• Show Date: 25/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Marion McArdle Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Northern Bullmastiff Club

Breed: Bullmastiff

Northern Bullmastiff Club Championship Show 25/6/23

Judge: Mrs Marion McArdle

I would like to thank the committee of The Northern Bullmastiff Club for inviting me to judge at this prestigious show. This is a breed that I have owned and shown lightly and holds a special place in my heart. It was lovely to have some European dogs under me which gave the entry a lot more depth and diversity an opportunity judges in the UK don’t always get., Such a lovely breed to judge and I was pleased in the way the exhibitors respected my decisions. I thoroughly enjoyed my day judging despite the weather.

Veteran Dog 2:1 Ch The Nightshift’s Hotmail at Joybull (Imp Ned) 10 year brindle male, lovely typical bullmastiff head, broad skull, great width of muzzle, dark eyes, correctly set ears, strong muscular neck excellent front assembly with ample bone, and the tightest of feet, , strong back, good rear quarters , his owners must be so proud of him, he went round the ring effortlessly for his age. Pleased to award him Best Veteran dog

MPD 5:3

1st Karmicly The Botanist (Nicholson) BPD/ BPIS

Beautiful 8mth red puppy with lots to like, I will watch his show career with interest, he took it all in his stride for a youngster, typical head of great proportions, good mouth, excellent pigmentation, the darkest of eyes, well set ears, good dentition, well-constructed balanced body for his age, presented in lovely condition, great bone, feet to tighten, good top line , good angles front and rear, firm top line he moved out effortlessly, pleased to award him BPD and BPIS.

2nd Karmicly Bay Breeze (Mrs K Scott) 8mth brother to 1 but not the head qualities of my class winner, pleasing expression, strong neck, in good condition for a youngster, well off for bone, slightly longer in loin than 1, needs time to mature.

3rd Karmicly Last Word (Cridge)

Puppy Dog 1:1

1st Bullmastiff Ironstance Crimson Knight (Bailey) 10 mth red male who was a little ring shy giving his owner a difficult time on the move, with maturity will improve, head of nice proportions which needs to develop, dark eyes, nicely set ears, great bone, feet to tighten, nicely angulated rear quarters .

Veteran Bitch 3:1

1st Ch Hyerdunscar The Big Tease JW I Jch Cjw 16 Bw 18 (Mrs J Lindley) This veteran 8 year old bitch oozes quality and it was a pleasure to go over her and she didn’t disappoint standing or on the move. Excellent breed type with the most beautiful head and expression , great pigmentation and the darkest most expressive eyes, correct skull to muzzle ratios viewed from all sides. well padded muzzle, excellent front assembly with the tightest of feet, on her toes the whole time, firm top line, correct strong rear quarters, really did come into her own showing herself off around the ring, presented in pristine condition .Delighted to award her RBCC , Best Veteran in Show .

MPB 4:3

1st Saphira De Terras Lusitanas (Imp Prt) NAF TAF (Aston’s) 7 mth puppy with great show potential and very well put together, nicely balanced head good mouth , good pigmentation, kind dark correct shaped eyes, well set ears, strong neck, muscular front of good width and depth, good bone, shorter in loin than 2, handled really well, moved out steady looked striking in profile. A promising youngster.

2nd Karmicly Banama Mama (Taylor’s) 8mth brindle slightly more of her than 1, pleasing head of correct proportions, dark eyes, muscular neck, good front, overall nice make and shape, good bone and substance, balanced throughout, steady on the move.

3rdv All Watcga Copperfield Tiffs Diamond ( Warren & Jeans Brown

Junior Dog 4:3

 1st Angel’s Phoenix Ron Weasley Astonpride (Imp Ita) (Aston & Pavesi) impressive well constructed balanced dog with no exaggeration, typical head of correct proportions, good width of muzzle, darker in eyes than 2 , pleasing expression, strong muscular neck, ,lovely straight front , great bone, good depth of chest, strong rear quarters ,correct firm top line which he held on the move,

2nd Ardhub Love It in Black (McGroarty) Another youngster who I liked very much and it was a close call , these two youngsters could change places on another day. Correctly constructed head of good proportions, muscular neck, nicely set ears, excellent front assembly, well off for bone, overall a strong powerful male of substance, once he settled moved out with drive.

3rd Fowlerheights Artax at Tatroyds ( Brearley)

Yearling Dog 4:3

1st Phoria’s Seventh Heaven (Thomas & Bull’s) 16mth fawn in superb condition with great substance, beautiful head shape, broad skull , good width of muzzle , great pigmentation, dark correct eyes, good length of neck onto correct shoulders, great width and depth to chest, feet to tighten, firm strong topline, good, muscular rear quarters presented and handled well, overall a very nice male displaying superb front construction and movement which won him the class.

2nd Ugho of Bewitched Force (Mr F & Mrs C Lauwers & Roekens) Another super male of quality, 18mth red who was so very well constructed with great substance typical bullmastiff out line showing power and strength. On another day these two dogs could change places, lovely head with correct skull to muzzle proportions, great pigmentation and eye colour, good bone, straight front on the stand very well constructed in body , strong rear quarters handled well.

 3rd Ardhub Mathew

 Post Graduate Dog 2:2

1st GB Dudley Della Famiglia (IMP SRB) (Slaney;s) red 4 yr a very well-constructed male of great substance, so very well put together giving a lovely outline in profile, presented in pristine hard condition, masculine clean head of correct proportions , dark eyes, strong powerful muscular neck onto straight front with correct shoulders, well off for bone, good depth and width of fore chest, strong firm topline, well defined muscular rear quarters which powered him around the ring.

2nd Diablo Sivola (Ms P J Williams) darker red than 1 and stronger in head than 1, but overall a very nice male of great substance, nice head proportions from all angles, dark eyes, correctly set ears, strong muscular neck, onto strong front of good width and depth, firm top line, moved out displaying great power and purpose.

Limit Dog 6:4

1st Alonzobar Red Sky for Delarhia (Todd & Smith) fawn stronger in head than 2, of correct proportions, darker eyes , correctly set ears, onto good front assembly, adequate bone, substantial male in great condition, nicely made throughout with no exaggeration, shorter in loin than 2 and overall, more of him, strong defined muscular rear quarters, moved out steady handled well.

2nd Angels Pheonix Mr Neilsoson The Mionkey Astonpride (Aston)

 Dark red, pleasing front and forequarters but overall would like more of him in body and substance, nice head proportions, well placed ears with an alert expression. nicely arched muscular neck of length, ample bone, moved out steady.

Open Dog 9:8

Wow, what a beautiful class of great quality, which can only be described as outstanding in any breed. I really did have to work hard to split these and it was only on the finer points of the breed standard which enabled me to make my final decisions.

1st Ch Optimus Danzy Jones JW (ai) (Myers) Another quality male from this kennel who was a pleasure to go over, shown in hard muscular condition, beautiful head with correct skull to muzzle ratios ,lovely broad muzzle with plenty of padding, great pigmentation, correctly set ears, strong, arched neck set on muscular sloping shoulders, super straight front and tight feet, good width and depth of chest, strong firm top line, well-muscled throughout, great rear quarters that powered him around the ring effortlessly Pleased to award him DCC /BIS

2nd Ardhub Ethan (McGroaty) Another typical bullmastiff of power, quality and substance, correctly proportioned head, square and broad with good width of muzzle, and excellent underjaw, great pigmentation, correctly placed ears , lovely dark expressive eyes of correct shape , strong muscular neck, excellent width and depth front assembly , great bone, strong firm well muscled body. well let down hocks, level topline, well-muscled rear quarters which he used to his advantage on the move retaining a level topline as he powered around the ring winning him a well deserved RDCC.

3rd Ch Optimus Douglas (Myers)

Junior Bitch 7:5

1st Stoneglad She’s a Rebel (Latter’s) Fawn 15 mth beautifully constructed throughout with good substance and bone. Pleasing balanced head of correct proportions, typical bullmastiff expression with great pigmentation, dark correct shaped eyes, straight front, muscular neck, sturdy and strong in fore chest, body and hindquarters, in great condition and muscle tone, shown to her full potential

2nd Ardhub Nice and Spicey at Braearron (Wilson’s) 16mth brindle, another quality bitch with great muscle tone and substance in pristine condition. Just preferred head qualities on 1 which won her the class, on another day they could change places. dark eyes correct set ears, straight front, well off for bone, well muscled front and quarters, firm top line

made the most of the ring covering the ground well.

3rd Finchwell chanel at Woodbulls Future (Ley’s)

Yearling Bitch 3 :2

1st Stoneglad Shes Just My Style (Latter)

 smart well-made 15-month fawn bitch who greatly impressed me she had a beautiful feminine clean head, correct skull to muzzle proportions, kind dark correct eyes, muscular neck onto good layback of shoulder, straight front, great bone, broad muscular forechest , strong rear quarters, nicely bodied up for age, shown to her full potential , moved out well with purpose.

2nd Omfero Princess Audrey at Verosa JW (Marshall & Tankard 20mth fawn nice make and shape , not quite the head and expression of 1, but overall a nicely put together bitch, dark eyes, muscular neck, firm top line, straight front, moved out well

Post Graduate Bitch 5:3

1st Marchmanord Dark Side Ai (Garrats) brindle preferred her head and expression

 to 2 although, just a tad long in muzzle, dark eyes, strong neck straight front, broad muscular chest, pity she moved with her tail down but she was the best mover in the class.

2nd Nanahboozoo No April Fool (Wemyss) red strong nicely made bitch, dark eyes correct set ears strong muscular neck straight front broad chest, well bodied.

3rd Doja Cat (Harris)

Limit Bitch 7:4

1st Optimus Gotcha Go (Mr P J & Mrs D Myers)

Beautiful fawn bitch shown in tip top condition. nicely developed clean head of correct proportions, with the most beautiful exquisite dark eyes, defined stop, nicely padded muzzle, strong muscular neck onto correct lay of shoulder, straight front assembly, onto the tightest of feet, well off for bone, strong muscular fore chest with good width and depth, firm top line, strong hindquarters, in great condition and muscle tone, stunning in profile she moved effortlessly around the ring winning her the BCC Best opposite Sex.

2nd Jadanelle Jessie Moon ( Fascoine) Another beautiful bitch, so well put together, looked lovely in profile, correct skull to muzzle ratios, lovely expression dark eyes, good dentition, correct ear placement, ,straight front onto correct shoulders, well off for bone , strong top line good body coverage and muscle tone, moved out well

3rd Ardhub Devil May Care

Open Bitch 5: 2

1st Ch Paris De L'arche Des Loups Anges avec Optimus (Imp Fra) ( Myers)

What a beautiful bitch she has a typical bullmastiff head of great quality with no exaggeration, the most inquisitive dark correct shaped eyes, excellent width of skull to muzzle, evident chin, good dentition, great pigmentation, correctly set ears, strong muscular neck onto straight front assembly and correct muscular shoulders, strong firm back, well developed muscular quarters which she used to her advantage on the move , looked stunning in profile, such a well made bitch, she moved effortlessly around the ring, A close call for the rbcc.

2nd Joybull Miss Dynamite (Roberts) fawn beautiful bitch in profile and on the move, lovely correct head proportions, great pigmentation, dark correct expressive eyes, strong straight front assembly, well off for bone, well toned in body with nothing overdone.

3rd Priambulls Dreams of Magic with Marchmanor ( Garratt)

Special Open Brindle Bitch 4:1

1st Ch Yakee Blue Topaz of Copperfield (Warren’s) Best Brindle in Show

 4 year brindle beautiful bitch of make and shape in great muscular condition, lovely correct head shape of correct proportions when viewed from all angles, dark eyes, , strong muscular neck set on strong muscular straight front assembly with excellent depth and width of chest, strong firm back , which she held on the move a very impressive bitch of breed type.