• Show Date: 03/12/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lucy Mottram Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 21/01/2024

British Samoyed Club

Breed: Samoyed

I was delighted to be invited to judge the SAC at this welcoming and friendly show.

Class A Junior Dog / Bitch - Two sound exhibits both enjoying their time in the ring and with much potential. 

1st Humphrey’s Rosnorske Royal Lotus, not quite 15months old and showing much promise. Pretty girl with the sweetest of expressions. She was balanced and moved well around the ring. Her head was lovely with good pigment.

2nd McGreade’s Taronakits It’s Kaboo For Frostia another feminine girl with the most delightful of expressions with lovely pigment, eyes and ears. Her coat was of correct texture and covered her body well. She was another balanced exhibit with good shoulder placement. She enjoyed her day in the ring and was handled well.

Class B Post Grad Dog / Bitch

1st Wilcock’s Ti Amo Boschi Vechhi For Dynar (Imp ITA) JW RSM JCH – another happy girl enjoying her time in the ring. She was expertly handled and was shown to advantage at all times. Another feminine girl with a nice head, flat skull, good pigment and bite. Strong neck and muscular body. Covered in a good coat and moved soundly around the ring.

Class C Open Dog / Bitch

1st Brandenberg & Smith’s Ch Taronakits It’s Karman JW. Beautifully balanced from nose to tail. Her head proportions are textbook with the most appealing brown eyes and smiling expression. She has a strong arched neck leading to well placed shoulders giving her the front movement required. Her body was strong and muscled along with her rear. She excelled on the move both in profile and coming and going. Her profile both stood and on the move was a picture.

2nd McGreade’s Ch Nikara Neverending Dream For Frostia. Many similar attributes as first and it was a difficult decision. Another balanced girl who covered the ground effortlessly with drive coming from her muscled and well-constructed body. She had a beautiful coat with was presented well. Her head was feminine yet powerful with the most beautiful eyes and ears. Another with good angulation and built so well.