• Show Date: 06/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Marina Scott Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Border Collie




This was my third time awarding CCs in the breed but 5 years since last judged them due to a Covid delay and the entry was the highest in quality, particularly in the bitches. Even though there were only a handful of puppies entered, each were full of breed type and quality - in early stages of development of course but all have virtues and should go on to be top winners.

I was looking for dogs who had ground covering movement with both front reach and rear drive with no excessive kick back, the breed has a very specific gait with minimum lift of feet, with low head and tail carriage to complete the picture. I forgave dogs who felt it was necessary to lift the tails for balance on the bottom corner of the ring, as it was steep, on a slope and at an angle therefore it was almost impossible for any well-made dog to keep their stealthy gait going the whole way round. I also wanted the dogs to sufficiently lift their ears without handlers help. Many were over angulated in rear which did not match their front assembly. Toplines were generally good, strong and level in the stand and on the move. Presentation and handling was very good too. I must commend the exhibitors on the standard of presentation, because after judging, my hands were completely clean. It was very nice to see some dogs other than black and white entered. I was spoilt for choice in bitches and I could've awarded the CC to any that stood in the challenge.

My two excellent stewards, Margaret Garland and Celia Vines, kept my ring flowing smoothly - thank you!

SBD (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: DOMOTORI, Miss Anita Lucky For You Wesley (IMP HUN) JW.Very similar dogs, quite liked both. Nice presentation, with good head and using his ears, compact shape, strong firm back, good depth of chest, well let down hocks and good bend of stifle, balanced but not quite the reach and drive for further honours. Held tail low on the move in all directions.

2nd: WHITING, Ms Diane Falconmoor Wise Guy CDex P Beg.Ex. Smaller mould but enough bone. Well presented and groomed nicely all over, good ribbing, front angles fairly good, ears a little low. Moved confidently but with tail a little too high.

PD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: LEE, Mrs Susannah & GREEN, Mr R K Fayken I Am Soul. Absolutely gorgeous compact dog, with much quality and of good size, shape and substance, very good forehand assembly, good length of back being slightly longer than height, eyes dark but a touch round and moves freely on a loose lead moving very accurately in all directions for one so young.

2nd: RITCHIE, Mr John & RITCHIE, Mrs Lorraine Huntly By Design In Dykebar Imp Eire. Beautifully presented male with a dark face and sympathetically handled, just a little erratic on the move, super type and clearly lovely puppy, he has the most beautiful rear assembly with the longest of tails, just needs to keep it under control but a puppy full of life and energy and I'm sure will grow on to be a corker.

JD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 197 GREEN, Miss Collette Nicole & PATERSON, Mr Jamie Arrodare Family Tradition JW. Very well turned out in superb condition, of a smaller mould but a very athletic balanced shape. The most accurate going away and coming towards and liked him for his minimal lift of feet in the side profile. Perhaps could have a fraction more on the leg.

2nd: 230 LEWIS, Mrs Melanie Jane & LEWIS, Mr Iain Shemella Moon River. Very good side profile movement showing super reach and drive holding his tail low and lowering his head, not in the best of coats and ears a little heavy and low set for me.

3rd: 212 HEGGIE, Mrs J Locheil A Good Heart

Class 91 YD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 191 DALBY, Mrs Christina & DALBY, Mr Lawrence Hidden Bo Fedele Amico for Axernamoon (Imp Rus) JW. I was told by the owner that he had just been spooked by a Working breed before the class so was rather unsettled and erratic on the move. He's well up to size, with straight forelimbs but elbows could be tighter, very nice head, high set ears and very alert, very good rear action going away from me, presented in excellent jacket and finish.

Class 92 PGD (4 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: DOMOTORI, Miss Anita Lucky For You Wesley (IMP HUN) JW. 1st in Special beginners.

2nd: TAYLOR, Miss Ann-Marie Darian End Game. Not using his ears as they were a little low set, good for overall size, masculine and with moderate bone, he lacks in rear drive, very good coat which gave a smooth outline. His tail is a set higher than ideal therefore when he moves, he holds it rather high spoiling his outline in side profile.

LD (5 Entries) Abs: 1. Compromises to be made in this class especially between 1 and 2.

1st: RETTIE, Miss Katrina & MORLEY, Mrs Sue Chikaramor Cast A Spell of Glenfound. Very well presented tenacious tri dog who is masculine without coarseness, in hard muscular condition, coat of good texture and presenting an athletic outline, of a compact shape, ears could be set higher on the head, the more he moved the better he got, would love to see him in a larger ring to see him really settle because he moves at one speed and that's top speed!

2nd: JOHNSON, Mrs Carole & JOHNSON, Mr Mark Tidespring Storm Breaker, I've loved this boy from ringside because he has the most wonderful reach and drive, holding a firm topline and lowers his head and tail correctly, he just lacked the presentation finish of 1 and wasn't using his ears so gave me no expression.

3rd: CHANCE, Mrs Jan & CHANCE, Mr Graham Goytre Chance to Reflect

OD (7 Entries) Abs: 1. The best male class of the day by a mile.

1st: AKESTER, Mr Adam & AKESTER, Mrs Elizabeth & WILTSHIRE Sh Ch Thwaitlake Buzzman. He topped this class with his effortless stride and had the most delightful alert and expressive head, correct bite, strong underjaw, presented in tip top condition, well-muscled up, super compact feet that are well padded, good length of neck, one of the best front assemblies of the day, well ribbed, strong loin, well bent stifles, good turn of hock, slightly sloping croup, long low set tail, I could watch him move around the ring all day as it's far-reaching, with excellent footfall in all directions and with minimum lift of feet, his sympathetic handler gets every inch out of him with ease and he's presented in excellent jacket and finish. Fully deserves his title and alot more winning to come I'm sure from this excellent exhibit.

2nd: LEE, Miss B & RATCLIFFE, Miss J Arrodare True Legend. Very nice masculine headed boy who I believe was recently made up, he's beautifully put together, moves with purpose, always alert and responsive and giving his all for his young handler, ideally I'd love him to be a shade longer in the leg to complete the picture but always a contender. RCC.

3rd: GREEN, Mr R K & RATCLIFFE, Miss J Fayken I Am Legacy

VD (8 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: SPENCER, Mrs A R Tobermoray All About Banksy SBCHT JW. I judged this blue boy as a junior and really liked him for his size, substance and athletic profile, hard to believe he's a veteran now and is on his toes and in tune with his handler, he moved very confidently round the ring in all directions lowering his head and keeping his tail low, I like his slightly sloping pasterns, compact well-padded feet, good length to neck and is well ribbed.

2nd: AMBLER, Mrs K & AMBLER, Mr K T Caleykiz Born to Boogie Sh.CM JW, another presented in full jacket with an athletic outline, appealing head, with well tipped ears, he has a good front assembly with a well laid back shoulder, firm back, well ribbed, sloping croup with low set tail, he tends to carry his tail higher than ideal which spoils the outline on the move.

3rd: GREGORY, Mrs Judith Kathryn Locheil Raise Your Glass to Tonkory

SBB (4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: SPURR, Ms J C Dreamwork Collat'ral Beauty, workmanlike appearance with the best of necks, strong toplines and balanced outline, topped with a feminine head, high set ears that are well tipped, good length of muzzle medium stop and giving an intelligent and keen expression, she moves in all directions holding her shape and keeping her tail low. Best Special Beginner.

2nd: LEA, Miss Sarah Calareto All My Loving JW. Totally different type to 1 but has a lot of quality with good substance, well ribbed, sloping croup, slightly sloping pasterns and short hocks, she's handled to perfection, just dropped her coat and would like more neck and ears set higher to complete the picture.

3rd: BARTON, Mrs Sophia Taranza Enchanted eclipse (AZ1)

MPB (2 Entries)

1st: ALLISON, Miss W Wenmap Topkapi Gem. A well developed head and foreface on this one already with high set tipped ears, oval shaped eyes giving an inquisitive but alert expression, she has a well put together forehand and matching rear assembly strong topline already which holds level on the move, with a far-reaching stride and power from behind. Her tail is set low and carried low, think may judges may find her black front limb distracting but I think she's full of early promise.

2nd: HARTFIELD, Mrs Patricia Crantzfold Hera at Moshanta. A perfectly schooled puppy of clean lines with an exceptionally good sloping croup into low set tail which was long and held low, she has plenty of neck which she lowers on the move, she has substance but without being overdone, presented in very good close fitting puppy coat, I just preferred the head on 1.

PB (3 Entries)

1st: RITCHIE, Mr John & RITCHIE, Mrs Lorraine Huntly Dark Secret In Dykebar Imp Eire. A puppy that captured my heart on the day. It's no secret that I love the darker marked dogs and she not only fits that criteria but she has bags of personality as a show dog but you can also imagine her switching into a field full of sheep at any given moment. She's constantly alert and moving her perfectly high set ears, adjusting them to each sound watching the world with deep brown oval shaped eyes giving an intelligent and bright expression, foreface slightly tapering and with a medium stop, neck just smoothly leads into a well-placed shoulder and correct return of upper arm, her rear is perfectly angulated to compliment her front and she just glides in such an easy stride keeping her tail low. Wish she were mine! BP.

2nd: GREEN, Mr R K & RATCLIFFE, Miss J Fayken I Am Desire. Another corker of a puppy bitch who was schooled to perfection, she stood so perfectly foresquare in a free-stand, she will always be hard to ignore for her presence, balanced body, size, everything just screams moderate, she tilts her head to watch her handler and has the most beautiful high set tipped ears that frame her balanced head, moves so accurately in all directions for one so young with reach and drive and keeping that long low set tail low.

3rd: HARTFIELD, Mrs Patricia Crantzfold Hera At Moshanta

Class 99 JB (6 Entries)

1st: WILTSHIRE, Miss Donna & WILTSHIRE, Mrs Carol Caleykiz Passion For Power. A pretty girl with minimal white. She's well named as she simply powers round the ring with a long stride, excellent footfall, covering the ground so well with the breed typical stealthy gait, no excessive lift of feet, her head is beautiful with well tipped ears, dark eyes, tapering muzzle, very keen in expression.

2nd: AUSTIN, Ms S & ZOLAKOVA, Miss K Hysteps My Irish Colleen JW. Close up to 1 and perfectly handled and presented, she will always catch a judges eye, she's more compact, has moderate bone, pretty head, using her ears, just couldn't match the reach and drive of 1.

3rd: GREGORY, Mrs Judith Kathryn Tidespring Hopes and Dreams via Tonkory

Class 100 YB (7 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: GREGORY, Mrs Judith Kathryn Tidespring Hopes and Dreams via Tonkory. 3rd in previous class behind two lovely girls. She was much more settled in this class and moved with excellent reach and stride, I lover her classic head, well placed oval eyes that were dark and giving an alert expression, tipped ears framing the face and a strong but tapering foreface, she is of good substance, has good ribbing and depth of chest, well-let down hocks and slightly sloping croup with a long low set tail.

2nd: MILHAM, Mrs Kathryn Elystari This Must Be Love. Another very good bitch who I have judged recently at an open show, showing her socks off to catch my eye again and deserved her place in this good class, she's a little longer than I'd like and is a little upright in shoulder but she holds a good topline on the move and is accurate out and back, holds her tail low correctly when moving.

3rd: LEA, Miss Sarah Calareto All My Loving JW

PGB (7 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: TUNNICLIFF, Mr R E & TUNNICLIFF, Mrs A Thwaitlake Diamond Splash At Littlethorn. A moderate bitch, nothing exaggerated, athletic in appearance and extremely well made underneath her well-presented double coat, the more I moved her, the better she went with an easy long smooth stride, powering from behind, and keeping her long well furnished tail low. One to keep an eye on for the future!

2nd: SPENCER, Mrs A R Tobermoray Driving Ms Daisy. Won her place here for her excellent head piece which had the correct length of foreface, medium stop, good back skull and using her ears, she has straight forelimbs with oval shaped feet that were well padded, in thick dense coat that perhaps could have even more attention to give a more smooth look in profile, she moved with reach and drive and was tidy out and back.


LB (12 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: FARRIS, Mrs Sheila Tobermory Heaven Sent for Flintrix. A new one to me and I was totally smitten with her. After I judged the class, I couldn't stop thinking about her! She is of a larger mould and has the length of leg I was looking for, in profile she has the required athletic appearance, is well muscled up and moves so smoothly and accurately in all directions with minimum lift of feet, perfect footfall and no excessive kick back, her head is gorgeous with broad skull, medium stop, tapering muzzle, strong underjaw, clean neck which was long and was set on into laid back shoulders with correct and long upper arm, elbows tight, good width of front, straight forelimbs, well ribbed with strong loin, well let down hocks, medium bend of stifle, slightly sloping croup smoothly leading into a low tail set, tail reached to the hock and was carried in a beautiful low position on the move, she was a dream to watch, presented in excellent jacket and handled sympathetically. I'm sure she will make up into a Champion but today she had to settle for the RCC in a top quality bitch challenge where I could've gone to any class for the green cards.

2nd: LEE, Miss B & RATCLIFFE, Miss J Arrodare Rebel With A Cause JW, very appealing for make and shape and really took my eye on the initial go round at the start of the class for her smooth and tireless ground covering movement, very athletic in body, carrying the correct amount of weight over the ribs, firm topline, strong rear quarters, pretty head, she will always be in the cards.

3rd: GREENING, Mr Mark & GREENING, Mrs Ann Kanamaren Take These Pearls

OB (10 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: GREEN, Mr R K & RATCLIFFE, Miss J Sh Ch Fayken I Am Love JW, a big winner who I've watched with interest for many years and competed alongside her, she's so feminine but with the strength and power of a true working dog who could simply drive around the ring around and around, not ever breaking her long reaching stride or lifting her tail because she's made so correct, in fact, I think she was the only Border all day that did not lift her tail or skip at any point due to the undulating ring, you could put a piece of paper underneath each foot as she moves around because that's how little she lifts her feet off the ground, perfect footfall and the best rear movement of the day, tracking up true and converging as she goes faster, her head is delightful, perfectly placed tipped ears sitting high on a broad skull, medium stop balancing the head to foreface with a strong underjaw, clean neck which is long and set on to the best of shoulders and return of upper arm, ample forechest, excellent ribbing, strong quarters and a long, low set tail, she simply can't stand wrong and I could not deny her the CC, which I'm told is her 49th. I feel a bit emotional even writing this, in a good way, I'm glad I have judged her and can understand why so many have rewarded this outstanding bitch in the past. Well done.

2nd: KINTON, Mr D & KINTON, Mrs K.A. It Kinaway Dreams With Fire (ai) JW. A larger mould but with excellent front and rear assembly, strong topline, good depth of chest, strong loin, sloping croup into a low set tail, a stronger head with deep brown eyes, good pigmentation, straight forelimbs, powered round the ring accurately and effortlessly in all directions to take 2nd in this very good class.

3rd: AKESTER, Mr Adam & AKESTER, Mrs Elizabeth & WILTSHIRE Thwaitlake Everything I Am

Class 104 VB (4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: SMITH, Mr Nick & GREEN, Mr R Fayken Striptease JW. I've watched this gorgeous blue pricked ear girl for some time and hoped to judge her one day, she was in sparkling form and has the most balanced outline and completely in tune with her handler, her movement is breath-taking, totally effortless with no excessive lift of feet, covering the ground with a long stride lowering her head and keeping her tail low, she thoroughly deserved best veteran as she was in glorious coat but still retained an athletic outline. She was in my final 3 for the CC. Loved her!

2nd: GREGORY, Mrs Judith Kathryn Tonkory Putting on the Style. Extremely attractive head on this ultra feminine and appealing black and white who defies her ages, standing strong on oval and compact feet and presented in a well presented double coat with a smooth appearance over the back and croup, low set tail which reached the hock, medium bend of stifle, just not quite the reach and drive of 1.

3rd: LEWIS, Mrs Melanie Jane & LEWIS, Mr Iain Shemella Moonlight