• Show Date: 08/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Luke Johnston Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 08/05/2024

East Anglian Whippet Club

Breed: Whippet
East Anglian Whippet Club Championship Show – Bitches Friday 7th July 2023 Sincere thanks to the Officers and Committee for their invitation to judge bitches at such a well-run and exhibitor friendly show, qualities which have become synonymous with this Club by now. Huge thanks to my two stewards, Selene and Karen, who were excellent and kept everything running smoothly. As ever, I found quality to be high and in general throughout the classes, I though the standard was higher in this entry than my last appointment in 2021. As I wrote in 2021, I was surprised and disappointed to find more than a few exhibits lacking muscle condition. I was firmly, and frustratingly at times, reminded that judging is a matter of ‘on the day’ and a few who I have previously admired have certainly had better days, perhaps they were affected by the heat. Pleased to see that my BCC, RBCC and BPB were all sired by Ch Silkridge Just Joey who was my RDCC in 2021. I was delighted with my main winners and proud that, mostly thanks to the referee, they were BIS, RBIS, BPIS, BSR/LCIS and BSBIS. Minor Puppy Bitch (5) 1. Perkins & Van Der Schaaf’s Crème Anglaise’s Cassablanca with Silkridge (Imp). 8 month old cream fawn with white trim. A classy and feminine bitch. Good for size and proportions with a clean outline, though still has time to develop some more curves. Beautiful head with excellent eye, expression and pigment. Refined neck and super front. Can settle into her hindquarters a touch more but very good width of thigh. She won the class on her movement where she impressed me with the most true, balanced and ground covering gait in the class. 2. Whitehead & Smith’s Crème Anglaise’s Lady Bridgerton of Citycroft (Imp). 6 month old fawn with heavy white trim. A shapely and well put together puppy, certainly ‘all of a piece’ to look at on the stack. Appealing head and expression. She handles well on the table with excellent front and rear angles and good body for her age. I admit to preferring this bitch on the stack but on the day, I felt she was unsettled or perhaps, too eager, and this affected her movement in all directions, but she showed promise and most certainly has the construction and ability to be a very good mover. Close decision. 3. Wheeler & Rutter’s Ranveli Royal Touch. Stylish, and no doubt, a quality bitch but threw it all away today in her performance, will have better days I’m sure. Puppy Bitch (7,1) 1. Akerboom & Van Der Schaaf’s Crème Anglaise’s Lady Wistledown. 6 month old fawn with heavy white trim. Litter sister to 2nd in MPB and whilst a touch more scopey, has many similar attributes. Has the same attractive head and expression as her sister. Lovely neck into a very well made front that she stands over so well. Super bone, pasterns and feet. Longer through the body than 2 and also has more moderation and strength in her hindquarters. Moved really well in all directions covering an impressive amount of ground with ease. 2. Barnes’ Doddridge Strictly Cha Cha. 10 month old blue brindle with white trim. A quality bitch who I have admired many times on previous occasions. Unfortunately, I have seen her look a lot better than she did today, nonetheless, her many qualities still earned her this place in a competitive class. Lovely head with soft expression. Excellent neck and front. Love her proportions and length of leg. Good depth and fill of body. She just seemed to be really leaning over herself today which made her completely lose her topline and balance to her hindquarters. A better shape on the move with a very collected and balanced action with a lengthy stride. She will have better days and a bright future, I’m sure. 3. Halliday & Croxford’s Aarminias French Fancy at Whittimere. Junior Bitch (8,1) Good class and a very close decision between 1 & 2 who were rather different. 1. Akerboom & Van Der Schaaf’s Crème Anglaise’s Go Go Cameltoe. 8 month old silver brindle bitch with white trim. Loved the ‘look’ of this bitch. Elegant, feminine, athletic and racy with curves in all the right places. Excellent proportions with good length of leg. Beautiful head, lovely eye and expression with small, well-shaped ears. Well-constructed throughout. The most beautiful underline which does so much for the overall elegance of a Whippet for me. When she settled, her movement was a joy to watch. She went with such grace on a balanced and ground-covering stride, all whilst maintaining her outline and a flair of style. Somewhat tense on examination but with what I can see already, and with time on her side to mature and relax, I can only imagine she will more than fill my eye in the future. A very exciting prospect indeed. On the referee’s decision, Best Puppy in Show. BP. 2. Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Truth About Love JW. 16 month old light fawn with white trim. Such a well put together bitch with an undoubted stamp of quality. Much more mature than 1, stronger all through in fact but all in proportion. Feminine head with the most lovely eye and expression. Beautiful neck and set smoothly into shoulder, well made all through her front. Liked her pasterns and feet. Well-developed but not quite as shapely as 1 through the body. Very balanced in hindquarters with excellent width to first and second thigh. Super sound on the move, true and really covering the ground in profile but tended to flatten out in topline ever so slightly. Presented immaculately in all aspects. 3. Rodgers’ Wentvalley Divine Diva. No disgrace to be stood 3rd in this class but another who I think has had better days. Yearling Bitch (7,2) 1. Wheeler’s Ranveli Glowtini. 21 month old silver brindle. An eye-catching and generous bitch with a curvy and flowing outline. Well-proportioned head with beautiful dark eyes and well-shaped ears which she used to advantage. Elegant neck set into a well-made front, smooth shoulders and super return of upper arm. Excellent top and underline. Could spare some hind angulation but she uses it very well on the move. A touch wide coming towards but has an outstanding profile action and holds her curvy outline very well. Excellent condition. Lacked enthusiasm in the challenge. 2. Home & Fisher-Home’s Jasarat Caramel Calypso. 18 month old fawn with white trim. More moderate and squarer in body proportions than 1. Beautiful head with the loveliest and most typical soft expression. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders and super return of upper arm, just needs to fill out in forechest as a touch narrow at present. Smooth and shapely top and underline. Could have a touch more width up and down but has an easy profile stride and keeps her outline. 3. Uggeri’s Bohosoul Storming Thru. Novice Bitch (6) 1. Lipscombe’s Selinko Cherise. 2 year old fawn with white trim. Strong enough all through but all in proportion and has a shapely outline. Strong bitch head but had balance and is in proportion with body, good eye, expression and ears. Fairly well constructed in front. Good bone and pasterns. Well ribbed with good depth. Well angulated hindquarters with very good width of thigh. Moved well in profile holding her shape. 2. Johnson’s Cyangrange Our Tiger Lily. 4 year old silver brindle. Leggier and squarer than 1 but liked her size and substance. Feminine head with dark eye and excellent ears. Not quite the shape of 1 but more refined throughout. Balanced angulation fore and aft. Could be truer in front but has a sound profile stride. 3. Barber & Battley’s Romaclove Love Me Like You Do. Graduate Bitch (9,1) 1. Fryer’s Crosscop Tickled Pink at Stonefox. 15 month old fawn with white trim. Attractive bitch who is super for size and proportions. Very together and ‘all of a piece’. Beautiful head with good eye and strength of underjaw. Topline is so smooth and flowing and a lovely underline to match. Smooth shoulders and enough return of upper arm but could have a touch more spring of pastern. Fantastic hindquarters with ideal angulation and just the right amount of length and width to her second thigh. True front movement and goes very well in profile, a touch wide in rear today. 2. Home & Fisher-Home’s Jasarat Caramel Calypso. 3. Myer’s Supeta’s Taste The Rainbow with Astrazone. Post Graduate Bitch (8) 1. Blake’s Silkridge In A Moment at Mazargo. 2 year old fawn brindle. A scopey bitch who is super for size and stands over good ground. Lovely head and eye. Super neck. Very well balanced with excellent angulation fore and aft. Perhaps not quite the absolute flow in topline of 2 but still shapely and has a good underline too. Super hindquarters with well let down hocks. True front movement, could be a touch truer in rear but won the class on her profile stride. She holds herself so well and moves with such an easy and supple stride covering a lot of ground with ease. 2. Owen’s Mollytop Fancy Lady. 3 year old fawn with white trim. A classy and shapely bitch. A little tall but still has good balance with smooth curves in all the right places. Feminine and typical head and expression. Super feet. Moderate, balanced hind angulation. She pushed 1 right until the last go around, 1 just had the edge on size and profile movement but nonetheless, this is a lovely bitch and it was a close decision. 3. Service & Poole’s Crosscop Proud Mary. Mid-Limit Bitch (7,1) 1. Place & Halliday’s Aarminias She Is A Belter. 3 year old light fawn with white trim. A quality bitch who presents such an athletic, elegant and balanced picture without a hint of exaggeration. Liked her proportions with ideal leg length and she stands so well over herself. Feminine head with alert expression. Excellent neck, arched and muscular and set smoothly into super front construction. Moderate but completely balanced in angulation. She has enough curves but just not quite the absolute flow and grace of outline of my principle winners. A very sound and efficient mover in all directions. 2. Whitehead and Smith’s Citycroft Seattle. 18 month old cream fawn. A very shapely bitch who is very well constructed throughout with excellent angles front and rear. Slightly more substance than 1 and not the leg length but retains enough balance and femininity. Excellent pigment. More curvy through the body than 1. Very good profile mover holding her shape but preferred the positivity of hind action of 1 on the day. Scored over 3 for size and curves. 3. Maxwell’s Maccus Rosa Gallica Daphne JW. Limit Bitch (5,2) 1. Wood’s Crosscop She’s A Lady at Ardencote. 3 year old fawn with trim. Admired this bitch for her type and quality. Liked her elegant, racy and scopey look. Gorgeous head with the most appealing eye and expression. Lovely length of neck into a smooth and well made front. Excellent length of leg. Good depth and spring of rib. Could be a fraction shorter and more shapely over the loin. Excellent hindquarters with ideal angulation and short hocks. She moved so very well in all directions but particularly in profile where she displayed typical, long and low strides. Just preferred the topline on the move of my principles winners in the challenge. 2. Samson’s Romaclove The Power Of Love. 3 year old blue with white trim. Lovely curvy and balanced bitch. Looking fully mature now, more compact and whilst a touch more curvy than 1, I did prefer the scope of 1. Feminine and balanced head held on a muscular neck set into an excellent front. Smooth and well laid shoulders and super return of upper arm setting her neat elbows well under her body. Well developed in body with a short, muscular loin. Moderately angulated hindquarters with good width of thigh but hocks could be a little stronger. Super condition. Free mover with an easy gait. 3. Tyson’s Starceylon She’s A Mover JW. Open Bitch (7,2) By no means a large Open class but quality right down the line. 1. Perkins’ Citycroft Americano with Silkridge. 2 year old black with lots of white trim. I judged her as a puppy awarding her the RCC and 2 years later, she has more than fulfilled my expectations. She is so elegant and racy, standing over herself so well with ideal balance and proportions. She combines power and elegance to a high degree. Just loved her grace of outline, she is as smooth as glass to go over thanks to her excellent conformation, perfectly conditioned flat muscle and fine, glossy coat. Everything simply flows with no lumps, bumps or sharp edges. She is truly outstanding on the move and this is where she impresses me most. Pure joy to watch her in profile where she displays long and low strides and has that added essence of cadence and suppleness to her gait. She holds her shapely and flowing outline just as well on the move as she does standing. Super temperament. A pleasure to award her the CC and pleased that referee made her Best in Show. BCC & BIS. 2. Akerboom & Van Der Schaaf’s Crème Anglaise’s Thistle Be Perfect. 22 month old fawn brindle with heavy white trim. Another elegant, high quality bitch who commanded attention with her generous, smooth and scopey outline. Preferred her head to 1, most attractive and feminine with beautiful dark eyes and pigment. Excellent neck of lovely length into a very well made front that she stands over so well. Has maximum hind angulation but she uses it very well on the move where she covers the ground with ease. Another excellent mover who pushed 1 all the way but just felt 1 held her outline better, and so today she had to bow to her half-sister and settle for 2nd and eventually, the RCC in this quality entry. RBCC. 3. Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Chasing Rainbows JW. A bitch who pleasantly surprised me on the day, very good to handle on the table and as sound as a pound on the move; just a little heavier through for my taste and in comparison to 1 & 2. Special Veteran Bitch (7-9 Years) (3,1) 1. Home & Fisher-Home’s Ch Citycroft Crème Caramel of Jasarat JW. 7 year old light fawn with white trim. Such a classical, shapely and typey bitch. Quality head which is totally feminine and of the correct proportions. Lovely neck and front. She has an instantly attractive outline which is full of curves and really flows. Moves so soundly and very light on her feet, if not the biggest stride, and holds her outline at all times. Extremely close call for BVIS, just felt her older full brother was slightly more purposeful on the move and so I gave way. Best Veteran Bitch. 2. Brown’s Ardencote Star Maker. 9 year old fawn with white trim. Another lovely veteran with type and quality crammed into this neat little package. The most lovely head and expression with neat, well-shaped ears, held on a super neck with an attractive arch; all enhanced by her clever handler. Not quite the front angles or shape of 1 but has excellent depth. Well angulated behind with good width of thigh. Super condition. A sound mover but again, not quite the outline of 1 on the move. Special Veteran Bitch (10+ Years) (3,1) 1. Robinson’s Goneaway Hedgehunter. 13 year old blue. Remarkable for her age and in fantastic condition. Lovely for type and size. Very curvy. Feminine head but could be slightly more balanced between skull and muzzle. Lovely neck. Ok in shoulder but could have more return of upper arm. Lovely top and underline. Excellent hindquarters, well angulated and still with plenty strength for age. Very light on her feet and a free mover. 2. Williamson’s Windfly Onnerow. 10 year old black. Very racy bitch with lots of curves. A little short in body proportions but has a flowing shapely outline. Lovely, balanced head with correct eye and expression. Neat ears and good length of neck. Super underline. Moved ok. Special Racing/Lure Coursing Bitch (7,1) 1. Soffe’s Penbriar Rocket Star. 4 year old silver brindle. Balanced bitch with a flowing and smooth outline and is certainly ‘all of a piece’, though could be a touch more racy for my preference. Feminine head, super neck leading into a well made front. Excellent depth and width of body with plenty smooth curves. Completely balanced in angulation and in super condition. Moved true and sound and held her shapely outline. Best Special Racing/Lure Coursing in Show on the referee’s decision. 2. Webber’s Zoraden Fifty Shades Darker JW. 4 year old black. Another well balanced bitch who displays such a fit and athletic look. Very shapely, if not as smooth as 1 in this aspect, and it was such a close decision that it probably came down to that. So well angulated fore and aft which was exhibited in her sound movement in all directions. Another in excellent condition. 3. Leathart’s Ringmore Day Lily. Special Beginners Bitch (11,5) 1. Trouton’s Citycroft Grace Kelly of Runnel JW. 5 year old fawn with white trim. Such an attractive bitch with the most appealing balance, outline and proportions. Simply gorgeous head; feminine, well balanced with strength to underjaw, dark well shaped eyes enhanced by dark pigment and finished off with neat ears. Excellent length of neck and set so smoothly into well laid shoulders with super return of upper arm. Good depth with shapely top and underline. Balanced hindquarters with excellent strength and width to second thigh. The rapport between dog and handler is obvious to see and quite heart-warming. In fabulous condition. Moved soundly in all directions holding her outline. 2. Owen’s Mollytop Fancy Lady. 3. Longhurt’s Abbeyhurst Dancing Queen JW. Mr L A Johnston