• Show Date: 14/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lucy Mottram Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 20/01/2024

Havanese Club Of Great Britain

Breed: Havanese

Havanese Club of GB Championship Show 14th Oct 2023

I never expected to have the honour of judging a Club Championship Show and it was so lovely to have such a fabulous entry too. My thanks to the exhibitors who took the time to prepare and travel for my opinion of their dogs – I know how much time it takes to not only prepare a dog for a show but to maintain coat and fitness every day so they are showcased at their best. Overall the quality was excellent. In the main balance is getting better, some still are longer than standard requires, fronts on some are not their fortune however toplines are and most had the required Havanese expression. My thanks to my steward for spending his day with the club and keeping the ring moving efficiently.

Class 1 – Minor Puppy Dog No entries

Class 2 – Puppy Dog 1st Miles & Kode’s Velvet Story ‘N Bada-Best Hurricane, what a cracking puppy to start the day. Beautifully presented in a typical soft puppy coat. Lovely dark pigment, good bite and pretty Havanese expression. A balanced youngster with springy happy gait on the move. He certainly enjoyed his day out and pulled out all the stops to win BPIS later in the day. 2nd Niven-Lewis Rostellars Celtic Warrior, a couple of months younger than 1st however another puppy enjoying his day out in the ring. Not the coat of 1st however he is young and this will come with age. He has lovely head proportions and good topline with correct tail carriage.

Class 3 – Junior Dog 1st Brooks Thistlesweet Atreyu (Imp Hun). Beautiful dark boy with a fabulously conditioned and presented coat covering his developing body. He had the sweetest of expression. Good topline with slight rise over loin. He moved well around the ring. A future star. 2nd Beagent Adorele What A Rumpus, a tad longer than 1st. Masculine head which I wouldn’t want any larger. Coat needs more time. Moved free and easy around the ring.

Class 4 – Yearling Dog 1st Salmon’s Dyffrynsands Who’s That Guy At Lizzielane; eye catching coat colour, coat was perfectly presented, long, soft and in great condition. Masculine without being coarse, sweet head, good pigment and bite. Top line was level with the rise. Nice on the move. 2nd Brooks Thistlesweet Atreyu (Imp Hun) as Junior

Class 5 – Novice Dog No entries

Class 6 Post Grad Dog 1st Brooks Thistlesweet Atreyu (Imp Hun), 2nd Beagent Adorele What A Rumpus – as Junior Dog

Class 7 – Limit Dog 1st Miles Adorele Master of The House, slightly smaller but perfectly balanced boy. Delightful head and expression with lovely eyes and ear placement. Springy gait carrying himself proudly around the ring. Very eye catching. 2nd Gunn’s Janabear Dance o’ The Knights, nice lad, just not the topline of 1st. Another with a beautifully presented coat covering a conditioned balanced body. Masculine and in fit condition.

Class 8 – Open Dog 1st Carty-Parge & Parge Ir Ch Swiss Ch Int Ch Bailemos Poker Face Ir J Ch Cjw 18 Cw 18. Such an eye-catching boy. His black and white coat is plentiful and in pristine condition. The darkest of pigment with good bite. Balanced throughout, with a straight front and required angulation. His topline is textbook. On the move this boy excels, he’s light and springy with drive. He’s handled to get the best from him at all times. Not that he needs another title to prove this boys qualities however I was delighted to hear I awarded him his crowning CC to make him the prestigious UK champ he deserves to be. He’s such a showman and in the final challenge he couldn’t be denied Best in Show. 2nd Hillier & King’s Askin What’s The Buzz at Charson (Imp USA). Now this boy pushed the winner very hard, and it wasn’t an easy decision. He is the shape I just love, his head is perfect, the best of the day, his expression is so typical and on the move or stance he’s a joy to watch. He just lost out on coat maturity and at this level, in this class, I needed to be ultra critical and picky. He could quite easy collect CC after CC, however today I was disappointed to not have two to award and he had to settle for the RDCC.

Class 9 – Veteran Dog 1st Woolcock’s Kenquince Big Guns, an 8yr old chap with some lovely qualities. A young veteran and a nice dog. Another with a balanced head and the required expression. Good coat, nice topline and easy on the move. BVIS 2nd Thorne’s Jamboree Lee Coeur De Masai Avec Blevwil. Coat a lovely colour but just not the quality and quantity as 1’s. Masculine head with good pigment and lovely eye placement. Moved well.

Class 10 – Minor Puppy Bitch – no entries

Class 11 – Puppy Bitch 1st Niven-Lewis Rostellars Celtic Princess, sable and white girl with the most appealing head and expression. Good pigment and bite. Beautiful puppy coat covering a nicely balanced body. A little shy but she is young and her enthusiasm should come. 2nd Barratt Samdavon Banoffee Babe. White and Sable pretty girl. Such a lovely head and expression with good pigment. She is lacking coat, however once grown fully I’m sure she’ll be a head turner.

Class 12 – Junior Bitch 1st Miles Adorele What A Legend, A beautiful girl who is balanced throughout and has a great topline with rise and perfect tail set. Moved nicely around the ring and handled well. 2nd Akkad & Carty Flordecuba Changing Tides , feminine girl who just lacks a little substance, that said she is young and this should come as she develops. Beautifully presented coat of correct texture. Another with the require topline.

Class 13 - Yearling 51 Salmon’s Dyffrynsands Margot Mae at Lizzielane. Lovely in profile and the best of straight fronts. She is pretty and had a nicely balanced head with the required expression. In the line up the other girls just out moved her on the rear, however a typical girl with lots to offer.

Class 14 – Novice – 1st Woolcock’s Princes Peony Gold, Feminine girl with great pigment to go with her black coat. She is balanced and her head is lovely, good neck leading into a solid body. Coat needs some time but this should come. Handled well.

Class 15 – PG – 1st Dence Mypons Moonriver. Fit as a fiddle and this showed on the move. She carried herself around the ring with her springing gait coming from her perfect angulation. Another who’s coat needs a little more time but again this will come, and then she’ll be the complete finished picture.

Class 16 – Limit – 1st Russell’s Dyffrynsands Destiny’s Day to Claravi. Pretty girl with lovely head proportions and good neck. She has the most beautiful of silky coats in such good condition. She was a little hesitant on the move but once going and her tail was up and over she showcased her gait so beautifully. 2nd Krzyszkowski’s Corrandulla Hello Dolly. This girl didn’t have the movement of the winner however she had many positive attributes. She has a beautiful head with dark pigment, lovely eyes and ear set and her coat was super too.

Class 17 – Open. What a class of cracking bitches to go over. I was spoilt for choice. 1st Morris Rothermere Ocean Of Fire JW. Where do I start? From head to tail this girl is all Havanese, she is text book from her most beautiful of heads with that Havanese expression which cannot be over looked. Her eye colour is so appealing, and her ear set just frames her head. Her neck is correct and she has spot on shoulder placement. Her topline is level with the required rise over the loin. On the floor she comes together in her movement, she covers the ground easily with her springy gait which is effortless and then to top it off she has a perfect coat; silky, abundant and in such great condition. She couldn’t be denied the BCC (her third and crowning one) and Reserve Best In Show. 2nd Muscroft Jannabear One Alone. Certainly not a girl you can overlook. Black and gorgeous in every way. Her coat is faultless, her balance is text book; just slightly longer than her height and has the breed standard top line. Another who can’t be overlooked on the move either – she covers the ground so well. I loved how her handler free stood her – nothing could be hidden, and nothing needed to be enhanced on the stack. What a perfect show girl. I’m sure she’ll be crowned a champion in no time.

Class 18 – veteran 1st Fitzgerald Mybeards Valentina, not showing any sign of age this girl was a delight to go over. She has a pretty feminine head and lovely expression; she was handled well and moved so effortlessly around the ring. Her coat was in great condition too – RBVIS & 2nd Krzyszkowski’s Enchantress Of Power With Corrandulla. First place just had the edge in movement however this lady was another with much to like. She wasn’t exaggerated in any way. She was well presented, and her coat was in good condition.