• Show Date: 28/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Louise Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Retriever (Golden)

 Leeds Championship Show Golden Retriever Dogs Critique 28th July 2023

Thank you to Leeds for inviting me to Judge Dogs along side my Wife Louise judging Bitches.

It was a lovely sunny day , I thoroughly enjoyed my day & the ring ran smoothly with the help of my 2 very efficient Stewards.  

MPD (2,0)

1. McDonalds Lamancha Time Traveller – rich gold 8 months old of good size, kind masculine head, dark eye, well laid back shoulders, good reach of neck, level topline, good spring of rib, moved well once settled.

2. Golders Wild Kisses with Summeramba of Sunshines Valley (Imp Bel) -paler boy just 6 months old , lovely head , good front , short coupled and carrying a thick wavy coat , deep body giving him plenty of heart room , nice bend of stifle , very much a baby , moved well once settled .

PD (5,0)

1. Loach & Zubair Putjade Poldark – 9 month old dark gold, stood four square on neat feet, soft gentle expression with a dark eye and good pigment . Good shoulder placement and level topline , good angulation at the rear and well muscled , moved with drive around the ring , top line firm and correct tail carriage BPD and in agreement with my co-judge BPIB

2. McDonalds Lamancha Take a Chance – litter brother to MPD another nice puppy with an appealing soft and gentle head, good reach of neck in to well laid back shoulders, correct bone and well bodied, good bend of stifle – Moved soundly.

3. Pratts Rosyth Keltic Lord

JD (11,1)

1. Hensons Cinderbank Move it – Paler dog in good coat, gentle masculine head, good pigment, well laid back shoulders, good bone and neat feet , level top line good rear angles, moved well , carried his tail a bit proud today .

2. Harris & Balls Wemcrest Out Of This World – Mid gold boy in good coat, lovely gentle head and expression, good pigment , nice feet, good bone and correct shoulder placement, level top line and good bend of stifle , moved well .

3. 3. ONeills Strathlon Island Lad .

YD (7,1)

1. Lockleys Steval Whathappenedwas – this dog stood out from the minute he entered he ring and was not disappointed going over him – mid gold in good coat ,lovely head , good front with nice tight feet, correct bone, good shoulder placement and level top line ,good bend of stifle and strong hocks , movement won him this strong class considered for RCC

2. Gerholds Navilis Vivat Vivaldi (IMP UKR) JW – Paler boy of good size, good coat and cat like feet, good bone, slightly longer cast than 1 but well balanced throughout, well bodied ,moved well.

3. Millingtons Golmas Guard of Honour at Jarabees JW

PGD (15,0)

1. Collis & Tregaskis Rendez Vous Avec Steval Du Bois De La Rayere – new one to me , presented in lovely coat , mature boy of good size , gentle Masculine head ,short coupled , excellent front, correct lay back of shoulders with good return of upper arm , deep through the chest , level top line which he held on the move.

2. Maynards Chinnordale Grand Finale – Another lovely dog of good size ,in good coat , good front , bone and feet , masculine head with soft expression, dark pigment, clean neck , level top line , good length of upper arm , good bend of stifle , moved with drive .

3. Foremans Ambersun Heart and Soul

MDLD (7,1)

1. Laylands Applecoat Hearts Desire – I have followed this dog from a puppy and he has matured in to a lovely boy, mid gold coat, gentle masculine head , good bone, well laid back shoulders , level top line ,good bend of stifle , strong hocks which enabled him to drive round the ring .

2. Loverocks Putjade Peaky Blinder at Lovissa – another lovely dog unlucky to meet 1 today – masculine head, dark eyes and good pigment, good front with good length of upper arm , level top line ,well boned, good bend of stifle , well muscled rear , which he used to drive round the ring .

3. McGeoch Nedlezah Lochlea

LD (11,4)

1. Woods Daily Rays Hope of Heart to Amirene – what a class , this boy stood out with full gleaming coat , he presented a lovely picture with his gorgeous masculine head and gentle expression – dark eyes and good pigment , complemented with a good reach of neck , excellent front , deep through the chest , good return of upper arm , well laid back shoulders , firm level topline , good spring of ribs , lovely bend of stifle and straight strong hocks allowing to drive with ease around the ring – Delighted to award him the CC which I have learnt is his 3rd – Congratulations BOS

2. McShanes & Laidlaw Good Fhairmhor Haud Yer Weesht at Rigerin – favourite of mine but today his coat was not at its best - lovely dark boy with gentle masculine head ,

excellent bone and feet – good front, good length of neck , correct shoulder placement , well sprung ribs , really good rear angulation , straight hocks allowing him to drive around the ring straight and true .

3. Taylors Alibren Eccles at Tannadice JW

OD (7,2)

1. Maynards Ch Chinnordale Cue Card JW -dark gold boy in good coat , lovely gentle head and expression, good pigment, dark eye, well balanced , good front , level top line, deep chest well ribbed , strong hind quarters , moved soundly with drive pleased to award him RCC


2. Dunbars Sh Ch Linirgor Tomich JW – eye catching mid gold dog , lovely head and expression, good front , well laid back shoulders , deep through the chest , good rear angulation , moved soundly with ease around the ring .


3. Clarke- Gears Ousevale Tobermory JW


VD (7,0)

1. Loverocks & Waldron Smiths – Lovissa Space Dust Sh cm – 8 years old compact short coupled dog that stands four square on neat feet and good bone. Lovely gentle head and expression , good front and well muscled rear – won this class on his excellent movement , holding a firm topline and good tail carriage BVD .

2. Gerholds Sh Ch Jaymardy Indigo Pacific JW – 8 years old paler dog , masculine head with a gentle expression, dark eye, good length of neck , neat feet , deep through the body , stood four square, moved with drive .

3. Millingtons Carneval of Golden Duck-Cobey at Jarabees (Imp Ser)


1. Harris & Balls Wemcrest Out Of this World -2nd Junior

2. Rhodes Kenzduo Honey Aemthyst at Ashrose – Bit of a handful for his owner , but still young -masculine head, good pigment, good front, well bodied , in nice coat, moved ok when settled.

3. Boyles Dilworthy Early Arrival

Judge Trevor B Smith