• Show Date: 19/01/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Dalmatian


MPD 5(0)

Difficult class with 5 puppies all of very different ages and stages of maturity.

1. Kaal’s Schunikka Ifor Dream. When stacked properly he has a good outline and he pulled himself together on the move, he was sound coming and going, good neck and front and when settled moved ok.

2. Baker’s Kelevra Chive Talking with Dalleaf. Very raw but promising puppy, excellent head and expression, neck and top-line, good bone and excellent feet, just a little more compact in outline than 1st.

3. Pearson’s Kelevra Dill Or No Dill.

PD 6(1)

1. Kaal’s Schunikka Ifor Dream. 1st in MPD.

2. Baker’s Kelevra Chive Talking with Dalleaf. 2nd in MPD.

3. Whincup’s Tamilanda Instant Envy.

JD 6(0)

1. Christie’s Sophtspot Perfect Storm. Lovely size and substance, good head, expression, neck and top-line, needs to fill in front a little and drop into himself with maturity but he is athletic and free moving with a nice, easy natural carriage.

2. Howard’s Decoda’s CrackerJack. Heavier built dog all over, good neck, lips are a little heavy but top-line is good and he has nice depth to chest and overall proportions, powerful mover, just preferred 1st’s more athletic movement and overall togetherness.

3. Graham-Weall’s Steyndal Moon Stone.

PGD 9(1)

1. Bridge/Meyer/Britton’s Akoni Athos Comte De La Fere. Best constructed and moving dog in the class, he is elegant with substance, a little heavy marked but he has good balance, outline, held his top-line and tail well and deserved this class.

2. Hobbs/Whiting’s Rapanooey Ranunculus. Very similar in outline and balance to 1st but just not so clean or free in front movement, excellent neck and top-line and liked his head and expression.

3. Williamson’s Decoda’s Captain Tom.

LD 14(3)

1. Johnson’s Dvojica Evergreen. Lovely clean outline and balance, he is athletic with good fill in front, excellent top-line and tail, good depth, very athletic dog but could just be a little cleaner in his cheeks and have a little more width in his rear but otherwise very typical both standing and moving.

2. Wright’s Millbelle Crazy Horse JW. Liked his style, balance and proportions and preferred his head to 1st but he is not so set under in front and is a little untidy on the move but he has nice, elegant carriage in profile and holds himself well at all times.

3. Townson/Pardoe’s Kaytoni Oh What A Night with Daymadals.

OD 9(1)

Lovely class with some very good quality males.

1. Hopkin’s Ch. Rapanooey Red Rose JW. He has a lovely clean outline and balance, nice size, good substance, good bone and feet, attractive head and expression with excellent neck and top-line, good depth, short, strong loin and good tail carriage, he held himself well on the move with lovely length of stride and kept his outline at all times, DCC & BOB.

2. Christie’s Ch. Sophtspot Gold Dust JW. I have judged this dog before, he is now a veteran and looks as good as ever, lovely size, lovely clean front with enough fill in front and retains an elegant balanced outline who is well constructed and well proportioned, good mover, close decision between 1st and 2nd, RDCC.

3. Whincup’s Tamilanda Air Force One.

VD 1(0)

1. Neath-Duggan/Baker’s Ch. Buffrey Incognito by Dalleaf JW. A credit to his breed and still looking as fit and agile as ever, I think I gave him his first CC as a puppy and he still retains lovely characteristics and holds his outline beautifully with the same easy long reaching stride.

SBD 7(0)

1. Bridge/Meyer/Britton’s Akoni Athos Comte De La Fere. 1st in PGD.

2. Wootton’s Tolkain Caliban. Nice elegant and moderate dog, could have a little more fill in front but he has a good top-line, tail and moves well.

3. Smith’s Rapanooey Sugar Donut at Spotamour JW.

MPB 2(0)

1. Alexander’s Offordale Santtini. Lovely clean, feminine outline, balanced front and rear, good neck, shoulder, top-line, head and expression, good feet, lovely free, easy long stride with a shapely top-line held at all times, BP.

2. Neath-Duggan/Coyne’s Kelevra Pickle My Fennel with Buffrey. Similar in outline with good head, neck, tail, top-line and depth for age, feet could be a little better and 1st was just a little smoother in front movement on the day but she moved well and held her own very well.

PB 4(0)

1. Whincup’s Tamilanda Instant Star. Very nice bitch with excellent proportions, balance and lovely clean outline, she is feminine with substance, an excellent neck and shoulder, top-line and lovely strong rear which she used to advantage on the move.

2. Neath-Duggan/Coyne’s Kelevra Pickle My Fennel with Buffrey. 2nd in MPB.

3. Jenkins/Ridgway’s Luccombe Strawberry Ripple.

JB 6(0)

1. Townson/Pardoe’s Sophtspot Phantasia for Daymadals. Lovely size and clean outline with good head and expression, good neck and top-line, excellent front and she holds her outline standing and moving, a little heavy marked but she moves well and could have a little more angulation in the rear, however she uses everything she has to full advantage.

2. De Rozario/Brooks’ Jemblewood Jelly Baby. Finer bitch and more elegant, she could be a little better over the croup but she moves well and is light footed with very nice carriage on the move.

3. Vockings’ Bellehound Tipple at Portunes NAF.

PGB 17(5)

1. Quayle’s Cubalibre On One. Lovely size and unexaggerated feminine outline, she has a lovely expression, excellent neck, lovely free mover and sound, good neck, top-line, tail and overall very good balance.

2. Davies’ Tamilanda Continental Bloom. Elegant bitch with substance, good neck, top-line and excellent tail, she has moderate angulation but it is balanced and she holds her outline standing and moving, feminine head but could just have a little more fill under the eye.

3. Derrick/Ryan’s Kalokairie’s Hocus Pocus.

LB 18(3)

1. Finlay’s Dvojica Excuse My French at Dalfin JW. Took a little while to settle in this lovely class with 15 bitches present but when she decided to start showing you could appreciate her lovely size and balance, lovely head, neck, shoulder and top-line, she is balanced front and rear with a lovely tail set and carriage, she has excellent powerful movement in profile with good length to stride, nice strong rear, just pins a fraction in front but has an overall beautiful and typical outline, RBCC.

2. Howard-Riddle’s Shydally Star Attraction. A little taller and rangier but she is elegant, preferred head on 1st but she has a lovely style and carriage and is very sound on the move, excellent top-line, excellent feet and tail.

3. Pratt’s Gatfulls Honey Bee of Lyndalla.

OB 11(1)

1. White’s Ch. Sophtspot La De Da at Belsmard ShCEx. Handled to perfection on a long loose lead, she is in excellent body condition with good bone and excellent feet, lovely head and expression, nice strong top-line , she moves very well in profile keeping her outline with good length to stride and a very strong rear she has substance but is still elegant enough. Could just have a little smoother flow from neck into topline. BCC.

2. Pearson’s Kelevra Mind Your Nebula. Very pretty, nice size, lovely head, neck and top-line, would just prefer a slightly better underline but she moved well from all angles and held her own in a very strong class.

3. Hopkin’s Ch. Dvojica Evangelista at Joubello JW.

SBB 5(0)

1. Davies’ Tamilanda Continental Bloom. 2nd in PGB. BSpB.

2. Derrick/Ryan’s Kalokairie’s Hocus Pocus. Nice moderate bitch with good proportions and outline and moved well.

3. Knight’s Buzzbrook Pussy Willow.