• Show Date: 08/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 20/09/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: French Bulldog
FRENCH BULLDOG MPD 3(1) 1. Hucker’s Bevanray Terrypendrey. Pied, masculine, compact and sturdy, good head, eye, nicely defined chin, good ears, neck, shoulder and top-line, ribbing could be better and could be tidier coming and going but keeps his outline in profile standing and moving. 2. Brooks’ Serenant Maverick. Very clean outline and sound mover, stands over more ground, preferred his rear to first but just needs time to develop, would like more strength in his neck, excellent ribs, could just be a shade more compact. PD 5(0) 1. Bryant’s Archness The Audacity. Nice clean balanced outline, lovely head, eye and ears, good neck and top-line, good depth, moderate balanced angulation, moves well keeping outline at all times. 2. Watkins-McGowan’s Mactawbay Ultimate Edition. Lovely proportions, good head, excellent ears, compact, strong rear, front could be tidier, top-line a little flat and could be a little more settled on the move, nice type. 3. Watkins-McGowan’s Mactawbay Infinite Edition. JD 4(0) 1. Pearce’s Bullhawk Cease’n Desist. Both very similar in outline, preferred head and ears on first but would like a darker eye, good top-line, moves well but has a nice clean outline and is balanced. 2. Cund/Hickin’s Chelmbull Space Man. Could be a shade more compact and would like his top-line to develop a little, ears could be higher set but is well constructed and keeps his outline at all times and is a nice sound mover. 3. Neimantiene’s Padis Jut Dero Saltinio Versme. ND 2(0) 1. Hucker’s Bevanray Terrypendrey. Repeat MPD. 2. Massey’s Fangorn Captain Edward for Chareve. Brindle, could be a little more compact, dark eye, excellent ears, would like better if he lost a little weight but is a nice steady mover with good bone, just a shade heavy all over. GD 4(1) 1. Jennings’ Vanitystone Born To Love. Very dark brindle, masculine head with very good ears, good neck and bone, feet a little flat, would prefer more compact body and a little more development to top-line but he moves well keeping his outline with nice carriage. 2. Coffey’s Raglenary Tucker Bear. Smaller dog, light brindle, very compact, ears could be better, good chin, moves ok but just a little bit busy. 3. Massey’s Fangorn Captain Edward for Chareve. PGD 8(3) 1. Gregory’s Yvontrae Spencer Tracy. Nice size and balance, masculine and cobby with clean, moderate balanced outline standing and moving, good head, ears, chin, dark eye, good top-line, holds himself well and moves well. 2. Brooks/Cairns’ Corursus Become The One JW. Close decision, just stands over a little more ground than 1st but is masculine with no coarseness, could just have a slightly better developed top-line, I am sure they will both change places regularly. 3. Morison’s Xandene All That’s Magic. LD 8(0) 1. Bonsall’s Muggshotts Whiz Bang Wilber. Excellent build with good head and eyes, lovely ear shape but they could just be a little bigger, his proportions are excellent as is his outline, he is balanced and sound and moves typically, DCC. 2. Oakes’ Behind The Scenes of Luxbear. Slightly heavier but still has quality, just preferred head of 1st but he has a nice clean outline and holds himself standing and moving. 3. Taylor’s Tytomax Celtic Warrior at Annmar. OD 6(1) 1. Timms/Henderson’s Ir Ch. Olijah Total Knockout JW OSW. He is all in one piece and flows, good neck and top-line, strong rear, good depth with nice dark eye but moves well holding his outline, RDCC. 2. Cund/Harrop’s Ch/Sp Ch. Chelmbull Rocket Man WW. Compact with excellent proportions, lovely bone, good depth, nice head shape but would prefer a darker eye and slightly smaller ears though they are a lovely shape and set, top-line could be better, moves ok in profile but rear movement could be more fluid. 3. Cole’s Xandene Black Magic in Myntie. MPB 4(1) 1. Brooks’ Serenant Iron Butterfly. Lovely head and expression, good proportions and balance, just needs to drop and fill out with maturity, good neck and top-line and very steady mover. 2. Leachman’s Fangoria De Farrajon (imp ESP). Very feminine, lovely balance, just hope she develops a little bone and substance with maturity, nice mover, ears are a shade low but nice puppy. 3. Massey’s Serenant Delta Queen for Chareve. PB 8(2) 1. Timms’ Budbulls Maximum Impact (imp SRB). Lovely feminine bitch with substance, good head and eye, holds herself well on the move, good width to front, bone and good feet, BP. 2. Morison’s Jafrak Spotify Xandene. Feminine with substance, good head and ears, eye could be darker, she has a nice rise to her top-line and good rear and moves steady. 3. Goddard’s Eastonite Quartz Queen. JB 7(2) Excellent class full of some nice quality bitches. 1. Smith’s Rischale Henrietta at Ellouab. Lovely, balanced, feminine with substance, excellent top-line, moderate rear, lovely head, keeps her routine standing and moving, excellent on the move, BCC & BOB. 2. Membury/Pearce’s Bullhawk Egg’s Citing at Membully. Best head and ears in class, she is all in one piece, lovely outline, sturdy and feminine, she is all in one piece, just slightly preferred flow of movement on the 1st but I am sure will both change places and gain their titles 3. Cund/Wilkinson’s Chelmbull Nana’s Moon. NB 8(1) 1. Eskrett’s Katakia’s Light The Way. 4th in strong junior class, lovely expression, good ears of nice shape and size if a little low set, she has a nice top-line held on the move. 2. Gough’s Katakia Valerie’s Beauty. Nice pup with good balance, good eye, ears and top-line, moves steady but needs a little training. 3. Jennings’ Kingfriend Miss Ouri. GB 7(2) 1. Roch James’ Fleur De Miraval. Moderate, balanced, feminine with substance, good head, eye could be darker, good ear shape and size but just set a little low, good top-line and proportions, balanced mover and has a nice outline standing and moving. 2. Gough’s Katakia Valerie’s Beauty. Repeat NB. 3. Forsyth’s Eastonite My Nelly with Syram. PGB 5(1) 1. Leachman’s Onidas First Illusion. Lovely balanced outline, feminine with substance, good top-line and moderate balanced angulation, good neck, top-line and underline and sound, steady mover keeping her outline, ears just a little low set. 2. Eskrett’s Katakia’s Minnie. Pied bitch, nice mover but could be a shade more compact, strong bone, good substance, excellent ears. 3. Spenser’s Gavana Weather Storm at Vulabops (imp RUS) JW. LB 12(2) 1. Goddard’s Kianspuchi Twice As Good. Very nice bitch but could just be a little more feminine, excellent head, eye, ears, neck, top-line, good bone, moves very well, all in one piece and has a lovely flow to her outline. 2. Kelly’s Casemates Soprano. Lovely shape, holds herself standing and moving, could have a little more depth to chin and a darker eye, otherwise she is very balanced standing and moving and is very together. 3. Ayriss’ Lady Rebellion at Boulevaya. OB 6(1) 1. East’s Valumar Cvetana Narla at Jiankang. Brindle bitch with lovely proportions, good top-line, head, ears and chin, she is feminine with substance, excellent outline standing and moving with correct two track movement, RBCC. 2. Cund/Harrop’s Ch. Chelmbull Eternal Flame. She is a little longer and ears could be higher set, very good mover in profile, top-line could be more developed, excellent neck with good bone. 3. Goddard’s Kianspuchi Twice As Good.