• Show Date: 28/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/10/2023

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Shar Pei
SHAR PEI MPD 2(0) 1. Rowlands’ Jolerob One For The Road to Meixiu. Excellent proportions, balance and construction, lovely head proportions, tall, square with an excellent top-line, good coat, very sound, brisk, active mover. 2. Wisbey’s Chequerpei You Win Again for Qinrose. Sturdy with excellent ears, good top-line and tail, would look better with just a shade more length of leg, nice straight bone, moves well. JD 1(0) 1. Todd’s Witchgait Toasted Cheese. Excellent balance and construction, nice clean head and excellent eye, good ears, good depth, ribbing and excellent bone and feet, lovely mover, just a shade level in top-line, otherwise excellent type dog. PGD 2(0) 1. Bragg’s Loopang’s Jimmy Choo Junior (AI). Black dog, square in outline with good head, ears and tail, a little level in top-line, could just have a little more strength in spring of rib but holds himself well on the move. 2. Gepp-Cox/Treacher’s Bemojo Hakuna Matata. A shade off square but he has nice substance, depth and ribs, very moderate rear angulation and front could be a little tidier, top-line ok, moves ok in profile. LD 1(0) 1. Denby/Webb’s Shira Victory Zhuangzi Tao to Chifido (imp HUN). Tall dog with very clean outline, excellent eyes and ears, good neck, top-line a little level, moderate balanced angulation and very well constructed with good movement, tail could be a little better. OD 4(0) 1. Grimshaw’s Ch. Chernyi Chizh Baloved By All at Sharpuggles (imp). Excellent balance and outline, lovely expression, excellent ears, neck, he has just enough rise to his top-line and there is nothing exaggerated about him, excellent tail, coat, underline and very typical gait on the move, DCC. 2. Insastielius’ EkiZimurrak The Wheel of Stars. Stronger dog with good head, eye, ears and overall balance, moderate angulation, strong bone, moves well but could just have a little more briskness to his stride, RDCC. 3. Morris’s Ch. Ashowai Let’s Rock. MPB 2(0) 1. Grimshaw’s Sharpuggles Pamela Pumpkin. Excellent quality puppy, she is feminine with substance with an excellent head, eye and ears, she has moderate balanced angulation with excellent top-line, she is so alert, really liked her and really looks like the breed with excellent proportions, RBCC & BP. 2. Denby/Webb’s Prada Golden Age of King for Chifido (imp UKR). Nice proportions but very raw compared to winner, good eye, ears, top-line and tail, just not as developed but a very nice baby showing promise. PB 2(0) 1. Balmer/Morris’ Jolerob One Step At A Time. Liked her outline and balance, she has a good head, excellent ears, top-line and tail, excellent coat, could just be a little more fluid on the move and front needs to tighten a bit but she has excellent type and overall proportions. 2. Poole’s Terra Dos Celtas Tell Me Everything at Coatakinti. Lovely head, eye and ears, top-line a little level and could have a little more leg length, moved ok but would just like a little more animation. JB 3(0) 1. Bragg’s Ch. Loopang’s Back In Business (AI). Excellent outline and proportions, beautiful head, eyes, ears, top-line, coat, good depth, well ribbed, she is feminine with substance with excellent bone, feet, short strong loin, good tail and excellent mover from all angles, BCC & BOB. 2. Bloomfield’s Kenzduo Grande Plie. Very nice type young bitch but just a little less developed than 1st but overall beautiful type with good outline and a nice brisk, typical gait. 3. Barratt/Clarke’s Witchgait Toast of The Town for Deszellumi. OB 2(0) 1. Sutherland’s Ch. Witchgait Show Us Ya Baps. Lovely size and substance, excellent head, eyes and ears, good top-line, tail and holds herself nicely on the move but could just have put a little more in. 2. Morris’s Ch. Ashowai One Moment In Time JW. A little long and low but she has a very nice head, eye, ears and tail, top-line a little exaggerated but she has good depth and is well ribbed.