• Show Date: 28/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Louise Forster Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Alaskan Malamute

I’d firstly like to thank the ladies of the WELKS committee for inviting me to award my 3rd set of CCs at this lovely, well-run show. Although it stopped raining just in time for judging to begin, due to the already wet ground we were unfortunately forced indoors. It was, however, a decent indoor ring with plenty of room and a good surface. Thanks also to my stewards who were efficient and kept me right with the paperwork. It was good to hear them comment on the nice ringside atmosphere which I also felt. My decisions were well received and there was plenty of audible support among exhibitors.

I’d very much like to thank all the exhibitors who brought their wonderful dogs. Quite a mixed bag of different styles of dog which really made for some difficult decisions and resulted in quite a varied final line up, especially in the dogs. A number of the dogs I have judged before, some multiple times, but interestingly several changed placings today.

I was delighted that I found my Best of Breed among a quality entry of bitches, and what a cracker she was.

Veteran Dog (2/0)

1st Pullin & Mountstephens’ Ch Inupiat’s Qulit Henrik at Whitewalker (Imp Nor) A dog I’ve judged on several occasions since he was a puppy & he has never looked better. A super example of what a malamute should be at just a few months shy of 10 years old. So much so that he was pushing hard for a green card. I just preferred the front assembly of the CC & RCC winners. Broad head with thick ears & strong muzzle. Good bone, solid top line & very well-muscled throughout. Excellent feet. He excels on the move with a powerful, ground-covering gait which is followed up with a happy waving plume. Expertly handled & fought off a challenge from a wonderful veteran bitch to win Best Veteran in Breed. Such a shame he was unable to stay for the Veteran Group.

2nd Butler’s Kaytoo Antarctic Kuma Another boy I have judged before & on the last occasion these two placings were reversed. 11 years of age & in great shape, just not as fluid on the move as 1 but sound none the less. Correct angulation, strong straight legs & excellent feet. Lovely expression, with the darkest of eyes & wonderful thick ears.

Minor Puppy Dog (3/0)

Three very promising but very different puppies.

1st Ellis-Payne’s Sno Quest's Gonna Fly Now to Chayo NAF TAF Really sweet baby of just 6 months, quite raw & at his first show but performing like a pro. Substantial bone, straight legs, correct feet & moderate angles at both ends. He is smidge bum-high at the minute but not unusual at this age. Beautiful expression with dark, oblique, almond shaped eyes, thick ears & tight lips. Obviously, his head needs to broaden but is currently just what I’d expect for his age. So settled & together on the move, with an easy action in profile & straight coming & going. I’m sure he has a bright future ahead of him. Best Puppy & I was pleased to see him shortlisted in the Puppy Group.

2nd Henworth’s Snowolf Shot at The Knight to Wolfraven Only just 6 months old, this was another really promising youngster who seemed to be enjoying his first show. Different style to 1, looking slightly more grown up. I really liked his outline which was clean & balanced. Lovely length of neck, strong top line & correct tail set & carriage. Longer in leg, with good feet & ample bone. He was a little over enthusiastic on the move in this class but showed glimpses of what he was capable of. I will watch this lad’s future with interest.

3rd Semple & Lockhart’s Chinanook's Voodoo Viking at Iceonfyr (Imp Bel)

Puppy Dog (1/0)

1st Henworth’s Snowolf Shot at The Knight to Wolfraven As 2nd in MPD. Settled much better in this class & allowed me to see more of his excellent movement. Good reach & efficient drive. Had he done this in MPD perhaps the placings might have been different.

Junior Dog (No entries)

Yearling Dog (3/0)

1st Clarke’s Libertia Red Rain at Whiteout (IKC) A nice outline on this young red lad. At just short of 2 years, I feel he still has some maturing to do & I’d like to see more fore chest, but he is well-muscled & compact with enough bone, short strong pasterns & decent feet. He has a broad head with good ear & eye placement & a deep muzzle. Correct harsh coat. His movement is straight & true coming & going, in profile it is light footed, fluid & impressively ground covering, but a little flamboyant when in full flight.

2nd Druce’s Kaskae Hell of A View (ai) Substantial b/w 19 month old lad with a happy disposition. Larger all round than 1 & looking just a little less together, especially on the move. He has a lovely coat, good bone, strong straight forelegs, deep chest & balanced angles front & rear. Head is broadening nicely for his age with thick, correctly placed ears (when he uses them properly) & good eye shape & placement.

3rd Holt’s Freezefactor Savvy Affair at Breconfrost

Post Graduate Dog (1/0)

1st Holt’s Freezefactor Savvy Affair at Breconfrost Almost 2 year old g/w boy lacking some coat & full of himself. Broad head with dark eyes of the correct shape. Being of larger frame, he has a deep chest with decent fore chest & front assembly. Strong, well boned legs. Made a nice shape when stood correctly. Needs a bit more time to mature.

Limit Dog (8/1)

1st Fennell & Wolfe’s Dreamwolves Just A Lil Crush A nice, neat outline on this smart & compact 4 year old b/w boy. Appealing expression with lovely ear shape & set, & dark eyes. He is a little more upright in his angulation but is balanced front & rear. He has a straight top line which he held strong on the move with a tail that just never stopped waving. It was his movement that just swung it for him today with a fluid & powerful side gait & a down & back that was straight & true.

2nd Bogle & Horsfield’s Whitewalker Kings Landing at Valknut This boy was very close to taking the class & could easily do so on another day. Quite a different shape to 1, fully mature & presenting a very good account of himself. Attractive head with thick ears & slightly longer muzzle. Correct angulation, enough bone, plenty of fore chest, deep chest, good length of neck, lovely slight slope to a slightly longer but strong top line & correct waving plume. Steady on the move with good reach & drive.

3rd Wolfe’s Sutarka Fire Storm

Open Dog (6/1)

Excellent class of top-notch boys.

1st Woodhead’s Noraisy Take My Breath Away JW A real favourite of mine who I have judged before including giving him RCC 4 years ago. Sweet natured sable boy with a kind expression, fully mature head with a broad, deep muzzle & thick correctly placed ears. He presents a lovely outline with a profuse but harsh coat which means you’ve really got to get your hands in there to feel what’s underneath, that being ample fore chest, lovely shoulder layback, good length to height ratio, nice length of neck flowing into a strong top line & correctly set tail which rarely stopped waving. He has excellent bone with short strong pasterns & correct feet. Moves with power & efficiency using his moderate angulation to provide the required reach & drive. I was delighted to award him the CC from a very strong field.

2nd Page’s Ch Snow Legend Believe in You Cedarcreek JW (rus Imp) Another I have judged before & awarded RCC to before. A smashing lad with many of the same virtues as 1. He has excellent bone & substance with balanced angulation, deep chest, well sprung ribs & abundant harsh coat. He has a lovely head with dark eyes of the correct shape & place, & thick, expressive ears. He moved much better than the last time I saw him due to a better ring size & surface. Unfortunate to come up against 1 today & he had to settle for the RCC again.

3rd Copley-Holland & Hug & Hug’s Am Gchb Adair’n’ Hug Rythm and Blues

Veteran Bitch (8/1)

Super class of older ladies, most into double figures – not that you’d know it!

1st Wadrup’s Just Got to Love Me Polarni Usvit Cracking girl in great condition, 9 years old & showing her socks off. She has a beautiful soft expression with dark eyes, thick ears & broad head. She has super angulation with good bone, deep chest & well sprung ribs. Movement is a joy with efficient drive from the rear, strong topline & is dead true coming & going. Expertly handled & made a strong bid for a top spot.

2nd Druce’s Ch Koromandel On Strange Tides (ai) Another superb example of how well this breed ages. Not far off 12 years of age & still showing a lovely compact outline with good angles, excellent forechest, ample bone & standing well over her feet. Moving with purpose with drive from her powerful rear & good reach at the front. Came up against 1 on top form today so had to settle for 2nd.

3rd Woodhead’s Koromandel Rushin Around at Noraisy

Minor Puppy Bitch (No entries)

Puppy Bitch (2/0)

1st Robb’s Icewolf Fendi L’aquarossa Very sweet youngster, still looking quite babyish for her 9 months, but confident & assured in her attitude. Lovely expression, dark eyes & neat ears. She has a good length of neck, compact body with ample bone for her age. Her legs are straight with short strong patterns & well let down hocks. I would like to see a longer tail. She moved soundly & steadily on the go around, with a nice straight down & back. Another who’s future holds great promise.

2nd Robb’s Icewolf Gucci Bloom Litter sister to 1 with many of the same attributes but not as self-assured. Marginally straighter in the rear than 1 & not showing the same drive on the move but time & patience will improve her ring presence, I’m sure.

Junior Bitch (2/0)

1st Walker’s Lueldar Got Something to Say to You Lovely 16 month old b/w girl with a nice outline, lovely length of neck, good bone & substance & excellent harsh stand-off coat. She has a pretty head with dark eyes & good pigment. Still only a youngster but shows with such confidence, moving with drive & fluidity with her moderate angles allowing an easy, efficient side gait.

2nd Pullin & Mountstephens’ Whitewalker Winter’s Gold Another 16 month old, very different to 1 but who also has so much to like. Pretty feminine head with dark eyes & slightly larger ears. Leaner all round & not in full coat but had everything laid bare. She has a lovely length of neck, good shoulders, longer loin but well-muscled & excellent rear quarters. She showed refinement on the move with accurate foot placement & a steady driving action but just needs time to tighten up a little in the front.

Yearling Bitch (1/0)

1st Aitchison & Hurst’s Kaskae’s Fire Opal (ai) Standing alone in her class but a worthy winner in any case. I loved the outline of this young girl, slightly longer in body but all in proportion & where it should be. Pleasing head with neat ears & a mischievous look. Beautiful length of neck into a solid & slightly sloping top line finished with the typical waving plume which just kept on waving. Angles for & aft are moderate & balanced, although her markings give the illusion of being a little more upright in the upper arm than she is. Showing power & drive on the move, she looks like she is ready for a day’s work. At just 19 months old this girl has plenty of time to mature further & I’m sure the future will be bright. Very pleased to award her the RCC.

Post Graduate Bitch (1/0)

1st Bogle & Horsfield’s Cahppes Tailwind Takala at Valknut (Imp Swe) Smaller framed 2 year old girl, feminine & presenting a neat outline. In good coat. She has a pretty head with neat ears. Eyes a little on the round side. Compactly built with a nice length & shape to her neck & shoulders, good height to length ratio & a shorter loin. On the move she was steady & sound but just lacked the rear drive of the other girls in the challenge.

Limit Bitch (3/0)

1st Aitchison & Hurst’s Kaskae My Wonderwall Something outside the ring spooked this girl early on in the class but she was skilfully settled by her attentive handler & able to gather herself to carry on. I’m glad she did as she was then able to show what she’s made of. She has an attractive head with a kind expression. A lovely balanced outline with lovely length of neck, strong, straight, slightly sloping top line finished with excellent waving plume. Ample bone, straight legs of good length, stood well over good feet. Correct angulation producing efficient driving movement, just a little longer in loin.

2nd Butler’s Paha Sapa Mals Blahnik via Kaytoo (Imp Ita) Lovely 4 year old girl who I have judged before & liked for her balance & correct angulation. She has a lovely expression with dark eyes & neat thick ears. I particularly like her length of neck which flows into a strong top line & correct tail. I’d prefer a harsher more stand-off coat & I’d like to see her open up on the move like I believe she could with the confirmation that she has.

3rd Raby’s Moon's Nordicstars Burning Flame at Icemoon (Imp Swe)

Open Bitch (8/4)

1st Page’s The Magician Bloody Mary Cedarcreek (Imp Ita) As soon as this girl entered the ring, I had an inkling that she would be in the running for a top spot. A very pretty 3 year old girl in good coat, with a neat outline, excellent balance, lovely length of neck, good chest, strong back, straight, slightly sloping top line & correct tail set & carriage. She is feminine throughout with correct eye shape & placement, neat correctly placed & very expressive ears. She has enough substance for a bitch, with straight forelegs, short strong pasterns & makes a lovely shape when stood. Moving, she is dead straight on the down & back, & in profile she propels herself forwards with a light footed but powerful drive from the rear. She was my pick for the CC & Best Of Breed & I was thrilled to watch her take WG4.

2nd Robb’s Icewolf Jupiter Rising Lovely almost 5 year old girl with a good harsh, stand-off coat, a pretty head. She is compact in body with deep chest & moderate angles at both ends, straight, well boned legs & short strong pasterns. She has with nice length & shape to her neck, a strong top line & correct tail set. On the move she shows good reach & powerful drive, but I feel she would benefit from being gaited on a looser lead & allowed to drop her head to show a more typical working profile.

3rd Copley-Holland’s Am Ch/hr Ch Katabatics Hollaback Girl