• Show Date: 14/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Marion McArdle Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Wales Boxer Club

Breed: Boxer

South Wales Boxer Club - Championship Show 14th May 2023

Judge : Marion McArdle

I would like to thank the committee of South Wales Boxer Club for inviting me to judge dogs at their Championship show.. I had a lovely day, and it was made even more special that I got to judge with my co -judge and friend Lisa Brough. The venue was superb. The lighting excellent, it was clean and so well laid out with easy access. Exhibitors couldn’t have asked for anything any better.

From the last time I judged I must say at times it was challenging to judge some of the classes. There was such a variance in size and quality and movement wasn’t the best. On a positive note, I found the majority of males in great condition and mouths were very good despite a few with ‘drowning teeth’. I was delighted with my line up and my principal winners. My Dog CC winner going BIS and my Best Puppy Dog going BPIS in agreement with my co judge, Best Veteran in show went to the bitch.

Veteran Dog 2:2 1st Louis’s Rameleon Nights in Harlem. Two very nice veterans whose owners must be so proud of, both were in great condition and totally balanced throughout, typical male heads but preferred the more expressive eyes on 1. This 8 ½ year old veteran has a beautiful typical boxer expression, very dark eyes, well padded muzzle, head of correct proportions, strong arched neck, set on correct shoulders, good length of foreleg with tight feet, l square outline, well developed forechest, well off for bone, good depth of brisket, correct strong top line, beautifully presented, it was a pleasure to go over him

2nd Littlewood & Bowler.s Olleyville Stanleyman at Whirlobox . 7 year old Another very nice male in great condition and handled superbly by his young handler who was with him all the way, correctly balanced head with good muzzle to skull proportions, smaller darker eyes than 1, pleasing outline, with good bone, straight front, good spring of rib, correct rear angulation, with well let down hocks, moved out steady

Minor Puppy Dog 3:2 1st Kuech’s Boese L’Armour dark b&w 6 month very raw puppy as you would expect at this age , pleasing head, typical boxer puppy expression, , very dark beautiful correct shaped eyes, good mouth, striking reach of neck onto correct shoulders, stands on good straight front, , slightly shorter in loin than 2 and tighter feet, moved out well for a youngster

2nd Kavanagh’s Marbelton in The Mix b&w 6 mths more of him than 1, head of correct proportions for a puppy well set ears and dark correct shaped eyes, ample neck, onto correct shoulders, straight front assembly, well off for bone, strong firm back which he held on the move

Puppy Dog 5:5 Mair’s 1st Sulez Scorcher at Glenauld 9mth dark brindle who I absolutely loved , I wish I could have taken him home. He was shown in hard pristine condition for such a youngster, the most beautiful well balanced correctly proportioned head, the darkest correct shaped eyes with a keen lively expression, nicely padded muzzle good lip placement , correct dentition, strong muscular arched neck, straight front, well off for bone and the tightest of feet , broad muscular forechest, strong rear angulation, excellent width of thigh, shown in tip top condition, stunning in profile , moved out effortlessly, maturing nicely as he should do for a youngster, shortlisted in the last 4 for the CC. Pleased to award him BPD & BPIS with the agreement of my co judge I will watch his show career with great interest.

2nd Law & Pynegar’s Shellark Spence is Dynamite with Berwynfa 6mth b&w another very promising puppy once he settled he looked lovely in profile so very well balanced, pleasing head of correct proportions, dark correct expressive eyes, great mouth, strong muscular neck onto correct shoulders, not quite the substance of 1 but well off for bone, straight front assembly onto tight feet, strong level top line bang on tail set, nicely developed rear angles moved out steady

3rd Winuwuk Walk it Talk It

Junior Dog 1:1 1st McCarthy & Gething’s Boxania Romanoff to Jeddhi Dark B&W beautiful male , immaculately presented and handled as always from this kennel, lovely dark gleaming coat typical boxer head of correct proportions, dark eyes with the most beautiful expression, good width of muzzle with just enough padding, correct mouth, , body square, straight front, nicely developing forechest, strong muscular neck of good length, correct strong top line, well balanced hind quarters with good width of thigh, which he used to his advantage on the move. I was pleased to have awarded him the RDCC , he has lot more developing to come and has an exciting show career ahead of him..

Yearling Dog 3:3 1st Mairs’s Macbarra Kickin Up a Storm at Glenauld Another typical boxer of quality from this kennel who ticked all the boxes, classic boxer outline giving off an air of great exuberance combining style with strength, pleasing head, of correct proportions and not overdone, good mouth, dark eyes, with a lively expression,. strong muscular neck straight front, great bone, well developed forechest, good depth of brisket, gleaming coat in great condition, strong muscular rear angulation, excellent width of thigh, shown in very hard condition, steadier on the move than 2, pleased to shortlist him for the CC.

2nd Kuech’s Boese Jiggerlardo Another typical male of quality who really showed himself off, slightly more of him than 1, beautiful typical ,head of correct proportion, broad deep muzzle, lovely dark eyes giving off a keen expression, square compact muscular body, straight front ,tight feet, well off for bone strong, forechest, correct top line, well muscled hind quarters with good width of thigh moved out with purpose.

3rd Wood;s Arckeny Conquerer

Novice Dog 6.4 1st Louis’s Boxania Over the Moon b&w Another pleasing dark brindle male Immaculately presented and handled to a high standard, sharp square outline, strong well put together muscular body, nicely developed, clean head, with good muzzle to skull ratios, strong arched neck, well developed chest, good length of foreleg, good bone , tight feet good depth of brisket, strong back shown to his full advantage, better rear quarters than 2, moved soundly covering the ground well.

2nd Evan’s Chaos Theory at Rocvilla R&W muscular upstanding male who initially was not showed by his owner which didn’t do him any favours , once in the hands of his owner he settled down and showed himself off to his full advantage, stronger in head than1, great pigmentation , dark eyes with a mischievous expression, strong muscular good length of neck onto straight front ,evident forechest, good depth of brisket, strong firm top line, moved out with power for his handler.

3rd Chippendale & Carpenter Crooks’s Brynhafod Patrick Swayze at Mylicam

Graduate Dog 2.2

1st Taylors Newlaithe Absolute Bug b&w lovely correctly balanced pleasing head with a cheeky expression, nicely padded muzzle, dark correct eyes, he was presented in great hard muscular condition, so well balanced throughout, square in outline, good length of neck onto strong shoulders, good length of foreleg, tight cat like feet, firm top line, moved out with purpose and drive. Overall, a very promising male

2nd Wood’s Arkeney Barrister b&w not as much of him as 1, pleasing head, not the expression or on his toes as my class winner , dark eyes, straight front , good bone nicely laid shoulders, slightly longer in loin than 1, firm top line, strong rear quarters , moved out steady .

Post Graduate Dog 3.3

1st Godwin’s Sultash Prince of Hearts b&w smart stylish male with slightly more substance than 2, there’s a lot to like about him, beautifully presented and handled. Clean dry head with a good skull to muzzle ratio,, with no exaggeration , good mouth with correct dentition, well padded muzzle, dark eyes, with ears set wide apart, strong arched neck, with plenty of reach, lovely outline, strong muscled forechest, with a straight front, well off for bone, good shoulder placement, complimented by correct top line, with well muscled rear quarters, shown in very hard fit condition, moved out and back steady and true which won him the class.

2nd Seeney’s Suluz Victorious at Maranseen b& w male completely different head type to my class winner, not the power of one coming forward but overall, a very well-constructed male. Classic beautiful boxer head of correct proportions with a typical boxer expression, dark eyes, lovely reach of neck, set on strong shoulders, square in body with a slightly sloping top line, good length of foreleg, tight feet, nice depth of brisket, good rear angulation, steady on the move. On another day these two could change places.

3rd Harvlin Nordick Mystery

Limit Dog 8.6 1st Flintofts & Woollis’s Boxania Roamin Around at Rameleon dark b&w male who I have admired from a puppy and he certainly didn’t disappoint he was on his toes the whole time, it was a pleasure to go over him, he oozed quality and was in tip top muscular condition, nicely developed typical boxer head of correct proportions, not too much wrinkle, correct defined stop with good width of muzzle, excellent pigmentation, great mouth, kind dark eyes, strong neck , good layback of shoulder onto firm back, plenty of forechest, good length of foreleg , super straight front, square well balanced outline, nicely angulated strong muscular defined hind quarters , moved steady maintaining correct balance on the move Pleased to award him his 2nd CC

2nd Wood’s Arkeney Adventurer b&w pleasing typical head of correct proportions totally balanced throughout, dark eyes, strong arched muscular neck onto straight strong front assembly, good length of foreleg, well off for bone, square well balanced outline, slightly longer in loin than 1, didn’t quite move with the same purpose, overall there is a lot to like about him.

3rd Evan’s Rocvilla Chance Secret

Open Dog 6.5

1st Pynegar’s Maranseen Linesman at Berwynfa Beautifully presented 4 year male of quality presented in pristine hard muscular condition, typical boxer male head of correct proportions, good width of muzzle , correct dentition, with the darkest most expressive eyes, strong muscular neck onto correct shoulders, excellent evident forechest, straight front, good bone, tight feet, strong firm back with muscular rear quarters ,typical boxer outline in profile, bang on tail set, covered the ground with drive on the move, in the last 4 for the CC.

2nd Humphries Norwatch Sunhawk Good Time with Chribanna Another pleasing male of substance and strength, lovely clean head of correct proportions, wide underjaw, dark expressive eyes, strong muscular neck onto correct shoulders, evident forechest, straight front, well off for bone, tight catlike feet, strong firm top line, very smart striking outline in profile, hammy rear quarters, these two dogs could change places on another day, moved out soundly.

3rd Mairs Ch Glenauld Stormzy