• Show Date: 29/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/10/2023

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Bloodhound
BLOODHOUND I previously withheld major awards twice in this breed but I have to say I was delighted today with the quality, temperament, type and soundness and could easily have awarded 10 or 12 CCs, well done to the breeders and exhibitors. PD 3(0) 1. Priestley’s Marksbury Railway of Quikotic. Lovely clean, balanced outline, lovely head length, nice narrow skull with excellent ears, good neck, top-line, good depth, excellent bone, balanced front and rear angulation, moves well, could just use tail a little better but it was a very hot day. 2. Bates’ Marksbury Rockerfella at Karames. Good head, excellent bone, moderate balanced angulation and moved ok, good top-line but croup is a little too defined. 3. Prior’s Houndseeker Dauntless. JD 2(0) 1. Cudlip’s Harvidene Traveller. Very promising but just needs a little confidence, has excellent body proportions and balance, very good long narrow typical head with good depth, bone and coat. 2. Newling/Pastellas’ Houndseeker Dragon. Good proportions, a shade broader in skull and rounder in back skull, good depth and bone, well ribbed but could be a little tidier behind. LD 2(1) 1. Rowland’s Harvidene Lamborghini. Masculine dog, good length to head, excellent ears, good coat, excellent bone and feet, excellent top-line but it just falls away a little at the croup and tail a little low set but has a very sound rear and powerful, sound, typical movement. OD 5(0) Lovely class. 1. Clark’s Ch. Boru’s Fifty Mission Cap at Farlap (imp CAN). Excellent proportions standing over ground with excellent ears and head planes, so well constructed and balanced in his movement with good coat, croup, tail set and carriage and lovely sound free movement, DCC. 2. Priestley’s Ch. Maplemead Malazar of Quikotic. Beautiful head, expression and ears, excellent bone and feet, good coat, moderate rear, very close decision, I am sure they will swap places, RDCC. 3. Howie/Emrys-Jones’ Ch. Marksbury Malfoy. PB 2(0) 1. Howie/Emrys-Jones’ Marskbury Regina at Millvery. Feminine and beautiful with the best head, eyes and ears, good depth and ribs for age, she has enough bone, lovely long elastic stride, just needs to firm up a little but her type and balance are absolutely excellent, RBCC & BP. 2. Burnside/Manley’s Houndseeker Dragonfly. Very together bitch and steady on the move, just lacked the head properties of 1st, otherwise a very close decision and two very nice puppy bitches. PGB 2(0) 1. Burnside/Manley’s Blistatelnaya Xenia Iz Doma Markovyh at Houndseeker. Needs to body up but has a nice outline and proportions with good head, neck, top-line, bone and feet and tie typical movement. 2. McKenzie’s Moorlander Givenchy. A shade heavier and deeper all over and would prefer a little less furnishings, however she has a good top-line with an excellent tail set and carriage and moved well. LB 3(2) 1. Clark/Hayden’s Farlap Qui Martha (AI). Beautiful bitch with excellent balance, strength, femininity, good head length and excellent head with lovely clear eyes and excellent ears, probably the best of the day, excellent neck, body proportions, balance and bone, excellent top-line, forechest, tail set and carriage and excels on the move from all angles, BCC & BOB. OB 2(0) 1. Burnside/Manley’s Houndseeker Bewitched (AI). Lovely proportions, top-line and balance, head planes could be a little better but she has lovely ears with good depth, well ribbed, excellent bone and feet. 2. Burnside/Manley’s Houndseeker Amber (AI). Covers good ground with good bone and feet, has nice body proportions and moves well but just a shade heavier in skull and not happy showing today.