• Show Date: 15/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lyn Hall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 23/05/2024

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society

Breed: Tibetan Mastiff



Entry numbers are much lower than they have been in previous years, so I was really pleased to draw an entry of fifteen. Only two males were present, but both were of excellent quality. Many of the bitches were going through that loose, teenage gangly stage but angulation was generally good so with sensible exercise and weight management they should tighten up and mature into good examples of the breed.

PD (1,0)

1st Lowes’ Wangdak Forrest for Callowdale TAF 7 months B/T has everything you would want in a TM of this age. Head developing nicely, good proportions and angulation. Okay for bone. Still very together not having reached the teenage stage so moved smoothly and soundly round the ring. Looked good in profile and on the out and back. Lovely puppy. One to watch RCC & BPIB

JD (Absent)

LD (Absent)

OD (2,1)

1st Davies’ Ch Heronsview Ddraig with Ourcariad. Almost 3 year old B/T. Completely bereft of coat so nothing to hide. Excellent proportions, good and balanced angulation. Good bone. Correct head with typical solemn expression. Movement was a little sluggish to start with but once he got going he moved smoothly and soundly. Although the puppy pushed him hard in the challenge, I was happy to award him the CC.

VD/B )1,0)

1st Corfield & Morgan’s Wilsontus Raynette at Morganridge 7 year old B/T B. Pretty head and expression. Good proportions. Balanced angulation, moved smoothly and soundly albeit without enthusiasm. I particularly like the way she walks into a natural stand after moving. BVIB

SBD/B (1,0)

1st Doran’s Tamdrin Rinchen. 14 months B/T B. Happy, bouncy teenager. Pretty head and expression. Good bone. Moderate and balanced angulation. Very raw at the moment, movement loose but acceptable for this stage of development. BSB

PB (1,0)

1st Sutton’s Ursa Mahatma-La with Woollinose NAF. 7 months B/T. Delightful outgoing puppy. Pretty feminine head and expression. Good proportions. Well angulated but still quite loose. Movement good in profile once she’d stopped sightseeing but a little close going away.

JB (1,0)

1st Doran’s Tamdrin Rinchen. See SBD/B

PGB (1,0)

1st Towers’ Wilsontus Xara 18 months B/T. Pretty head and expression. Balanced with correct proportions. Well angulated but she’s another going through that loose teenage stage, looked good in profile but close going away and slightly loose front coming back. This should resolve itself as she matures. I will watch her progress with interest.

LB (2,0)

1st. Towers’ Callowdale Desert Sand almost 6 year old gold. This girl has improved tremendously since I last judged her. She’s a proper rich gold which is becoming somewhat unusual nowadays. I love her head and expression, strong but still feminine. Good size and bone, although could benefit from losing a few pounds. Well balanced angulation. Moved soundly, a tad sluggish in the class but pulled out all the stops in the challenge. RCC

2nd Jackson’s Callowdale Midnight Star (Az1) 19 month old B/T. Still a long way to go but is developing nicely and has the makings of a very nice bitch indeed. The angulation is there but she’s very loose at the moment although profile movement okay. Once she firms up will be one to watch.

OB (3,0)

1st Porteus’ Ch Legenda Tibeta Evelin at Shellonbear (Imp Rus) 3 year old B/T I liked this girl as a junior and she has fulfilled her earlier promise. Pretty head and expression. Very well constructed with correct proportions and sufficient bone. Good and balanced angulation. Moved very well with drive. Pleased to award her the CC and BOB.

2nd Asquith’s Richearon Poso of Baarnayotms. 3 year old B/T. Left her coat at home today but this only served to emphasise how fit and athletic she is. So sound, she powered round the ring with lots of drive. Well angulated and in proportion. I just preferred the head of 1.

3rd Lowes’ Callowdale Hermione

Lyn Hall