• Show Date: 19/01/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Chow Chow


PD 5(0)

1. Rennie’s Gandalf Of The Blue Mystery at Rendel. Excellent proportions and balance, masculine strong dog, good head proportions, broad skull, excellent eyes and ears, well constructed, good top-line and tail, keeps his outline standing and moving, very nice puppy.

2. Iliffe/Clarke’s Catomo Unconditional Love NAF. Lovely square strong outline with excellent bone and feet, excellent ears, good top-line, moderate balanced angulation, coat developing nicely and he has a nice gait in profile.

3. Webb’s Chifido The Chosen One.

JD 4(2)

1. Fisher’s Shulian San Angelo Star at Poppykins. He is square enough, masculine with strong bone, good head, eye and excellent ears, balanced angulation, good depth to height, excellent top-line, moves steady with typical gait, feet are a little flat.

2. Foy’s Ramannires Romeo NAF. A little long and low but he has excellent ears, eyes could be a little clearer and head planes are just slightly off, excellent top-line, coat, tail and nice steady mover.

PGD 4(1)

1. Biddle’s Booneeks Obie. Very honest dog with alert carriage and lovely clean outline standing and moving, he has an excellent neck, top-line and tail, square and strong, he has a nice clean head with very good ears, could just have a little more detail in his head but very honest, moderate dog.

2. Stewart-Beavis/Beavis’ Booneeks Chewie. Sturdy dog with good bone, preferred head of 1st, he uses his ears well, good top-line, coat and tail, a shade longer than 1st but again nice, steady typical movement in profile.

3. Green’s Black Kingdom Play Nice.

LD 5(1)

1. Stewart’s Bojinghai Devil In Disguise. Good shape and very typical gait, eyes are a fraction round, he holds his outline well on the move and has good depth and spring of rib but just a little narrow in the rear moving away.

2. Adlington’s Foolangs Feeling Good. Very upstanding, clean outline with crisp coat, excellent ears, eyes are clear but a little round, expression could be a little more intense, good top-line and very fit condition, holds his outline well in profile but is a little untidy going and coming.

3. McCallum’s Burlesk Enter The Dragon.

OD 5(1)

1. Godber’s Ch. Lechan Rodrik Ir Jun Ch. He has excellent balance and a clean outline with alert outlook, he has strength with dignity and is impressive both standing and moving with strong pendulous gait and is very sound, ears could be a little smaller and more forward placed but I am being picky. Overall excellent quality dog, DCC & BOB.

2. Jakeman’s Tanlap Tarron. Excellent ears both in shape and placement, very nice to handle with a square, strong, masculine outline, he has a good typical head with exc scowling expression, excellent top-line and tail and lovely gait in profile with very good rear, powerful bone and feet. Lovely outline held on the move in profile, RDCC.

3. Stewart’s Ch. Bojinghai Zeus.

SBD 4(0)

1. Nugent’s Hilltoppride King Koba. Black, square enough, good ear shape and placement, eye a little full, holds his top-line well and has a good tail, BSpB.

2. Green’s Black Kingdom Play Nice. Masculine and strong, good head, eye ok, he looks ok in profile but could move a little better behind.

3. Gill’s Cheshire Black Magic.

PB 9(1)

Lovely class with 8 puppies present and lots of quality throughout the places.

1. Hughes’ Xingbao Magic Sakurra. Excellent bitch in a huge puppy coat but underneath she is square and balanced and has excellent strong bone and is compact, lovely expression, excellent ears, good top-line, tail and is very sound moving with typical gait in profile when settled, BP.

2. Keyte’s Catomo All My Love. Loved her outline in profile, she is so square, compact, alert and strong yet still feminine, excellent top-line and tail, just needs to tidy up in front movement a little but is lovely quality all through.

3. Osborn’s Jasava’s Fezziwig.

JB 3(1)

1. Irwing’s Chifido’s Shenyin at Beaconpride. Lovely head, expression and ears, just a little off square but very true on the move.

2. Attfield’s Rosebulls Midnight Magic. Very compact with correct leg length but could have a little more bone and width all the way through.

PGB 4(1)

1. Hollies/Carr’s Jabrevla Dotty Doris. Lovely quality bitch, strong with substance and dignity, nice clean head with good eye and ears, there is nothing overdone or exaggerated, excellent bone, feet and very good mover from all angles with typical gait, just needs a little finish to her coat to finish that typical outline, RBCC.

2. Barker’s Aphrodite of Venus at Aphyspride. Blue bitch, nice and square with good ears, good eye shape, top-line and tail, nice clean outline, just a little out of coat but did not detract from her overall look.

3. Green’s Black Kingdom One Dream.

LB 3(1)

Difficult class.

1. Halliday’s Black Calla Lily at Kyleash. She had a nice square outline with good balance, good feet and bone and moved with a typical stride soundly, tail could be a little tighter and eye could have been a little clearer.

2. Absalom’s Bon Triumph Dinasty at Wengeordy (imp RUS). I preferred her head, she had excellent ears, she was a little bit longer and could have been more set under in front, excellent top-line and tail, coat could have been a little harsher and was just not as clean moving coming and going but had a lovely outline in profile and moved typically.

OB 3(1)

1. Ellis’ Ch. Bojinghai Song Bird. Red bitch with lovely balance, she has a lot of coat which you have to get under to feel her proportions properly, she is square, excellent bone and feet, lovely ribcage, excellent top-line and tail, compact body, she has got nice width all through and moves typically and soundly, BCC.

2. Hughes’ Ch. Xingbao Midnight Magic. A little bit longer cast, she has a dark eye, good tail, coat and ears and moved well.

VB 1(0)

1. Mackenzie-Haverson’s Ch. Fullforge Fantastica for Cheuntao. Strong bitch, good ears, good top-line and tail, deep chest and in excellent muscular condition, good coat and moved well if a little wide in front.

SBB 2(0)

1. Nugent’s Hilltoppride Born A Star (TAF). Feminine with substance, dark eye, good ears, top-line could be firmer, she is very raw but she is a nice shape and moved steady.

2. Green’s Black Kingdom One Dream. Good top-line and tail, good bone and substance, just a little bit overdone in head.