• Show Date: 27/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Marcia Dillon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Whippet

West of England Ladies Kennel Club 2023. Whippet Critique Judge Marcia Dillon ( Runforest)

I was delighted to be invited to judge both sexes of whippets at Welks and thrilled with the entry especially given it was a Thursdays. It’s an expensive hobby and I appreciated every entry, whippets are my passion and I found no problem in finding what I was looking for. I had hoped for a dry sunny day as nothing is better than seeing whippets move outdoors, however it’s certainly wasn’t whippet or human weather. We definitely had the next best thing a big ring with a bright green carpet which the dogs seemed to enjoy. We have all heard judges say if only I had more green and white cards... but in this instance it’s true especially with the bitches, some of the classes were full of beautiful examples of the breed. I feel I have to mention my junior bitch class for the amount of young quality bitches that I feel although today may have gone unplaced I would not be surprised if many go on to pick up top honours another show. The only way I could get through this class was process of elimination. I always judge on the day and what I see in front of me not what I may have seen another time ringside. I was looking for a dog with breed type, meeting my interpretation of the breed standard but also gave me that bit extra, my winners should always make me smile. Over all I was really happy with the quality I had today and believe me I really do wish I had more big cards. My only observation of the day is some dogs could have more success if they don’t get moved as if they were walking down the street.  

Thank you to Caroline and her committee for looking after me for the day and my very competent stewards.

BOB went on to take G4 , BPIB PG1 huge well done.

VD 9-1 

1- H&H Waymen Creme Anglasises One More Knight at Scarletfair

Fawn heavy white trim, such an eye catching attractive boy. Won this class with ease, I loved his size and proportions throughout, not big or exaggerated in any way but still all male. His correct top line and deep curvy underline I admired. Soft expression with a lovely neck into good shoulder placement. He moved true and correctly in all directions. A very smart veteran not showing his years.

2- Tigsisle Make Some Noise

Light fawn dog also good for size but slighter made throughout than 1. Again curvy lines creating a nice outline. Flat bone and good spring of pasterns. Had a nice strong rear when moving and stacked.

Very soft expression correct head and fine small ears. 

3- Ch Triken Never Stop Dreaming

Have to mention this champion dog and thank the owners for bringing him today. He’s is great shape at almost 11 and I remember him well. I love the oldies he made me smile as he moved out well around the ring.

MPD 6-0

1- L Yacoby Wright Cobyco Catch Your Eye

This young dog caught my eye indeed as soon as he entered the ring I knew he would take some beating.

Pale fawn, black mask he is mature for his age in some ways but still had that puppy dog look and a puppy bounce in his movement. I’ve gone through my notes and looked at my pictures and he’s very hard to fault.

His outline is exactly what I’d want at this age, great return of upper arm , rear assembly strong. Good width of thigh giving an excellent overall balance. Correct top and deep sweeping underline. Correct tail set. Moved fantastic with reach and drive. No doubt he is a future star if he retains all his breed type qualities he has now. Yes I’d take him home and yes I did consider him for top honours. BPIB with ease. Well done little man. 

2- H.Russell Longmire Atlantic Starman

7 month very striking red brindle white trim of a different type to 1 but another quality pup.

 Not as settled as 1 but still moved very well for one so young with good front extension.

He has a lovely front on assembly with good spring of pasterns. In time when he drops a little into his frame he could be one to watch. 

3- Waddle Morris Mycroft Mitchell Springfern Wild Thing at Crosscop

PD 4-0

1- D Webber Lolani Ride a Wild Trail 

11 month lightly brindled boy. Spot on for size which scores high for me. I’ve seen this dog many times and I have to judge on the day. He won this class with ease and he gave enough for to be rewarded. I’ve seen him look so much better though. He’s got wonderful curves for his age it’s all there to admire, his movement is correct and he’s very sound, I feel he could have a fantastic future but needs to up his game and show of the beautiful qualities he has. He’s elegant and balanced throughout, long neck into shoulders. Strong hocks correct tail set.

2- J Severn Boland Baloo

Fawn heavy white trim also lovely for size. Sweet whippet boy head correct eye and ear shape. 

Strong under jaw . Slightly shorter that 1, but kept his shape well on the move showing his correct top,Lots of maturing to do 

 But lots to like at this age

3- T Sharp Barnesmore Spanish Inquisition 

JD- 8-0

1- A Brew Boxing Helenas Victor Ena

Black brindle up to size that was one of my surprises of the day. I really liked going over him. He’s in super condition with good strong flat muscle. He flowed under hand and did not disappoint when moving. He’s elegant and foot perfect. Super deep chest for one so young , correct bone great return of upper arm and over all nice front assembly. He needs time but I’m sure his day will come.

2- Waddle Morris Mycroft Mitchell Crosscop if I can Dream

Completely different to 1 but still a quality male throughout, fawn white trim and extremely handsome male.

His young handler did a first class job is showing of his virtues. Still of puppy age and not as mature in some ways as 1 but lots of time yet to mature. He’s of a lovely type with a typical head. Covered the ground well.  

3- J.Barkas Citycroft Line of Duty

YD 5-1

1- R.Wheeler Ch Ranveli Diki Diki

Brindle white trim perfect for size stylish male. To go over on the table this young dog was outstanding. He already has his title and I’m not surprised. Elegant with the correct substance I was looking for .

Beautiful head strong muzzle correct ears , from then on he flowed throughout. I loved his shape and outline all meeting the standards. Good feet and bladed bone nice pasterns. Nothing over done in anyway and great for size. Curvy outline standing and moving retains his shape well. A quality male with a great future I’m sure. RCC

2- I.R. Deans Jothryn Funky Crime at Mountdown

Very attractive male unfortunate to meet 1 today. Not as mature as winner but it’s all there. Over all great shape pleasing top line good depth of chest. His shape was held well on the move. Not the substance of 1 but still young.

3- C.Price Kierpark Moonlight Shadow Among Silkdance

ND- 6-0

1- S Bowers Cobyco Catch a Glance at Saraquele

6 month fawn puppy. Although the youngest in this class and raw his virtues won him this nice class.

On the first go around I noticed his long low stride, as he get more settled and matureI’d like the owner to have more confidence in his good movement. Brother to my MPD winner and although made on a slighter frame he also displays many typical breed qualities and is more typical of a young mpd. Pleasing head strong under jaw.

2- A.Birch Bethwill Time for Change 

Dilute Fawn more mature than 1. Nice long neck into well laid back shoulders. Good spring of pasterns, balanced dog shown in good condition. 

Handled well.

3- Lolani Ride a Wild Trial (1st PD) 

GD- 7-0

1- S.Courtney Courtbirth Start a Fire

2- C.Allansson Zoraden Macchiato JW

This was the closest 1st and 2nd I had all day. Both quality boys but very different in type.

1- pale fawn white trim, stronger than 2 throughout. He moved well in all directions with purpose. He took 1 today as he covered a bit more ground. Both good masculine heads, attractive dark eye, correct ears.

Both had desired return of upper arms , well constructed fronts, correct top and nice curvy underline.

Tail sets and carriage on the move were correct holding their shape well.

2- darker red fawn white trim, super for size . Made on a smaller frame than 1 not as strong throughout but still masculine. Handled to perfection. 

These 2 dogs are both promising and as they mature I feel they both have great futures. 

3- Z.Perkins Zeglynn Hello You

PGD -6-0

1- Morris Crosscop My Boy

Brindle boy that I feel needs to be gone over, nothing over done or flashy but very correct throughout. Handled super to win this class. Moved the best in class he’s strong but retains elagance. Nice width when moving towards.

2- Z.Perkins Southgrove Keep it Moving at Zeglynn

Smaller in every way than 1 but still all male. Red fawn black mask good long strong neck into nice shoulder placement. Correct return of upper arm, pleasing top line good tail set and carriage. Scores high for size for me. 

3- B.Trouton Runnel Run for Fun

MLD- 6-1

1- E.Byron Jasarat Gucci

Fawn and white good sized dog I admired pre covid as a pup. A quality slighter made type. Correct top line I’d desire a deeper chest but still has enough infill.

  Beautiful Head very kind expressive whippet eyes, good ears. Moderate all through and displayed sound true movement. I just want a bit more exuberance to challenge for top honours.

2- L.Winston Lolani Moonshine over Monelli

Fawn and white smaller than 1 but meeting the breed standard for height which is rare.

Sweet boy I’ve judged before, as then he moves well in all directions. Made on a more compact frame with a lovely long neck into good smooth shoulders. These 2 could change places on another day depending on their environment and enthusiasm.

3- D.Webber Denimblue Willdo JW

LD- 11-3

1- Z Brodie E.Owen Wolfcastle Livin the Dream 

Lightly fawn brindle in his prime. Handled and presented well. Reaching full maturity his masculine head was pleasing. Beautiful dark eyes a very handsome male. Moderate with substance . Pleasing topline. Moved very well with ease.

2- H.Russell Arjuna Winter Star

Red brindle boy white trim with a curvy outline. He so attractive and all male. Could swap with 1 easily on another day. He has a quality about him , beautiful skin and coat. Long neck with a slight arch, moderate and balanced. Well sprung ribs. Eye catching on the move.

3- S.Courtney Collooney Playing away at Courtbirch

OD - 4-0

1- S.Gibbons Osterfen Janus

Fawn and white 4 year old. A dog I’m familiar with and have watched since a puppy.

Now in his prime and mature he’s ready to challenge the best. Shown in good condition with great muscle tone and coverage. He’s extremely difficult to fault against the breed standard and I feel he’s a dog you have to get on the table to appreciate fully. Moderate throughout and balanced. Stunning correct head with the softest expression. Strong jaw , fine ears. Beautiful tight coat.

I can honestly say I’ve not seen him show so well , his foot perfect movement won him his 2nd CC today. He really did go for it.

So tight at the elbow moving towards me with his head held high he looked the best I’ve seen him , he obviously enjoy the bright green carpet and looked stunning on it. Handled well a smart display of dog and handler united. CC

2- C.Rishworth Collooney the Big Tease

This brindle boy is still very young and I feel there’s more to come. He caught my eye when he came into the ring his easy low movement is where I feel he scores highly. Quality throughout and extremely handsome head. Nice clean front good body proportions. Stronger all through than 1 but still retaining elegance. Considered for RCC 

3- A Allen D Yates Ch Lolani Cafe Amore

VB- 8-1

1- A.Bray Cyangrange Giocomo Delfino JW

Red fawn of ten years but not showing this one bit. I don’t hide the fact I absolutely love this girl, I’ll never quite understand why she doesn’t have her title imo. I admire her condition she’s 10 and could move all day with enthusiasm, great reach and drive. A delight to have the opportunity to go over her again. Super size, attractive bitch. Still displaying a correct top line and good deep chest. Super infill. Excellent rear good with first thigh. Just sublime. BVIB ( unfortunately couldn’t stay for group)

2- E.Woodwood Palmik Kandalama Dusk till Dawn JW sHCE VW

Another favourite of mine from this excellent kennel. Unfortunate to meet 1 today as I really do love her.

Brindle parti made on a longer frame that moves so well in all directions. Elegant throughout, beautiful  

classic head with a long neck into good shoulders. Has a great outline for a veteran and I loved her presence in the ring. A credit to her breeders and owner.

3- S. Courtney Spyanfly Saucey Socks at Courtbirch 

MPB - 9-3

1- W.Croxford Aarminias French Fancy at Whittimere BPB

In my notes I wrote - coat like glass ,shape wow! Great curves this pup has for one so young. Curvys in all the right places inc a good spring of rib. Covers a lot of ground naturally. Black white trim , beautiful head and a cheeky expression. Quality throughout, good bone and hard condition. Nice size ,plenty of depth and good tuck up. Enthusiastic on the move at times. I’m sure she’s got a bright future.

2- H.Russell Longmire Blue for Ewe

Brindle girl very raw but has a good shape to build on. Very feminine and shapely showing a correct topline for one so young standing and moving. Very much a baby but show promise.

3- S.Middleton Stormida Squirrels For Tea

PB - 6-0

1- K.Ellis Railfield Ramblinrain

Ultra feminine brindle girl won this class on her shape, good top line, and balanced all through.

She may be petite but she excless in profile movement holding her good shape well. Well handled.

2- G.Maxwell Maccas Fire Will Reign

Red fawn made on a bigger frame than 1, attractive head lovely alert expression. Not over done anywhere and like 1 just need time to mature but lots of breed standard boxes ticked. Moved well. 

3- G.Rodgers Wentvalley Divine Diva

JB - 18- 4

1- K&M Fryer Crosscop Tickled Pink at Stonefox

Splitting hairs 1-2& 3 could all change on another day. This little lady won this class on the last go around with her enthusiasm to own the ring. Shorter made than 2&3 but covers ground well. Top draw head with fine ears super but cheeky expression. No exaggerations here, good body proportions good clean front balanced throughout. Overall excellent breed type shown in tip top condition and handled to perfection 

2- Y.Hull M.Howgate Palmik Truth About Love JW

Made on a different frame to 1 but I loved her also. The quality I would expect from this successful kennel. Light fawn correct size true moving bitch. Good shoulder placement lovely clean lines. Covers the ground standing and moving. Another super whippet handler that I’m sure has a bright show career.

Could take 1 & 2 home .

3- L.Uggeri Bohosoul Storming Through 

YB- 16- 3

1- R.Wheeler Ranvelli Glowtini

Brindle Shapley bitch of the highest quality. I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on her and she didn’t disappoint. She just draws me in with her feminine curves. One of the best outlines of the day. 

Good return of upper arm pleasing pasterns moved with confidence and style in all directions. 

I feel the best is yet to come from this young lady. RCC in excellent company

2. S.Gillespie Penbriar Beewitched

Unlucky to meet 1 today this black bitch was so sound in all directions. Again feminine and a lovely size. 

I particularly loved her curves super s shaped underline. Correct bladed bone on pretty white nice feet.

Screaming whippet breed type I really liked her. 

3- D. Falconer Kuriwao Serrafina Star

NB - 19- 9

1- D.Lipscombe Selinko Cherise

Fawn white trim quality girl handled to get the best out of her. Slightly shorter than 2 but perfectly balanced.

No exaggerations , enough depth pleasing shape. Won class for soundness

2- T.Sharp I Just Can’t Help Believin

Black brindle parti up to size but not yet at full maturity. Lots to like she kept drawing me in. Needs to drop into frame and I feel she could mature nicely. Sound mover

3- G.Maxwell Maccus Fire Will Reign

GB 12- 3 

1- Abbyhurst Dancing Queen 

She showed her best in this class giving her the place she deserved. Handled well to show off her virtues. 

Lovely depth of chest good condition throughout. Correct rear angled quarters good wide rear thigh.

A stronger looking bitch but still elegant and feminine. Good mover and very sound in all directions.

2- T.Sharp I Just Can’t Help Believin

2nd in NB

3- T.Collins Crosscop Just a Notion at Tecstravan 

PGB 13-3 

1- J Service L. Morris Crosscop Proud Mary

Super size Fawn and White parti. Ticks so many boxes for me and could live on my sofa very easily.

Attractive head dark expressive eyes correct fine ears. Excellent spring of pasterns and balanced front and rear. . Shorter than 2 but displayed correct topline standing and moving. This bitch just gets to my heart for type and size. I’m a fan and I hope she has her day, a tiny bit off her waistline may help. She was unfortunate to be in great company today but highly considered for top honours.

2- E. Blake Silkridge in a moment at mazargo 

Blue Brindle bitch made on a different frame to 1 , not flashy in any way but a good honest girl who I feel needs. To be gone over to appreciate. Again nice sized feminine all through. Lovely length of neck nice clean laid back shoulders. Good spring of ribs. I’ve wrote in big letters nice feet so they must be good!

Pleasing to look at front on I appreciated her good in fill. Handled beautifully moved with enthusiasm.

3- B. Trouton Runnel Run for Fun

MLB 9-0

1- Hull & Howgate Palmik Chasing Rainbows JW

Light fawn slightly smaller in height than 2 and covered more ground standing and moving. Handled to perfection and I’m sure this quality bitch will gain her title in time. This well known kennel produces imo some lovely whippets and this winner of this class is another example. Good whippet type head , good under jaw. 

Shown in great condition gave an appearance of a dog that is fit for purpose. Lots to like about this girl.

2- G Maxwell Rosa Gallica Daphne JW

Red Fawn beautiful dark eye and mask, correct ears sitting on a very typey head. Long neck into shoulders. 

Over all a very pleasing shape. Good tuck up. Moved true coming and going. I’ve seen her show better than today sadly.

3- L. Grisoli Stonefox gotta have faith at Loroli

LB- 12-5

1- Morris Waddell Mycroft Crosscop Candle in the wind to Supeta

Light fawn white trim almost 3 I have judged this bitch before and awarded her RCC from junior.

I was intrigued to see if I’d appreciate her as much as I did then knowing she will have matured. She didn’t disappoint, ultra feminine and pretty as can be she didn’t put a foot wrong. Ticks so many boxes I couldn’t find anything offensive or anything I’d want to change on her today. Perfect outline and balanced front and rear. Looking head on she has correct infill bladed bone good feet. Side on beautiful long neck set back as should be. Good angulation all through but not over done in any way. Alert and on her game moved around the ring with ease. Sound and true in all directions. Well done BCC BOB HG4

2- J Wood Crosscop she’s a lady at Ardencote

Fawn white trim another typey girl with an attractive whippety head, nice fine ears. Slightly more moderate than 1all over. Flowed well underhand, correct spring of rib made of good proportions. Correct tail carriage when moving. Held her correct topline to. Another quality girl who I can see achieving great things. 

3- L. Uggeri Esdras Sirenuse at Bohosoul

OB- 7-1

1- P. Oliver Ch Spyanfly she’s a swinger

Won this class with ease she’s all champion and I’m so pleased I’ve had the chance to go over her.

Blue brindle tiny bits of white trim, stronger than my other bitch winners and of a different type. 

Scores high for shape and flowing lines, super depth of chest nothing flat or sharp just flows beautifully.

Good pasterns and nice strong muscular rear. Holds her topline in profile. Sound just seen her move better than when in the challenge, it was a hard decision on a different day could have had another CC to add to her roll of honour. 

2- L. Yacoby Cobyco Cover Girl

Fawn White trim another beauty from this kennel. Nothing exaggerated here and very much my thing. 

Attractive head sweet expression, I particularly loved her topline and gentle rise over her loin.

Moved out well with a good strong rear to drive her around the ring. Correct width front and back standing four square at all times. 

3- C.Brown Ardencote Sweet Destiny for Bluestreak