• Show Date: 15/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lucy Kent Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Midland Counties Labrador Retriever Club

Breed: Midland Counties LRC

Midland Counties Labrador Retriever Club 15th April 2023

Sincere thanks to the Officers and Committee of Midland Counties LRC for their kind invitation to judge dogs at their Championship Show held at Newark, 15th April 2023. Thank you also to my two helpful and efficient stewards David Foulds and Matt Bordacs for keeping the ring progressing smoothly. It’s three years since I last judged males and it was interesting to see how the dogs I had judged before had matured and developed. I appreciated the quality and size of entry and thank every exhibitor for bringing their dogs for me to assess, it is always a privilege, and responsibility, to be asked to judge and thank you for accepting my decisions in a sportsmanlike manner. It was enjoyable to be co-judging with Carol Reynolds again and we agreed on the majority of our joint decisions just needing the Referee for BIS.

Veteran Dog (6,1)

1st Johnson’s Sh Ch Cremino Chilly Pepper ShCM. Yellow dog of 7 and a half years in great condition today, he has a lovely clean outline with good head, good reach of neck, not overdone in any way, his legs are set well under his body and is balanced through his whole frame, neat feet and moved well around the ring. BVD & BVIS.

2nd Young’s Potterspiney Killian. Black of 8 and a half years in great shape. Handled to advantage by his young handler, he is also well balanced in outline, has a lovely head and expression, plenty of coat with the correct texture, he is short coupled with barrelled ribs, moved well.

3rd Ayres’ Ramsayville Reflection Of Musubi JW.

Special Working (3,0)

1st Percival’s Ch Wynfaul The Wizard JW. Lovely black dog with great construction. He has a superb head, kindly eye and expression. He is short coupled, his fore quarters complimenting his powerful hindquarters. He stands on well boned legs and tight feet, moved off well with power and drive, somewhat out of coat but nonetheless a clear winner of this class. He was steady for his young handler who did a lovely job.

2nd Lowe’s Jogolo Sail. This yellow was more workmanlike in appearance, built on finer lines than winner. He has a great length of muzzle in head with good eye colour and kindly expression. Had less bone than 1 but had good overall construction, moved well covering ground.

3rd Lowe’s Ft Ch Jogolo Dark Magic.

Minor Puppy Dog (8,4)

1st Harvey-Major’s Just The Joker In Linjor. A class of different types here, unfortunately some exhibits were too fat and, while puppies need some fat, sadly their weight distracted from their virtues. The winner a yellow of just six months, he appealed with his clean outline, has a lovely head with good eye and melting expression, correctly angulated in forequarters, standing four square on tidy feet wanting to do his best.

2nd Woodley’s Tricolour De L’Etang Balancet Avec Alkhamhurst (Imp Fra) NAF. Another baby puppy here. Attractive in presentation, similar in type and build to first, liked his head, it was good in proportions length of skull to muzzle ratio, was balanced throughout and good over the loin, liked his reach and clean neck, moved soundly.

3rd Woodburn’s Centenalee Cool As Ice.

Puppy Dog (4,1)

1st Percival’s Wynfaul Reprint. A lovely black puppy at the top of this class for age, he’s such a classic looking youngster and can see the appeal from his lovely head with good eye through his forequarters, strong body and complimented by correct hindquarters. Has plenty of bone and stands on tidy feet. Moved out well both coming and going.

2nd Williamson’s Sharouns Inspector Gadget. Close decision here as these two youngster were appealing in different areas. This yellow is a different type and I was taken by his well -proportioned head , good colour eye, correct angulation in shoulder, a little longer cast than 1 but offset by strong hindquarters which powered him around the ring when moving. He was less settled today but am sure has a promising future ahead.

3rd Potter’s Sharouns Inspector Morse With Helian.

Special Junior (6,1)

1st Bambrook’s Winsleywood Waghorn At Ravoakar. Very promising youngster, just out of puppy. Thought his head, eye colour and expression was superb. He’s clean in outline, standing well on neat tidy feet. Balanced and looking right for his age. Shows signs of correct textured coat. Handled to advantage.

2nd Allen’s Timouron’s Olimpio. Different type to the winner having a more masculine look. Liked his head for length of muzzle, he’s clean in profile and balanced too. Strong hindquarters. Not as enthusiastic as winner however appealing all the same.

3rd Davey’s Southridge Romeo.

Junior Dog (12, 5)

1st Young’s Potterzuri Aramis JW. A steady dog with lovely head and expression, liked his angulation in forequarters which was off set by strong hindquarters. Found him to be right in length of body, he had a fantastic coat of correct texture and tail.

2nd. Elliott’s Mattand You’re Welcome. Another black, boisterous to start but did settle. Not overdone in any way with a good head, lovely body proportions although longer cast than 1, legs positioned well under his body. Moved ok.

3rd Braddon’s Trendlewood One More Time.

Yearling Dog (9, 2)

1st Coode’s Warringah Timouron Winmalee. This was a good quality class. The winner, a yellow, just had the edge here. I liked him for his balance, good head and eye and clean reach through the neck and shoulder. Barrelled ribs leading to strong hindquarters. Stands on good legs and feet. Steady mover.

2nd Tulloch’s Tullochmohr Final Hurrah. Shame these two met today. Liked this dog very much however today he was carrying just a little too much weight over his shoulder which made him look heavy in front. Another with a lovely head and expression, more bone than 1 and also good neat feet. Great over the loin and moved with power and drive from the hindquarters.

3rd Thorpe’s Thorpewillow Sand Martin.

Special Beginners Dog (4,0)

1st Bambrook’s Winsleywood Waghorn At Ravoakar. Repeat of Special Junior.

2nd Haslam’s Manorwell Buckskin At Lynquest JW. This was a quality class albeit numerically smaller. Liked this yellow very much however the winner just had the edge on head and eye colour. This dog is steady, a true Lab with good shoulders, correct through the body, strong loin and good angulation behind. Moved true away from and towards me.

3rd Evans’ Chyanhal Pentewan At Pudleigh.

Novice Dog (9,1)

1st Hopkinson’s Rocheby Squadron Leader. This yellow puppy of just six months was out for the first time and taking it all in his stride. Really classy, he is great in profile with a lovely head and expression, he has a good reach of neck and flows into correct shoulders. Level top line and all complimented by strong hindquarters. Good on the move too. BPD, BMPIS, BPIS.

2nd Williamson’s Sharouns Inspector Gadget. Repeat of Puppy Dog.

3rd Harvey-Major’s Just The Joker In Linjor.

Undergraduate (4,0)

1st Hopkinson’s Rocheby Havana. This yellow of almost two years was eye catching. Starting to mature he has a lovely head with a great reach of neck and correct forequarters. Found him to be correct in body length and very balanced. Stands four square and steady on the move he strode out well to and fro. Best mover of the class. Short listed to final 5.

2nd Johnson’s A Sense Of Pleasure’s Vodka Lemon At Cremino (Imp Deu). Black of a different type, very attentive to handler, he also is clean in neck and good in shoulder. Very much liked his coat texture. Moved well. A youngster will plenty of time to grown on and mature.

3rd Bambrook’s Winsleywood Waghorn At Ravoakar.

Graduate Dog (7,1)

1st Bell’s Westerulston John. Lovely to see such an old fashioned type of male. Clean in profile from his lovely head which was not overdone in any way right through, from clean neck, correct shoulder, barrelled ribs onto strong hindquarters. Correct texture of coat. Covered ground on the move. Shortlisted to final 5.

2nd Hallgarth’s Amberstope Gold Label At Chapelmanor (AI). Different type of head on this dog with a shorter muzzle, he was longer cast than the winner but with good proportions both in front and hind quarters. Excellent bone and feet.

3rd Falshaw & Elliott’s Lonicerium Jack Sparra.

Post Graduate Dog (10, 4)

1st Harvey-Major’s Floki The Jester In Linjor JW. Different types again in this class. Winner, a yellow not yet two years, beautifully balanced dog, he has such a lovely head with correct shaped and coloured eye giving that true Labrador expression. In profile he stands four square with great cleanliness of neck into good forequarters, deep through the body, strong over the loin, he used his hocks to power around the ring. Although evidence of a hotspot, did not distract from being clear winner here.

2nd Bold’s Shaymilony Saint Signed By Loubert. This chap played the fool but did settle to show his virtues. Heavier set than 1, he has a well - balanced head and gentle expression, heavier through the shoulder but well angulated, and strong in hind quarters too. Moved well.

Mid Limit Dog (8,4)

1st Woodley’s Alkhamhurst Moment Of Truth. Lovely classic black with plenty of daylight under him. Kindest of heads with gentle expression, good reach of neck, well angulated forequarters, strong through the body with good second thigh at rear, free and easy mover covering the ground well. Shortlisted to final 5.

2nd Hutchinson’s Glosmere The Grenadier JW. Different in type this yellow was beautifully balanced in profile, smaller framed dog but all in proportion, strong in both fore and hindquarters, he stands on well boned legs and feet. Great top line.

Limit Dog (10,2)

1st Coode’s Warringah’s The Bluff JW. Quality class. Very pleased to have the opportunity to judge this dog again now he is mature. He was just what I thought he would be, masculine head without coarseness, good reach of neck, balanced, good topline, strong over the loin, moved positively and steadily around the ring. Shortlisted to final 5.

2nd Rawlinson & Balshaw’s Shanorrell Black Sabbath At Halshimoor. This black appealed for breed type. Built on a larger frame than 1 preferred head of winner but liked this dog’s clean profile, strong legs sitting correctly under him showing good front construction. Good to feel correct coat texture too. Moved ok.

Open Dog (14, 6)

Another lovely class with such quality I just wish I had more prize cards as the unplaced dogs were worthy, I was really splitting hairs in this class.

1st Meredith’s Sh Ch Tweedledum Off The Record. Classic black in great coat and condition, looking the best I had seen him, now mature. Loved his head with beautiful eye and expression, he flows from his clean neck into strong forequarters through his balanced body to well angulated hindquarters. Well off for bone and tidy feet. On the move he covers the ground well with ease. Worthy winner. Delighted to award him the CC and on the Referee’s decision, he was BIS. Congratulations.

2nd Climpson’s Othamcourt Heathcliff. Another classic black here, of the same age by the same sire. Little to differentiate between these two but I just felt the winner had the edge with a better second thigh. Again, this dog has a superb head, masculine but not overdone, good front construction, strong through the body and good at the rear. Also moved freely and easily covering the ground well. Good to see correct coat texture and otter tails on both dogs. Pleased to award this dog the RCC, congratulations.

Lucy Kent (Trewinnard)