• Show Date: 25/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Marion McArdle Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 27/08/2023

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Japanese Shiba Inu

Driffield Championship Show 25/08/23

 Japanese Shiba Inus ( No CC’s)

 Judge Marion McArdle

BEST OF BREED : DUNHILL-HALL, Miss Michaella Ch Vormund Xmas Bonus

Best Dog : DUNHILL-HALL, Miss Michaella Ch Vormund Xmas Bonus

Res Best Dog : MAY, Miss Dianne Michelle Burwens I am Bee-lzeebub at Ayupduck


Res Best Bitch : BRYANS, Miss M L Ch ch Shiomaru Aurora Beautiful Soul At Marilouval


Best Veteran : MAY, Miss G C Doriken Royal Apprentice

Best Special Beginner : GREENWOOD, Mrs Rachael Jarshimar Myer Watashi

I was really pleased to be given the opportunity to judge the Shiba Inus one of my favourite breeds which I first started judging 11 years ago. This breed makes me smile they always appear to be happy little dogs. I had a top quality entry who were all presented in great condition. It was lovely to see

so many young excellent handlers in the breed which is very encouraging.

I was pleased to see my BOB gain Group 2 in the utility group. I thoroughly enjoyed my day judging and was pleased in the way the exhibitors accepted my placings.

 VD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: MAY, Miss G C Doriken Royal Apprentice 11yr year old red of typical spitz type in lovely condition for his age and nothing phased him .pleasing head with the most expressive dark obliquely set eyes. I just love the way this breed looks at you, it’s as if they are smiling. Typical straight front, nicely arched neck, well off for bone, firm body, nice tail-set moved out well for a veteran Pleased to award him a much deserved Best Veteran in Breed.

 PD (5 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: JOBSON, Ms Nicola & MAY, Ms G C Doriken Royal Keeper

Two top quality puppies who both typify the breed, preferred slightly shorter loin and rear quarters on 1. Beautiful blunt triangular head of correct proportions with definite stop, good mouth, dark obliquely set eyes with good pigmentation he had the most pleasing expression, correct small inclining ears placement, excellent front down to tight feet, slightly arched neck of medium length, straight front, good bone with moderate spring of rib, level topline, correct tail set, well balanced rear quarters with well let down hocks, moved out steady looked lovely in profile.

2nd: MAY, Miss Dianne Michelle KANTARO GO SAPPORO KAGASOU AT AYUPDUCK another quality red puppy of excellent type pleasing head piece dark eyes giving off a super expression. nicely set inclining ears, muscular arched neck onto correct shoulders., excellent front assembly and topline, correct tail-set, two very nice puppies who could change places on another day.

3rd: GREENWOOD, Mrs Rachael Jarshimar Baz's Bear

Res: BRYANS, Miss M L Takeshi Du Bois De Compiegne At Marilouvale RAF

VHC: LOGAN, Mrs V R Amivike's Baloo Bear from Miamilady

JD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: BRYANS, Miss M L MARILOUVALE EDDIE MURPHY Two very nice quality youngsters I just preferred the head type on 1. red 12mth who was presented in tip top condition and handled to his full potential by his young handler, Lovely clear red coat in beautiful condition of correct texture. Quality correctly proportioned head piece when viewed from all angles, correctly placed small ears, good cheek development, small dark exquisite obliquely set eyes with the most appealing expression. arched neck of moderate length, well developed front assembly, good bone and correct feet, firm level topline, nicely developed rear quarters, it was a pleasure to go over him.

2nd: DUNHILL-HALL, Miss Michaella Meishu No Ryuzin Go Harimaya JP Vormund (IMP JPN) 11mth red, once again in tip top condition with a beautiful coat, his body perfectly fits the standard I just preferred my winners head and expression. This youngster was shown in prime show condition, head of correct proportions, correct dark eye shape , muscular neck, straight front onto correct shoulders , level top line, bang on tail set , great rear quarters and well balanced let down hocks ,free flowing movement covering the ground well

3rd: GREENWOOD, Mrs Rachael Jarshimar Baz's Bear

 SBD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1113 GREENWOOD, Mrs Rachael Jarshimar Baz's Bear

7 mth B&T still very much a baby and his handler did very well with him, puppies can sometimes be challenging but she held her own with him and in time he will settle and come into his own. He has a lovely head type, blunt and triangular when viewed from above, not using his ears today, dark correct eyes, muscular neck , straight front when settled ,nicely angulated rear quarters, correct tail set, wishing his owner good luck with him in the future.

OD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: DUNHILL-HALL, Miss Michaella Ch Vormund Xmas Bonus

Wow this was the best class of the day, three typical Shiba males who I was delighted to have the opportunity to go over, I was splitting hairs between them. They were all in super tip top condition and muscle tone, their coats were all in pristine condition, my winner took my eyes as soon as he came into the ring and was on his toes the whole time, he oozed confidence and shouted look at me! 20mth red with a typical correct Shiba head when viewed from every angle, broad flat skull, well developed cheeks, beautiful correct obliquely set dark eyes, his expression made me smile, good mouth with great dentition, strong muscular neck onto correct shoulders and front assembly with the tightest of feet, nicely developed forechest, strong level top line , bang on tail set , correctly well balanced rear quarters , he owned the ring as he moved steady and true , A real showman A great ambassador for the breed. I was pleased to award him Best Dog, BOB and he went on to win Utility Group 2 . I will watch his show career with interest, for a youngster he still has plenty of high awards to come.

2nd: MAY, Miss Dianne Michelle Burwens I am Bee-lzeebub at Ayupduck

6 year old lovely red male of good shape, looked lovely in profile, typical masculine head of correct proportions with no exaggeration, broad flat skull , nicely developed cheeks, correctly set small neat ears once again I loved this males correctly shaped eyes and beautiful expression, strong muscular neck, he stood true and firm in front onto nice tight feet, level firm top-line, correct tail set, nicely angulated rear quarters, coat was in pristine condition, Pleased to award him . Reserve Best Dog

3rd: BRYANS, Miss M L Shiomaru Raion At Marilouvale

 VB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: LOGAN, Mrs V R Ir GB Bel Ch Miamilady Warrior Zivva Sh.CM 7 year smart red bitch, gave the illusion of being a little on the small side but I’m sure she is within the standard. She was handled to perfection by her young handler who got the best out of her. This bitch is a lovely make and shape, and in great condition for her age, lovely head and dark expressive eyes, not quite using her ears today but went well on the move, nicely muscled moderate length of neck, straight front correct shoulders firm top line, good rear quarters bang on tail set.

 PB (5 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: DUNHILL-HALL, Miss Michaella Vormund Turn Back Time 8mth sesame puppy who again was in absolutely pristine condition as always from this kennel, she is so well put together, and totally deserved to win the class,

I personally would just like a bit more of her, but she is still only a baby and has all the right qualities to go on to better things.

Beautiful correctly shaped head , correct dark obliquely set eyes with the most exquisite expression, in profile she is stunning so very well balanced throughout , the straightest of fronts , and tightest of feet, firm top line, great rear quarters which carried her around the ring effortlessly ,I will watch with interest how her show career develops, you can see already at this young age she is enjoying the show scene.

2nd: BEHAN, Mrs Dawn Tiblha Made in Heaven 6mth red puppy who is just starting out in her show career, once this puppy settled and she stood correctly she looked smart in outline, longer in loin than 1 but nicely put together, lovely head piece of correct proportions, dark kind eyes, neatly set small slightly inclining ears, straight front, nice tight feet, firm level top line, correct tail set, went well for her owner once she settled.

3rd: JOBSON, Ms Nicola & MAY, Ms G C Doriken royal gem

Res: GREENWOOD, Mrs Rachael Jarshimar Myer Wata

JB (1 Entries) Abs: 0


beautiful feminine 8mth B&T bitch of excellent type She oozes quality and breed standard and was shown in pristine condition, She has the most exquisite head of correct proportions, and I just loved her expression. neatly set ears, arched muscular neck onto correct shoulders , nicely developed forechest, onto the straightest of fronts, tight feet, excellent topline, good spring of rib nicely developed rear quarters which she used to her advantage on the move. Pleased to award her a much deserved Best Bitch BPIB

 SBB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1112 GREENWOOD, Mrs Rachael Jarshimar Myer Watashi Litter sister to SBD class winner who also is just a baby and needs time to get used to being in the show ring which I’m sure she will with practise . 7mth with lovely head qualities, prefer her in stance to her brother but that could change, nice shape in profile once she settled, straight front, tight feet, coat in lovely condition, a tad long in loin, correct tail set , wishing her owner enjoyment with her in the show scene. She went on to win Best Special beginner in breed

PGB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: ADEY, Mrs R BURWEN PINK CADILLAC at ECHEZEAUX red youngster who I would like a little bit more of her and a little less angulation on the rear quarters, but overall once settled she appeared to enjoy her day. Pleasing dark eyes, nice reach of neck, straight front, tight feet, level top line.

 OB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: BRYANS, Miss M L Ch Shiomaru Aurora Beautiful Soul At Marilouval

 Red who was handled superbly by her young handler, she had a lovely head of correct proportions, her dark correct shaped eyes gave off a beautiful typical Shiba expression which helped her to win the class, small triangular ears onto a flat skull, nicely developed cheeks , good mouth, muscular neck onto a straight front down to tight feet, firm back correct tail set , good rear muscled nicely angulated rear quarters, Overall a very smart bitch who I was happy to award RBB

2nd: JOBSON, Ms Nicola Tapena Hime Royal Red nicely constructed bitch with a lovely head of correct proportions, dark eyes, but appeared to be in a I couldn’t be bothered mood today, correctly set ears, strong muscular neck of moderate length, straight front, tight feet, level firm top line good rear quarters, bang on tail set , ok on the move,