• Show Date: 09/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Basset Fauve De Bretagne



VD 2(1)

1. Ch/Ir Ch. Leech’s Gavelkind Conquistador by Jamchala. Masculine dog with lovely expression and good head proportions, correct neck, excellent top-line and tail but he could be a little more compact, good coat and colour, holds his outline very nicely and has good profile movement and a strong rear.


PD 3(1)

1. Freudenreich’s Rangali Shimmy Jimmy. Compact dog with good proportions and well balanced construction, good head and expression, good neck, top-line, tail and coat, good bone and feet, steady sound mover with purpose, RDCC & BP.

2. Pile/Mitchell’s Mochras Tintinius. Raw dog with lots of maturing to do, compact but needs to drop into his chest a little, nicely shaped eyes of good colour, excellent coat, feet could be a little better, moves well, promising puppy, just needs time.


JD 4(1)

1. Pile/Mitchell’s Mochras Tintinius. Repeat 2nd in PD.

2. Jones’ Laserna’s Greatest Show Man JW. Nice proportions and balance, good coat and top-line, could carry tail better, attractive head but would prefer darker eye, very steady mover but could have more reach in front and ribs need to spring a little.

3. Carter’s Gouvier Espresso.


PGD 4(0)

1. Perowne’s Mochras Mahdeira. Excellent proportions and balance but too tall, good eye colour and ears, strong neck, good top-line and tail carriage, well ribbed, moved steady and soundly with purpose, good coat, head could be a little less masculine.  

2. Venn’s Mochras Marcellus. Could have a little more length of leg but he has good head and expression, coat is ok, he holds himself well on the move, good bone and feet.

3. Samuels’ Shiroblam Blue Javelin.


LD 1(0)

1. Perren’s Mochras Mahster Ned. Sturdy, well constructed, attractive head but eye could be darker, excellent top-line and neck, moves very well, well ribbed, excellent tail carriage, very honest, workmanlike dog with no exaggeration, DCC.


OD 7(0)

1. Mackay’s Ch. Shiroblam Rumba. Nice type but was a little bum high and could have used himself a little better on the move but he is steady and sound, good head, eye and ears, bone and overall substance, correct proportions, compact but just lacked a little enthusiasm for top awards.

2. Perry’s Ch. Blevwil Nick Nack ShCM. Similar comments apply to 1st, he has a little more length to leg, he is moderate and balanced throughout, looks good in profile and moves well but could be a little tidier in front action.

3. Blevins’ Ch/Ir/Dut/Int Ch Blevwil Now or Never.


VB 3(0)

1. Jones’ Multi Ch. Laserna Storm in a Teacup JW. Feminine with substance, good proportions, neck and top-line, good depth to chest, good leg length, coat is ok, steady mover keeping her outline, RBCC & BV.

2. Hansen’s No Uch, Se Uch, Dk Uch Whittlewood’s Paris Market. She has lovely carriage on the move but could have a little more length to leg, lovely head, expression and ears.

3. Perry’s Ir Ch. Blevwil Galipette.


PB 6(1)

1. Leech/Thornton’s Mochras Mahgaux. Nice balance but she is tall enough, lovely ears, excellent neck and top-line, front could be tidier on the move, well ribbed, good coat and tail and excellent rear.

2. Stephenson’s Mochras Mahjesty of Fryerfold. Very steady mover in profile with good head proportions and well turned fine ears, she is more raw at the moment but coat needs to develop, nice profile movement and carriage.

3. Evans’ Shiroblam Solar Flair for Liandev.


JB 4(1)

1. Leech’s Mochras Mahmalade by Jamchala. Liked her leg length and proportions if a little too big, she excels on the move in profile, has excellent ears, head and good eyes but needs to fill in a little under the eye.

2. Blevins’ Blevwil Rosie. Very steady, lovely head shape and proportions and expression, would just like a little more of her all over, good coat, moves steady but could have more reach.

3. Carter’s Rangali Booty Licious.


PGB 5(1)

1. Thornton’s Mochras Halo. Nice head, would like a little more length of leg and substance overall, she has a good coat, tail is ok, good top-line and steady sound mover.

2. Horn’s Mochras Marta. Nice substance and size but falls away too much under the eye, deep chest with a good eye shape if a little light, moves ok but loses her top-line a little.

3. Johnson’s Wildan’s Too Darn Hot.


LB 4(1)

1. Stromberg’s Whistlewood’s Aunt May. Good proportions, attractive head shape and head proportions, she is compact enough, top-line could be a little firmer, good coat, just needs to drop into her rear a little, moves well in profile and is very steady and sound with purpose.

2. Jones’ Laserna Fleur De Lys. Longer cast, lovely head and ears, correct neck, top-line ok, good coat, nice depth to height proportions, moved well in profile.

3. Garrod’s Fauveahoy Sea Shanty.

OB 9(1)

1. Leech/Thornton’s Ch. Mochras Mahcushla Ir Jun Ch. Excellent proportions and balance, lovely type, she is moderate with excellent construction and no exaggerations, excellent coat, tail and moved well from all angles keeping her outline at all times and looks like she could do a days work, BCC & BOB.

2. Stromberg’s Whistlewood’s Bunny Tail Jeuw-22. Very nice head, eyes and ears, top-line and tail, good bone and feet, nice and feminine with substance, liked her but just a little longer cast than 1st.

3. Allenby’s Ch. Rangali Yum Yum.

GCDSB 2(0)

1. Garrod’s Fauveahoy Sea Shanty.

2. Horn’s Mochras Marta.