• Show Date: 29/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/10/2023

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Bedlington Terrier
BEDLINGTON TERRIER SBD/B 1(0) 1. Pollard/Barrowcliffe’s Jobanker Iron Icon. Nice proportions with strength and elegance, attractive masculine head with good eye and depth to skull and nicely defined chin, good neck, moderate but balanced angulation with good tail set and good feet, BSpB. VD/B 1(0) 1. Bannister’s Ch. Miteymidgets Going Global JW ShCM VW. 9 year old bitch, lovely proportions and balanced front and rear, feminine with substance, good eye, coat, top-line and underline held on the move, very good front and lovely carriage in profile, excellent tail set and carriage on the move keeping her outline at all times, BV. PD 1(0) 1. Lacey’s Bowlingbrook Hummingbird. Nice puppy but needs to drop a little with maturity, top-line beginning to develop, nice front standing and moving, flattens a little on the move but has good coat and feet, carrying his tail a shade high but moves well. JD 2(1) 1. Martin’s Honeymist Firecracker. Masculine with strong muzzle, good ears and eyes, excellent neck, good top-line but rear could have more angulation, very sound but could pin a little more in front, nice outline in profile standing and moving with good tail set. YD 1(0) Bannister’s Miteymidgets Modern Love. RDCC. PGD 2(0) 1. Zanelli’s Agnellino Midnight Runner Del Tintalora. Clean outline and nice proportions with good head shape, length and depth but could have a little more chin, good expression, good neck, excellent underline but flattens a fraction in top-line on the move, moderate but balanced angulation and moves well, if a little untidy in front, excellent coat. 2. Pollard/Barrowcliffe’s Jobanker Iron Icon. Repeat SBD/B. LD 2(1) 1. Kinns’ Kinnuva Summer Pearl. Masculine enough, could have more strength to muzzle, dark eye but is a shade full, body proportions are ok with good front and feet, top-line ok, just crabbing a little on the move and could use his rear a little better. OD 5(1) 1. Offer’s Ch. Woolytop The Wherryman ShCM ShCEx. Shapely head and eye, good top-line and underline with good tail, very sound mover but would just prefer him a little lighter footed in front but has excellent coat and holds his outline standing and moving with very sound movement, DCC. 2. Bannister’s Miteymidgets New Vision JW. Has strength with elegance and excellent proportions, excellent front standing and moving, top-line could be better, good tail set but carries it a little high. 3. Godden’s Ozbreeze Surprise Of The Day at Vakurblue. GCD/B 1(0) Kinns’ Kinnuva Summer Pearl. PB 1(0) 1. Harris/Cleaver’s Ratzwell Jolly Jubilee. Excellent proportions and balance, just needs to develop a fraction in top-line with maturity, feminine with strength, excellent front standing and moving, underline good, strong rear, low set tail with excellent coat and lovely attitude on the move, muzzle could be a little longer but she’s well filled under the eye and strong, BP. JB 1(0) 1. Mitchell’s Paceypaws Philippa. Feminine, would like a little more strength all through, nice dark eye, nice front standing and moving, top-line ok but has a very good underline, uses herself to the best on the move when she settled, excellent coat texture. YB 2(1) 1. Scott’s Janmark Je Ne Sais Pas avec Mickleview. Lovely proportions, type and balance, she is feminine with substance, lovely head, expression, ears, neck and excellent front standing and moving, good underline and top-line is developed enough, could have a little more width across second thigh but very typical gait in front and keeps her outline standing and moving. PGB 7(0) 1. Lacey’s Bowlingbrook Tumbleyweed. Lovely honest clean outline and balance, feminine with substance, good proportions and lovely mover with good tail. 2. Zanelli’s Silverkinn Sparkle of Hope Del Tintalora. Very sound and balanced with good depth but is just a shade untidy in front and tail a little high but otherwise holds a nice outline. 3. Bannister’s Miteymidgets New Variant. LB 4(0) 1. Pollard/Barrowcliffe’s Jobanker Cotton Candy. Very honest, if a shade overweight, but otherwise is feminine with strength and holds herself and her outline standing and moving, correct front movement and lovely typical carriage with good coat. 2. Kinns’ Kinnuva Hawaiian Velvet. Very honest, feminine with substance, good head, eye and front excellent but could move a little more positively behind but very typy bitch. 3. Bishop’s Honeymist Pinky Promise at Chaselyne. OB 5(0) 1. Bishop’s Ch. Chaselyne About Thyme. Lovely, honest, clean, unexaggerated outline, beautiful head, eye, top-line, underline, excellent front, good rear, very balanced and typical at all times, BCC & BOB. 2. McNally’s Ch. Conekesheved Too Shy JW. Very striking outline standing but is a little heavier all over, holds her top-line and underline well in profile but could just be a little tidier down and back, RBCC. 3. Baldwin’s Woolytop Leading Lady.