• Show Date: 08/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 11/10/2023

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Pyrenean Mountain Dog
PYRENEAN MOUNTAIN DOG VD 3(1) 1. Reilly’s UK Ch/Sw Ch/Ir Ch/Esp Ch/Multi Int Ch. Lisjovia Boris Bear. Clean outline with good width in front and good front construction, excellent bone, feet and top-line and holds his outline standing and moving, excellent mover for his age, excellent ears, head a little plain but holds himself very well at all times, RDCC & BV. 2. Tadd’s Ch. Jacko Du Haras De Chante Neige avec Kricarno. Strong, substantial dog with lovely eye shape, colour and expression, strong neck, good depth and moves well for his age with good coat. MPD 3(0) 1. Baverstock’s Kalkasi King Of Hearts. Strong yet elegant puppy, lovely head, eye shape and expression, a little shade lippy at the moment but skull will fill out with age and should end up very nice, well balanced compact outline with balanced front and rear angulation, good depth, top-line and moves well. 2. Wilcock’s Dream of Valyria Daemon of Mysticelysium (imp POL). Very raw and very naughty, lovely eye, nice short strong neck, good top-line and tail set with nice croup, just a little unsettled on the move at the moment but full of life. 3. Baverstock’s Kalkasi Simply Super. PD 2(0) 1. Baverstock’s Kalkasi King Of Hearts. Repeat. 2. Baverstock’s Kalkasi Simply Super. Another very raw baby, just 6 months, with the most lovely eye and expression, good head, strong neck, excellent proportions, excellent feet, again very naughty but they are just puppies and should be enjoying their day. JD 1(0) 1. Munson’s Travis Bear Du Pyrdanti for Pyrbern (imp FRA). Masculine elegant dog with good head and eye shape, strong neck, could be a little more compact but has good depth, top-line, rear could be a little stronger, good feet, keeps his outline moving in profile but will become a little tidier down and back with maturity. LD 9(4) Difficult class. 1. Henson/Dearman’s Lisjovia Eternal Guardian for Pyrekees. Nice expression, strong neck, compact enough, could have a little more angulation in the hock but he holds his outline nicely on the move and has good overall shape and balance and moves well. 2. Baverstock’s Kalkasi Just Because JW. Lovely shape, outline and balance, excellent expression, good neck and proportions but would just like him a little more masculine, moves well. 3. Challinor’s Shanlimore Marvin. OD 3(1) 1. Pollard/Maggs’ Ch. Gillandant Thief of Hearts at Dewyche. Well proportioned dog with good strength for his size, lovely eye, strong neck, excellent front assembly which he uses very well on the move with excellent footfall coming and going and also in profile, very strong rear, firm top-line although coat gives the illusion of it not being, DCC & BOB. 2. Kenyon’s Ch. Charibere Simply The Sequel at Kaianna JW. Nice strong but elegant dog with excellent proportions, lovely head, good front, good top-line and depth, just a little overdone in the rear and rear movement could be more settled. SBD 2(0) 1. Challinor’s Shanlimore Marvin. Attractive outline and proportions, a little steep in stop but nice shape eye and colour, good top-line, moves well in profile but could be a little tidier coming and going, BSpB. MPB 4(0) 1. McBain/Holmes’ Polar Light Pride of America (imp USA) NAF. Excellent proportions, lovely head, eye ok, strong neck, good top-line but just needs to drop into her rear with maturity but she has a lovely combination of substance, elegance and is an excellent sound mover with good outline in profile, BP. 2. Baverstock’s Kalkasi Super Star. Baby, 6 months, very typical with the most beautiful head and expression, strong neck, excellent top-line and good feet and moves well. 3. Baverstock’s Kalkasi Super Special. PB 2(0) 1. Baverstock’s Kalkasi Super Star. Repeat. 2. Baverstock’s Kalkasi Super Special. Beautiful head and expression, feminine with substance and elegance, she moved much better in this class than the previous class and is a very promising youngster. JB 1(0) 1. Coles’ Gillandant Jasmine. Attractive clean outline with good head and eye, good proportions, she is still very raw but moves well in profile but just needs to settle a little in front, excellent top-line and tail carriage. PGB 4(0) 1. Harris’ Febus Hardknott. Feminine with substance and elegance, lovely head and eye, strong neck, needs to drop a fraction in chest but she has lovely type, balance and moderate angulation which is balanced front and rear and has very easy movement. 2. Coles’ Gillandant Jasmine. Repeat. 3. Newland’s Shanlimore Superstition. LB 5(2) 1. Goodwin’s Lisjovia White Lady avec Montmusique JW. Lovely type, lovely head, eye shape but it could be a little darker, good depth, top-line could be a little firmer and could have a little more spring to rib but she comes into herself on the move and has lovely carriage and outline on the move. 2. Carter’s Jumicar Moonstone. Nice proportions and good top-line, she is moderate and balanced standing and moving, good rear which is strong and powerful with good head but preferred expression on 1st. 3. Duffell’s Ricaduffal Rock Star. OB 5(0) 1. Pollard’s Gillandant Simply The Best. Lovely type bitch with good head and expression, excellent coat, with good size, excellent proportions and balance, very clean, easy, powerful movement and holds her outline standing and moving with very typical outline, BCC. 2. Wilcock’s Ch. Penellcy She’s Like The Wind. She is beautifully balanced but a little out of coat today, lovely head and beautiful eye shape and expression, she is in excellent muscled condition and moves excellent in profile with excellent outline standing and moving, very nice bitch, RBCC. 3. Tadd’s Kricarno Katchmeifyoukan. SBB 3(0) 1. Stephens’ Aurvandill Freya’s Thyra. Lovely head, very raw but pretty puppy with nice proportions. 2. Newland’s Shanlimore Superstition. Strong powerful bitch with good bone and feet and a compact outline. 3. Newland’s Shanlimore Baby Love.