• Show Date: 19/01/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Afghan Hound


MPD 5(0)

1. Heritage’s Jazzmeenah Rohan Blaze. Excellent proportions and balance, lovely head and expression, good neck, top-line, croup could have a little more definition but when settled on the move had lovely balance and light front movement, good bone, feet and tail, BP.

2. Moore’s Merrick Prince Charming Cloudside NAF. Cream dog, more mature, excellent expression, good neck, top-line, croup and tail, moderate angulation front and rear but balanced, true steady mover.

3. Gunn’s Katanga’s God Of Thunder.

PD 4(1)

1. Webster/Lloyd’s Vindaloo Blow Your Mind (imp). Black and tan, compact, masculine, elegant, needs to come up on leg a fraction, good croup and tail, dark eye, nice easy springy gait.

2. Gorman/Latimer’s Shahfoladi Sphinx Riddle at Zharook (AI). Tall upstanding dog, stands over more ground than 1st, good top-line, croup and tail, long lean head, covers ground on the move but needs to slow down as he tended to flatten a little rather than have spring, just needs to slow down and fill out a little.

3. Roper’s Sitana The Kingsman at Temenshu.

YD 3(1)

1. Gosling’s Ayoubkhan Silk Road JW. Cream dog, excellent proportions and balanced angulation front and rear, he is elegant yet masculine enough, dark triangular eye, good neck, clean shoulder, excellent top-line, croup and tail, good depth, lovely easy, light, springy movement holding his outline standing and moving, DCC & BOB.

2. Gardner’s Saxonmill Majic Me Danwish. More compact dog and moderate in his balance, I loved his head and expression, could have a little more definition to croup, very well constructed and moved well but just not the animation of 1st, he is a slow maturing dog and his best is yet to come.

PGD 3(0)

1. Kellett’s Geordele Born Free. Nice type, balanced raw dog, he is masculine with a good top-line, croup could be more defined, good depth and substance and moved steady but could just have a little more spring in front.

2. Newton’s Shimalma Jagermeister. Liked his outline and proportions in outline, lovely head and expression with chiselling, good top-line and croup, good depth, just needs to fill out a little with maturity, excellent coat texture.

3. McLay’s Cloudside Sun King.

LD 5(1)

1. Bartram/Perry’s Gezancol Utter Chaos at Chardara. Black and tan, excellent eye and expression, could have a little more length to foreface but has a very good neck and shoulder, well constructed, good proportions and balance, moves very well with springy gait, could just be a little firmer in top-line.

2. Lancashire/O’Donnell’s Drishaun Star Among Lilies JW. Stands over more ground, masculine and elegant, good neck and shoulder, excellent croup, pin bones and tail, exc coat texture, moves soundly and steady.

3. Reed’s Cloudside Sunstrike JW.

OD 4(0)

1. Pascoe’s Ch. Popovs Aladdin at Sarakhan (imp NLD). Good proportions and balance and a nice clean outline in profile, lean head, good neck, top-line, pin bones and croup is defined enough, ring tail, very steady sound mover with springy gait and enough length of stride, expression could be better RDCC.

2. Bloor’s Ch. Pashtari Lord Byron. Black and tan, masculine and elegant, well constructed dog, excellent front, neck and shoulder, good croup and tail, could just be a little firmer in top-line but excellent type dog not moving his best today.

3. James’ Syrdarya Darjeeling Chai of Simkhan.

VD 1(0)

1. Latimer’s UK Ch. Jeremiah De Koulangar at Zharook JW (imp FRA). Red dog, lean head, dark eye, good croup, good neck, top-line ok, covers good ground on the move but is a shade overweight.

SBD 1(0)

1. Kellett’s Geordele Born Free. Repeat PGD. BSpB.

MPB 4(3)

1. Heritage/Kirwan’s Jazzmeenah Jelena. Very raw and pretty puppy, well constructed and balanced and nice movement for age, good head, eye, top-line and nice low hocks.


PB 2(1)

1. Latimer/Gorman’s Sitana Moon Star at Zharook. Self red, good proportions, lovely eye and expression, good depth, well ribbed, excellent large feet, ring tail, very naughty but enjoyed herself.

JB 3(0)

1. Gleed/McPherson’s Saviour And My Salvation at Ksiadz. Brindle bitch, feminine with substance, good head, eye, neck and shoulder, top-line ok, croup a little rounded and tail ok, held her outline standing and moving and has a nice easy gait with enough reach and drive.

2. Howie’s Sweetness Of Day at Chinzaes. Preferred her proportions to 1st but she does not have quite the scope on the move in front, good head, eye, neck, good ring tail.

3. Siqueira’s Reis Carnival Celtic Witch.

YB 6(0)

1. Hall’s Ch. Saxonmill Majic Mirror. Very square outline, feminine with substance, excellent eye and expression with good underjaw, excellent neck, shoulder, depth and overall body condition, she holds herself well on the move with good tail carriage.

2. Dowd/Malia’s Saxonmill Mirror Image. I loved her houndy outline and balance, good top-line and tail, very nice mover in profile holding her outline standing and moving but could just be a little tidier moving away and eye could be a shade darker.

3. Allan’s Ayoubkhan Magnolia at Kabella.

PGB 5(0)

1. Kirk-Vickers’ Geordele Time To Shine at Istani JW. Black and tan, she has substance but yet feminine, good proportions and outline, lovely head, holds her shape on the move but could have a little more scope in front on the move.

2. Gunn/Cannon’s Karagez Kartina Maslom at Zushkhan (imp). Very pretty and feminine, could just have a little more leg length and be more compact, carries her tail a little high but covers good ground on the move.

LB 7(2)

1. Hughes/Luty’s Gezancol Fallen From Grace. Black masked red bitch, excellent proportions and outline, she is feminine with substance, long head with strength, good underjaw and lovely expression, good neck, excellent front assembly balanced with her rear, good depth, short strong loin, good top-line, croup and tail, when she relaxed she has a lovely easy springy stride with natural carriage but just needs a little more work to finish an already lovely picture, BCC.

2. Hedge’s Unstoppable Happy Go Lucky AI (imp SWE). Black and brindle bitch with substance but still feminine, she has excellent proportions and balance and a lovely clean outline which she holds standing and moving, well constructed and balanced front and rear, I have admired this bitch from ringside several times and on a good day she is an excellent mover but today was just playing up slightly but very close decision, very nice bitch.

3. Fairburn/Roberts’ Cloudside Sunset.

OB 5(0)

1. Tromp’s Ch. Popovs Sazerac at Sarakhan JW (imp NLD). Shaded red bitch with good neck and shoulder, excellent top-line, croup and tail, good rear, nice tail set and carriage, she has nice easy relaxed springy gait in profile and holds her outline both standing and moving, RBCC.

2. Rhodes/Shaverneva’s Shadowfax Threepenny Opera JW. Domino bitch, a little taller, nicely constructed and balanced but could just have a little more definition in her croup, good head, lovely eye shape, good neck, shoulder, good depth and has nice easy gait in profile.

3. O’Donnell’s Ch. Drishaun Faith Is Like A Lily for Javidan JW.

VB 4(0)

1. Gunn/Cannon’s Int Ch/Lux Ch. Amal Salang Hey I’m The Star at Zush. Black bitch, moderate but balanced outline, nice clean outline with good top-line, good head and eye, moved well with lift but could just have a little more reach.

2. James’ Ch. Gilari Vermillion Venus JW. Good top-line, lovely pin bones, croup and tail, moved steady but a little reluctant.

3. Humphreys’ Ayoubkhan Blue Rose.

SBB 3(1)

1. Howie’s Sweetness Of Day at Chinzaes. Repeat JB.

2. Hirst’s Ayoubkhan Snow Cloud. Her outline and balance are nice standing in profile, she could have a slightly stronger head and was pacing on the move and difficult to assess.