• Show Date: 26/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/09/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Saluki


VD 2(1)

1. Strong’s Lubab Al Kadam Arieb Furat (imp NLD). 9 year old, red, elegant, kind expression, good neck, good depth and underline, moderate rear, good feet and very nice easy mover for age.

MPD 1(0)

1. Cannon/Wickstead’s Caryna Stephano to Abayomi. 8 month cream dog, tall but elegant, lovely head and expression, good neck and proportions overall, has enough depth for age, moderate balanced angulation and holds himself well in profile, keeps his outline standing and moving if a shade steep in croup at the moment, BP.

JD 5(0)

1. Littlechild/Danks-Kemish’s Ravensett Musarra. Red dog, lovely balance and outline, head is ok, good neck, top-line and rear and moves effortlessly with nice light easy stride.

2 . Chippendale’s Flytesfield Hyddwn. Beautiful head and expression, a little square in outline but moves nicely although his tail could be more settled and underline a little sharp.

3. Cole/Garbutt’s Wazifi Aban Abzi.

YD 1(0)

1. Willliams/Vowles’ Fencruiser Prince. Cream dog, could have a little more angulation front and rear but holds himself together.

PGD 1(0)

1. Cole’s El’ubaid’s Buckingham Palace Doucai (imp NL). Good head and expression, nice proportions, masculine but still elegant, front ok, good top-line and underline, moderate rear, keeps his top-line standing and moving and has moderate balanced reach and drive.

LD 2(0)

1. De Souza/Woodgate’s Caryna Taivoa. Grizzle, nice proportions and outline with very attractive head and expression, good underline, holds his outline on the move but picks up pasterns just a little and could have a little more drive.

2. Strong’s Shahzad Zaki Ter Dolen (imp BEL). Would prefer a little more length to body, good head and eye, front good but is a little steep in croup and could have a little more rear angulation.

OD 6(0)

1. Ulyatt’s Fernlark Legend of Cornhaze JW. Masculine yet elegant, very honest, moderate dog, grizzle, very sound if a shade close behind but he has lovely light front movement and holds himself well with nice typical carriage and flowing movement, DCC.

2. Stenson’s Ch. Micattura All For Me. Nice and elegant dog, liked him, has a very attractive head and expression, just preferred the balance and flowing lines of 1st, RDCC.

3. Sawer’s Ch. Canerikie Lucan at Bumpkiss.

VB 1(0)

1. Quick’s Ch. Noushzad Caliana at Jorjenjo (imp GER). Parti colour, 9 years, very elegant and shapely, good top-line and underline, balanced front and rear, nice easy movement for age, BV.

MPB 1(0)

1. Quick’s Jorjenjo Maja Ma Al Amel. 7 month cream with pretty head and eye, liked her very much and moved lovely for her age with good proportions and balance.

JB 1(0)

1. Cole’s Wazifi Aiza Aakifa. Lovely clear red, very feminine with chiselled head, moderate but balanced angulation, nice and elegant and has good profile movement but is just a little square in outline.

YB 1(0)

1. Sanders Parker’s Classicus Felicitas JW. Parti bitch, 20 months, nice clean outline, good proportions and balance, moves very well and soundly in profile but flicks her pasterns a little, otherwise she has a very clean outline standing and moving, RBCC.

PGB 1(0)

1. Bater’s Safida Khatam Magma. Needs more confidence and was not very happy on the day, would prefer a little more strength to her muzzle and a little less angulation behind.

LB 5(0)

1. Williams’ Luachmhar Jadira Kasaque. Tri bitch, nice and feminine in outline, lovely outline, she is very elegant in profile keeping her outline but could be a little stronger in the rear.

2. Cole’s El’ubaids Zulu (imp NL). Moves well keeping her outline, beautiful head and eye, just a little square in outline but moved well.

3. Fisher’s Ruweis Malahah.

OB 5(2)

1. Hamilton’s Lu Ch. Alishamar Roxanne JW (imp BEL). Beautiful honest grizzle bitch, she is shapely, balanced and moderate, lovely head and eye and she has a light, easy, effortless movement with very typical carriage, BCC & BOB.

2. Sanders Parker’s Ch. Classicus Olympia. Attractive head and eye but carrying a little too much weight which spoilt her outline.

3. Ward’s Nicolefarhi del Borghino (imp ITA).