• Show Date: 21/01/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lynn Morris Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Irish Setter

Manchester Championship Show Report Irish Setters 21 January 2023

My sincere thanks to the Committee for their invitation to judge at the 2023 Show following the initial invitation for 2021 which was cancelled due to Covid. I am very grateful to all the exhibitors for a super entry and for turning out in such freezing weather. It was a privilege to judge so many super dogs and I thoroughly enjoyed my day. It is encouraging for the future of the breed to see the number of promising puppies and youngsters now coming through. Competition was very strong in most classes making for close decisions and not enough places for dogs and bitches which I liked very much.

I was looking for typical racy, well-balanced and well-constructed dogs with flowing top-lines and was happy to find all these qualities in abundance. Generally I found the level of presentation to be high and condition of dogs to be very good. However some were not sufficiently well-muscled, lacked the angulation in quarters or their croups were too steep to provide the power and levers essential for a smooth driving action on the move. As a whole, heads were most pleasing but I did see a number which were rather short and wide in skull or lacked the stop vital for the refinement and quality of expression which define an Irish. For the most part, mouths were good but I found some which were approaching a level bite and this is a point for us all to watch. 

Thank you to all for accepting my decisions in a sporting way. It was a pleasure going over your dogs and seeing such care and affection you clearly have for them. A special note of thanks to my stewards, Sue and Shirley who did a great job to keep the ring working efficiently with a lovely atmosphere throughout a long day.


MPD (8,1)

1 Parsons, Miss J and Mrs D  Quensha Thinking Out Loud At Bransett

 Lovely 7 month old puppy, well-bodied with a flowing outline and good balance for his age. Nice quality coat with appealing texture. Refined and handsome in head with correct stop, raised brows and dark eye giving a soft expression. Strong, well-arched neck. Good fore-chest, straight front, neat feet, well-constructed quarters, wide croup and good tail set. Moved steadily and soundly for his age. A very promising baby.

2 Bridgewater, Mr W and Mrs D  Bridgella’s Jubilee Prince

 Another well-presented, promising puppy of a pleasing elegant type, soundly constructed with good substance and clean outline. Long lean head with soft expression. Straight front, good depth of chest, good angulation in front and rear quarters but preferred width across rear quarters and croup of 1 at this early stage of development. Rich, deep chestnut glossy coat. Moved very well.

3 Vermeiren, Mrs I  Fhionnan Dream Stars Vote For President

PD (12,2)

1 Milligan-Bott and Bott, Mrs D and Mr J  Thendara Big Love

Outstanding refined, elegant, dark-coated puppy with good amount of feathering, almost 12 months old. Soundly constructed with good bone, straight front, neat feet and lovely body properties. Classic head, long and lean, dark expressive eyes with raised brows. Strong, nicely arched neck set cleanly on to well-laid back shoulders, firm top-line and good croup. Good width across hindquarters with good bend of stifle. Moved true with good reach of stride and drive. BPD and BP. He later went on to win a strong Junior Stakes class and is clearly one to watch for the future.

2 Green, Miss C  Glencarron Show Must Go On

I liked this 10 month old boy very much. Giving away 2 months in maturity to 1. He has plenty of quality and refinement; well-presented with a nicely developing coat of good rich colour and texture. Long lean head with expressive eyes and low set ears. Nicely muscled elegant neck set on well-laid back shoulders, straight front, super neat tight feet. Good depth of body. Lovely clean flowing top line, flat croup, well-angulated rear quarters with correct bend of stifle. Not quite the width across the rear quarters of 1 but moved very well with drive.

3 Vermeiren, Mrs I Fhionnan  Dream Stars Vote For President 

JD (5,0)

1 Chorley and Chorley-Newton, Miss K and Mrs S  Kerryfair Just Be

Classy, handsome, racy young boy with a super flowing outline. Refined and balanced throughout with no hint of exaggeration. Beautiful long lean head, lovely chiselling with raised brows and dark expressive eyes. Nicely arched neck. Good fore-chest, well-sprung ribs with plenty of lung room, straight front, neat feet. excellent front and rear angulation with good width across hindquarters. Sound, accurate movement front and rear, holding a firm straight topline and with pleasing length of stride. Presented in hard muscular condition. A very promising boy.

2 Lucas, Mrs P and Mr P  Gwendariff ARU Ready F’This Amberlight

Another handsome stylish boy with a very good clean outline, presented in super coat condition with lovely feathering. Balanced, refined but masculine head. Elegant long neck, not quite the muscle and arch of 1. Excellent body properties. Very well angulated front and rear with excellent width across the second thigh. Good flat croup and correct tail set. Moved soundly but not as accurate in footfall as 1 today.

3 Walker, Mrs LA  Gwendariff Ucant Touch This

YD (6,0)

1 Danks-Kemish, Mrs RD  Copper’s Welcome To The Party At Alolfrana JW

A super young dark-coated boy. Similar in type to previous class winner. Refined throughout with a stylish racy outline. Lovely long lean head with raised brows, delicate chiselling and dark expressive eyes. Straight front, good depth of chest, well-ribbed back, strong in loin, excellent croup. Good angulation front and rear, moved soundly with drive holding his head high and keeping his firm topline steady.

2 Macauley, Mr and MrsK and LR  Harreds Lachlan At Stylersetts 

A very well presented, classy, dark coated boy with a lovely clean outline. Beautiful balanced head with nice chiselling, good stop and a soft expression, masculine but so refined. Very good body properties with good angulation and width across rear quarters and well-bent stifles. Not as settled on the move as 1 today.

3 Needs, Mrs A and Mr W  Covarney It Takes Time At Stourford 

GD (11,4)

1 Beresford, Miss M  Jetsetter Wind Of Dreams (Imp Rus)

An elegant, dark coated boy with a lovely balanced outline. Refined masculine head of good length, low set ears and kind soft expression. Straight front, good depth of chest and good angulation front and rear with pleasing bend of stifle, feet could be tighter, very good topline and croup with excellent tail set. Moved soundly.

2 Pike, Mr D and Mrs P  Redclyst The Celt

A racy refined boy, finer in build than 1 throughout with good style and outline. Balanced and refined in head, soft expression, would prefer more chiselling but pleasing overall. Straight front, good depth of chest, lovely tight neat feet, just enough angulation front and rear, good loin, not quite the bend of stifle as 1. Moved soundly with accurate footfall.

3 Corless, Mrs S  Swiftlark Spellbinder

PGD (9,0)

1 Webb and Danks-Kemish, Mrs R and Mrs RD  Alolfrana Azzaro Beside Redeshka (AW1)

 An elegant, dark coated boy with a super flowing topline. Refined, balanced head with lovely chiselling, raised brows, nice eye shape and soft expression. Good depth of chest, strong neck set cleanly on well-angulated shoulders. Good width across his hind quarters with well bent stifles and hocks. Presented in hard condition, moved soundly although slightly proud of his tail.

2 Stewart, Mr A  Gwendariff Absolutely Marwe’llus (IKC)

 Another stylish, quality boy with lovely dark gleaming coat and presented in excellent condition. Handsome balanced head with plenty of work. Kind, dark eye, straight front, good substance. He is well-made and balanced throughout with well angulated quarters, strong hindquarters with good wide second thigh, excellent croup and tail set. Moved soundly. Close decision but just preferred the topline of winner.

3 Hemmings, Mr and Mrs D and KM  Orlanset Mandolin

LD (14,2) A very strong class.

1 Lorrimer, Mrs JM  Kerrimere Classique JW

 This boy is a true Irish gem; he has so much quality and refinement. He is constructed beautifully with clean lines, racy but with no exaggerations and presented so well in gleaming dark coat and condition. Exquisite, long, lean head with good stop, lovely raised brows and melting expression. Excellent body properties and angulation in quarters with good width across rear quarters and good bend of stifle, excellent croup and tail set. He moved well in a perfectly controlled way, holding his top-line as moved smoothly round the ring. Pleased to award him RDCC; he could not quite match the drive and style of the CC winner on the day but he has immense appeal.

2 Hemmings, Mr and Mrs D and KM  Orlanset A New Flame

Another classy boy presented in great coat and condition. Elegant and refined throughout with an eye catching, flowing outline. He has a handsome, balanced head with low set ears and a soft expression. Very well constructed; he is clean over neck and shoulders, straight in front with good depth of chest and well-ribbed back. Strong rear quarters with good width across second thigh and nice bend of stifle. Good wide croup and tail set. Moved soundly with drive and style.

3 Milligan-Bott and Bott, Mrs D and Mr J  Thendara Tiger Dance 

OD (7,1) An fabulous top quality class

1 Stockton, Mr and Mrs K and P   Sh Ch Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW

  This boy just emanates class. He is proportionate throughout and so well balanced with no exaggerations and an imposing racy outline complemented by his rich chestnut coat with a good amount of feathering. Refined, balanced lean head with beautiful chiselling, low set ears and a soft quizzical expression. Strong moderately arched neck set cleanly on well-angulated shoulders, well-sprung ribs, strong in loin and well-muscled rear quarters with good width and bend of stifle. Excellent croup and tail-set. Movement was a pleasure to watch; he has a great length of stride fore and aft, covering the ground with ease and carrying his head high while holding his excellent top-line. Pleased to award him DCC.

2 Edwards, Mrs S  Sh Ch Gwendariff  Ucan’tmissme Bonhomie

A super quality boy in all aspects. Beautifully presented in superb condition, lovely chestnut coat colour and texture with just the right amount of feathering. His is so well made from head to tail. Classic, refined and balanced in head with lovely raised brows and a soft expression. Very good balanced outline with well angulated shoulders and hindquarters. Well-ribbed back, excellent depth of body, strong loin, excellent croup. Moved soundly and accurately with style, good tail carriage. Just preferred winner’s top-line and animation on the move today. 

3 Russell, Mrs J   Sh Ch Lynwood Hocus Pocus At Settesoli JW

VD (6,1) Super class, with these boys still looking to be in their prime and a credit to their owners.

1 Lucas, Mrs P and Mr P  Sh Ch Bardonhill Eternal Flame Among Amberlight JW

Top class boy with a super outline and great ring presence. Almost 8 years old with glossy dark coat and lovely feathering; beautifully presented in great condition. Gorgeous long lean head with fine chiselling and melting expression - so typically Irish. Lovely arch to his strong neck set cleanly on well-angulated shoulders, firm, straight topline, good width across hindquarters and well set-tail. Moved soundly with style. 

2 Rowbottom, Mr GL and Mrs D  Sh Ch Lanstara Spring Moon

Another quality balanced boy without exaggeration, presented beautifully with his rich chestnut coat and feathering completing a super picture. He is built on more compact lines than 1 and is so well constructed throughout. Handsome in head with expressive eyes under nicely raised brows and low set ears. Good front and rear angulation with nice sweep of stifle. I just preferred the topline of 1. He moved with drive and covered the ground with ease. 

3 Sharman and Jennings-Sharman, Mr J and Mrs C Kerrimere Indiscreet

SBD (5,2)

1 Corless, Mrs S  Swiftlark Spellbinder

A stylish boy (3rd in Graduate) with an eye-catching outline, plenty of bone and substance and a nicely textured dark coat with feathering. His head is balanced, a little strong but nice dark kind eyes and raised brows. Good depth of brisket, longish in loin, well-angulated front and rear with well bent stifles and hocks, and a good croup with correct tail set. Moved soundly when settled. BSB on his overall style and ring presence.

2 Walker, Mrs LA  Gwendariff Ucant Touch This

Close up to winner. A well constructed youngster, pleasing stylish outline, nice chestnut coat and well-presented. More compact in style than 1 with good body properties. Pleasant head, with nice work above the eyes, strong neck, firm top-line, good tail set. Not quite the length or bend of stifle as 1. Moved steadily.

3 Walker, Mrs LA  Gwendariff Flags Are Flyin


MPB (8,1) 

1 Nevitt, Mrs S  Joaodaws Stargazer

A delightful racy puppy, so elegant and with a pretty coat. She has a most beautiful long refined head with fine chiselling, good eye shape and soft but mischievous expression. Good length of neck set cleanly onto nicely angulated shoulders, straight front, neat feet. Good body properties, with sloping top line and good width across hindquarters. Moved steadily. A very promising baby.

2 Bentley, Mrs H  Penclippin Celtic Asthore

Another lovely baby, refined throughout. Promising dark shiny coat, straight front, neat feet, long lean head, not quite the work in head as 1 but this will change as her stop develops. Good depth of body, slightly longer cast than 1. She moved soundly for a baby and just edged another lovely elegant puppy into 3rd place on her overall balance today.

3 McDonald, Mrs D  Quensha Galway Girl

PB (14,0) A super class.

1 Humphreys, Mrs and Mr J and P  Riverbrue Ophelia Bongos

A most balanced classy baby, very feminine and refined throughout. Racy outline with a flowing top line from her well angulated shoulders to her good croup with correct tail set. Presenting a balanced picture. Good nicely textured dark coat. Most pretty and refined in head which is beautifully chiselled and balanced. Lovely raised brows, dark eyes of good shape with sweet expression. Well constructed in body straight in front with good fore-chest. Well angulated hindquarters with good sweep of stifle. She moved true with accurate footfall keeping her firm top line. BPB.

2 Leach, Mrs L  Riverbrue Ophelia Jubbly

Litter sister to winner. Quality puppy, built on more substantial lines but sharing many of the same classy features as her sister. Feminine head, balanced, long and lean feminine head with nice chiselling giving a true Irish expression. Soundly constructed with good depth of chest, well angulated front and rear, nicely filled in loin, and good croup and tail set. Not quite the length from hip to hock as winner at this stage but a lovely baby. Just edged her very promising litter sister who is not yet quite as mature in body.

3 Hall, Mrs K  Riverbrue Ophelia Love Glennara 

JB (9,3)

1 Mugford, Mr and Mrs RC and JP  Lynwood Rather Scrumptious JW

Elegant classy young lady with a lovely flowing outline and excellent body properties, presented in super glossy dark chestnut coat and in great condition. She is so well balanced with good substance but no hint of coarseness or exaggeration. She has a refined, pretty head, low set ears, nice chiselling around the eyes and a lovely soft expression. Good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm, straight in front, feet could be tighter. Strong, well-muscled rear quarters, with super bend of stifle and hocks which she used effectively to move with a true action and drive holding her topline steady.


2 Hughes, Mrs NW and Mr JK  Alolfrana Queen Of Hearts at Bryntwrw

A lovely quality feminine bitch with a pretty dark coat and a clean, balanced outline. She has a very appealing long lean head with raised brows and a lovely soft expression. A little shorter in neck than 1 with straight front, good depth of brisket. Good angulation at the shoulder, good coupling at the loin and good length from hip to hock but a little straight in stifle. Moved soundly with drive.

3 Hart, Mr and Mrs G and G  Gwendariff The Handmaid’s Tale

YB (10,4)

1 Hall, Mrs K  Glennara Cherry Cola JW

A graceful bitch with a super outline, well presented in good coat and condition. Very racy and refined yet with good substance and body properties. Classic long, lean balanced head, with lovely chiselling under her expressive dark eyes and good finish of muzzle. Straight in front with neat feet and good fore chest, good layback of shoulder, flowing top line, good croup and tail set. Well-angulated rear quarters with well bent stifles and hocks. Moved soundly.

2 Parker and Stevens, Miss S and Mr G  Gwendariff Pink Champagne

Another lovely girl with an elegant outline. Feminine with plenty of refinement and good substance. Pretty, lean head with kind expression, not quite the chiselling of 1 but very appealing. Straight in front with good depth of chest, well-ribbed back. Clean over neck and shoulders flowing into a firm topline, falling away slightly at the croup. Strong rear quarters which she used well on the move.

3 Hadfield, Mrs M  Covarney Time After Time For Marzanne

GB (17,2). A strong class

1 Box, Miss R  Fernstart Heart’s Delight JW

 An elegant bitch with a good rich chestnut coat and super flowing outline. She is so well balanced with no exaggerations. Classic lean head with expressive eyes and low set ears. Well-proportioned body with straight front, neat feet and good depth of chest. Lovely reach of neck fitting neatly into well-laid back shoulders. Well-filled in loin, strong wide rear quarters with excellent bend at the stifle and hock. Good croup and tail set. Moved well with true front and rear action.

2 Bayne, Mr GC and Mrs J  Corranroo Rainbow Shimmer

A lovely girl with excellent conformation, presented in great condition and with a gleaming quality coat. A different style to 1, not quite the topline, but she is so well balanced with clean lines and an air of elegance. Pretty girl with long feminine head and sweet expression. Well constructed front, deep brisket, good lay of shoulder and spring of rib. Good width across the stifle and rear angulation. With strong hindquarters. She won her place with her sound, flowing movement. 

3 Jones, Mrs SA  Wenflaen Deja Vu

PGB (14,3) 

1 Bouttell and Burbridge, Miss HK and Mr J  Ixia Snow Vixen

Classy, racy bitch of super breed type with a lovely outline with a nicely textured dark chestnut coat and oozing with quality. Gorgeous refined head with sweet expressive dark eye. Soundly constructed with straight front, neat tight feet, well-laid back shoulders and lovely firm top line. Good depth of body, nice arch in loin and good wide rear quarters with well bent stifles. She moved soundly and accurately, covering the ground well.

2 Bridgewater and Green, Mr W and Mrs D and Miss C  Bridgella’s Don’t Push It

This girl put on a splendid show to catch my eye. She was very well handled to present an elegant flowing outline. Feminine, long lean head with low set ears, raised brows and a soft expression Soundly constructed throughout Straight in front, with good depth of brisket, clean over neck and shoulders, a firm top line and with strong rear quarters, not quite the angulation of 1. She moved with style and a true action in front and behind.

3 Robinson, Mrs M and Mr D,  Lanstara Red Dress

LB (15,4) A lovely class with many top class bitches.

1 Stewart, Mr A  Gwendariff Pin Up Girl

A most impressive classy bitch with an eye-catching outline and great ring presence. She is well balanced from head to tail and was presented in excellent condition topped by a lovely deep chestnut coat with good feathering. Feminine head with plenty of work and soft expression with a strong well arched neck set cleanly on well laid back shoulders. She has excellent body properties with plenty of substance, deep chest, well-muscled arched loin and wide powerful rear quarters with well bent stifles and hocks. She moved true with power and grace which was a pleasure to watch.

2 McDonald, Mrs D  Delsanto Miss Freya

A delightful most refined bitch, full of quality with the most lovely clean, racy outline, free of any exaggerations. She has a very dark pretty coat, which while lacking the amount of furnishings of 1 is very appealing. I loved her long lean head and raised brows giving the sweetest, wistful expression. She is so well made with excellent angulation front and rear and good depth of chest. Correct at the croup with good tail set, good width in second thigh and well-bent stifles with low set hocks. She moved accurately with good driving action.

3 Holley, Mrs JE  Gwendariff Look This Way To Wynjill

OB (7,1) A glittering class of the highest quality.

1 Crocker, Mr BA  Sh Ch RIverbrue Gloriana

A drop-dead gorgeous girl who radiates quality and condition from all angles, and appears to only improve over time - a sign of true class. She is perfectly balanced throughout, so feminine and refined but with good substance, a lovely topline and a gleaming rich chestnut coat fringed with just the right amount of furnishings. She has the finest of Irish heads with gentle stop and lovely chiselling around her dark eyes giving a melting expression. Excellent in body with the optimum angulation in quarters, wide across croup and lovely tailset. Rear quarters are powerful and wide across second thigh with excellent well bent stifle and hocks . She drives powerfully and effortlessly on the move, leading her handler around the ring with tremendous, ‘look at me’ style. BCC and BOB.

2 Stewart, Mr A  Sh Ch & Sp Ch Gwendariff Come Fly With Me WW20

A dazzling bitch with exceptional style and quality, presented in fabulous gleaming dark coat and hard condition. She has an outstanding, elegant balanced outline, without exaggeration. Most beautiful and refined in head, with lovely raised brows, low set ears and expressive eyes. Straight in front with good depth of chest and strong coupling at the loin. She has excellent angulation in shoulders which are perfectly matched to her wide, powerful hindquarters with well bent stifles and short hocks. Excellent croup and tail set. She used her strong quarters to best effect, moving effortlessly round the ring holding her firm topline steady. Close decision but 1 just edged it on the day with her overall style on the move. RBCC

3 Catling, Mrs PA  Sh Ch Teleri Indian Summer (ai) JW

VB. (6,2)

1 Stevenson, Mr and Mrs G and C  Lochlorien True Detective Is Andley

A lovely well-constructed, balanced bitch, almost 8 years old but very much still in her prime. She has good substance, and was presented in super condition with a quality dark chestnut coat. She has a long lean head with raised brows and low set ears. Clean over neck and shoulders with a good firm top-line, and tail set correctly just below her wide.croup. Sound front construction with good depth of chest. She has strong wide hindquarters with a lovely sweep of stifle. Moved very well with true action in front and behind, holding her topline steady. 

2 Waterton, Miss S  Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW Sh CM

An elegant 8 year old bitch of lovely quality with a pretty dark coat and a gently sloping topline. She is refined throughout and has a beautiful long lean head with lovely fine chiselling, and the sweetest expression. Good depth of chest and well angulated, wide hindquarters with well bent stifles but standing rather down on her hocks and her movement was a little untidy today.

3 Hyslop, Mrs G  Gwendariff On A Rollacoaster

SBB (5,1)

1 Corless, Mrs S  Swiftlark Illustrious JW

A well constructed bitch of very good quality, placed 4th in strong Graduate class. She has a lovely balanced outline with good substance and a most appealing dark quality coat with good texture. Very pleasing balanced head with dark eye and soft expression. She is well-constructed with good body properties and depth of chest. Well angulated at the shoulder and strong, wide hindquarters with well bent stifles and hocks. Good croup and tailset. She moved steadily with a true action in front and behind.

2 Shepherd, Mrs S  Casachared Dancing Queen

A taller bitch than 1 with good substance, and good body properties. She has a feminine refined head with a sweet expression and low set ears. Good depth of chest and muscular hindquarters with good width cross second thigh. Shoulders could have more angulation but her topline is good and firm, although falls away at the croup. Moved soundly.

3 Mapole, Mrs L  Pollnac New Miracle

Judge Lynn Morris (Briunara/Minsterlands)