW. Strong, cobby with excellent body proportions, lovely head proportions, eye and expression. Good depth, well ribbed, excellent top-line and keeps his outline both standing and moving and is a lovely, sound, powerful moving dog with correct carriage, BD & BIS.

2. Crosier’s Skaijaks Bright N’ Bubbly. Clean outline but a shade longer cast and not the width throughout, head could be a little more masculine and he falls away under the eye a little, top-line is ok and he moves well and has good coat texture.

PB 1(0)

1. Mottram’s Mybeards Majesty. Could come up on leg a little, has a lovely head and expression, she has nice body condition, good feet and a good rear but could just have a little more animation, BPB & BPIS.

LB 4(0)

Two very nice bitches who were quite similar.

1. King’s Mybeards Dizzy at Grayona. Had a little more animation on the move and better foot placement, would have preferred a little more stop on her but she kept a lovely clean outline standing and moving and was sound with good carriage, RBB.

2. Springthorpe’s Mybeards Countess Millthorpe. Loved her outline, head and expression but could just have been a little more positive on the move and was not coping as well as 1st with the floor surface.

3. Dence’s Mybeards Fudge for Mypons.

OB 4(1)

1. Mottram’s Ch. Mybeards Frappuchino. Loved her outline, balance and proportions, coat and construction, her head could maybe be a little stronger but she has lovely feet and a lovely mover keeping her outline at all times and is sound and moves truly with typical gait and carriage, BB, BOS & RBIS.

2. Naylor’s Ch. Skaijaks Ickle N’ Ilustrius. She has lovely substance if a shade longer cast than 1st, she is very well constructed but front could be a little better, excellent top-line and depth, well ribbed and in lovely condition, just not so free in front movement as 1st today on the floor.

3. Shrieves’ Mybeards Hope.

VB 4(0)

1. Platt’s Mybeards Silhouette. Black bitch, very rustic, cobby and full of substance, she has strength yet is feminine, correct neck, excellent top-line, good head, holds her outline standing and moving with nice gait and carriage, BVB & BVIS.

2. Naylor’s Ch. Skaijaks Your’s Truely. Nice moderate bitch, she has an excellent head and eye and expression, moved very steady, good overall proportions and balance, top-line just getting a little soft with age but otherwise excellent bitch, RVB & RBVIS.

3. Churchouse’s Mybeards Violet.