• Show Date: 28/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Louise Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Retriever (Golden)

Leeds Championship Show Golden Retriever Bitches 28th July 2023


Thank you to Leeds for inviting me to award CC’s for my first appointment, I was humbled

by a lovely entry of beautiful girls who were all presented in lovely condition and made some decisions very hard. The sun shone and the layout was much better than in previous years , thank you to my Stewards Pauline, Lottie and John who kept the ring running smoothly and the exhibitors for the quality entry. I was delighted with my final line up , they were all beautiful examples of our breed .

MPB (8,1)

1. Harpers Tullochmohr Ray of Sunshine at Glynerva – 6 months old -what a little cracker, she has the sweetest head and expression, good pigment, shoulders well laid back , correct bone and neatest of feet , short coupled , good angles at the rear ,lovely coat and she held her top line as she happily moved around the ring with drive BPB

2. McDonalds Lamancha Tango – 8 months old - different type to 1 , darker golden with a lovely head, good pigment, lovely neat feet , plenty of leg length , good front with great reach of neck flowing in to well laid back shoulders, good bend of stifle, well muscled thighs, bit unsettled on the move & not in full coat but enough for her 2nd place in this lovely class

3. Walker & Roberts Lamancha Trust your Heart with Gloi

PB (8,0)

1. Harpers Tullochmoor Ray of Sunshine at Glynerva

2. Noteboom Mayflower of The Morning Valley – Almost 12 months old - Slightly longer cast pale girl with a beautiful feminine head and the happiest smiley face , good pigment , neat feet, adequate bone, well laid back shoulders and good reach of neck , level topline and good rear angles , shown in lovely coat and moved really well around the ring to beat off some strong competition .

3. Mandleys Maltqudos Enchanted

JB (12,3)

1. Neilsons Tweedspay Toppsecret Avec Ponfiegh (Imp Fra ) – 13 months old – this girl is the happiest showgirl , she loves to give her handler a hard time, but once settled she is quite a picture , beautiful head and expression , good pigment, neat feet , good front, shoulders well laid back , shown in lovely coat and condition ,lovely bend of stifle and short hocks which she used to power around the ring .

2. Clarksons Drumkilty Yours Truly – 13 months old – this beautiful girl has the most gorgeous balanced outline , sweetest of heads , good pigment, lovely dark eyes , great front , well laid back shoulders, lovely rear angles, level top line which she held on the move – she certainly is truly scrumptious .

3. Ewarts Parlickview Blaze of Glory over Beaupippin JW

YB (13,4)

1. Carltons Fhairmhor Moonlight Sonata – mid gold , in lovely coat , very attentive to her handler , lovely sweet head, good pigment , straight front ,well laid back shoulders and good return of upper arm – neat tight feet . Fabulous level top line , good rear angles ,well muscled, moved around the ring with ease .

2. Ewarts Parlickview Blaze of Glory over Beaupippin JW- placed 3rd in Junior – she was not as animated in the previous class and her head kept going down on the move , in this class she came alive on the move which earned her this place – sweet head, neat feet, good return of upper arm , level topline , good rear angles, well muscled , in lovely coat and fit condition .

3. Mells Sansue Love Actually at Meloak

PG (21,2) Fabulous Class

1. Towers Alibren Heidi High – This compact Mid gold girl stood out in this class , presented in the most beautiful coat and condition, she has a tail that never stops wagging ,lovely head , good pigment, good front, very balanced throughout , short neat hocks , well muscled and powered round the ring , holding a level top line and good tail set – she didn’t disappoint in the Challenge against some strong competition , delighted to award her RCC

2. Fosters Mockingjay V D Corner Brook to Auristela (Imp NLD) – Paler compact bitch ,very balanced and looking really good- shown in lovely coat and condition , bit of a fidget but loved her character , sweet feminine head, dark eye ,good front and well laid back shoulders, bit unsettled on the move first time round, on second time had settled down and looked a picture .

3. Falconers Soneve Simply Special for Siatham (JW)


1. ONeills Linirgor Misty Mornings at Strathlon (JW) – Very flashy girl who excels on the move and looks a picture stacked , feminine head , neat feet , well balanced throughout , level topline and well muscled rear, had to nit-pick in the challenge in such strong competition and felt she was carrying a tad too much weight for me today .

2. Hills Megarvey Clementine JW- another beautiful girl presented in tip top condition , loved her head and expression , good front and well paid back shoulders, neat feet and level top line , good rear angles , another great mover , close decision between first 2 in this class .

3. Foremans Ambersun Heart Of Gold

LB (15,4)

1. Savages Weisford Presumed Innocent – Another cracking girl, loveliest of heads , good pigment, neat feet ,good reach of neck , well laid back shoulders and good return of upper arm – this girl is fit and my hands just flowed over her – she was the best mover in this class which won her first place , not quite in her full coat , but still gave me a headache in the challenge .

2. Drurys Gunhills Echoes of Time over Bencoe – Paler bitch in gorgeous wavy full coat , beautiful head and expression , short coupled, good angles front and rear , another great mover with super head carriage which demands attention – she was carrying a tad too much weight today which cost her the class over a very fit girl .

3. Fosters Eau My Gold V D Corner Brook for Auristela (Imp NL)

OB (7,1)

1. Murrays Rathcloon Highways N Byways – this beautiful girl was on top form today , she is special and she knows it – her head and expression melted my heart. Dosent carry a profuse coat so nothing to hide , this girl is so fit and so balanced throughout – she loves the show ring and exudes confidence , well muscled throughout, great angles for and aft – nothing over done and glides round the ring with ease and an ever wagging tail carried level with a firm top line – she didn’t disappoint in the challenge and in the company of some top quality girls – I was delighted to award her the CC & later on to BOB against a super Dog .This award gave her , her full title -she is a credit to our Breed .

2. Rodgers Sh Ch Rojillair Evening Magic Of Ordarla JW – A beautiful Champion who was presented in super coat and condition , paler girl, lovely head and expression , neat feet, well laid back shoulders, level top line , good width of thigh , moved really well – I loved the fact that she was only going to behave when she wanted to – loved her .

3. McDonald Lamancha Keep A Secret JW SGWS

VB (10,1)

Difficult class for me as I do not hide the fact that I love the Veterans , I was humbled by having the opportunity to go over 9 beautiful Veteran Ladies who were all presented in such beautiful coat and condition and really enjoying their day in the ring – a credit to the Breed - but I had to make some tough decisions on the day as I only had 5 places to fill.

1. Crookes & Jenkinsons Sh Ch Stranroph Still The Same (Imp Esp) – unbelievably 10 years young – this is what I look for in a Golden , she has the most gorgeous head and expression , super front assembly, well laid back shoulders, short coupled , good rear angles , her movement is superb and her tail never stops wagging -BVB and later on against a top quality Veteran dog BV In Breed .

2. Dunbars Sh Ch Linirgor Violets Are Blue JW – Another super well made Champion -9 years young -who I was delighted to have the opportunity to go over , this girl is super fit and belies her age , she has text book construction and hard to fault , moved round the ring with ease , shown in fabulous coat and condition – in this class I wish I had 2 red cards .

3. Hardings & Starts Evenghill Moment to Shine – I must mention the 3rd place in this class who looked a picture today – she has the sweetest head and expression , shown in fabulous coat and condition . The bond between handler and dog is a joy to see , she is well constructed , super fit and moved around the ring so well .


Super class which has become more competitive with now being a Crufts Qualifier.

1. Hudsons Aymsbury Ashisa – This Veteran almost 9 years old was my sixth pick in the Veteran class and she can show the youngsters how to move – she has a super attitude and lets everyone know how happy she is - she is well constructed and not over done in any way – delighted to award her Best SBB & in agreement with my Co-Judge Trevor - Best SB .

2. Bells Hoaaloha Ahyoka JW – placed 4th in a strong Junior class , she has a lovely feminine head and expression, good pigment, neat feet , she is soundly constructed and excels on the move, one to watch .

3. Booths Rocamoka Wind Dreamer at Alihelnix

Judge Louise G Smith