• Show Date: 18/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Loraine Ratter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 17/08/2023

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Japanese Chin

I was delighted to complete my first appointment for Japanese Chin in the lovely surrounding at Border Union showground. The dreaded covid made me wait an extra three years from my original invitation for 2020! so to say I was looking forward to the big day is an understatement. On the day it was extremely warm and sunny the heat impacted a couple of dogs negatively and the sun resulted in most not wanting to open there eyes fully or squint so a few challenges. The entry was not large but I felt representative of the breed currently. I found several with poor dentition but my main concern was poor movement the ring surface should not have proved a challenge for any well-constructed fit for function Japanese Chin.

Japanese Chin - Puppy Dog

1st Crane Cranvarl The Student Prince mature puppy with a delightful temperament clearly up to size for his age with a huge puppy coat which enhances his size further clearly masculine throughout with an excellent skull dark eye super moderate length of neck shoulder well laid firm level topline well set tail confident on the move

2nd Leach Sharlarna Quintessential much less finished or developed in body than the winner very typical throughout his head is masculine super expression moderate neck well laid shoulder high tail set confident showman

3rd Steele Spindulys Zephyr at Threadgold (Imp Ltu)

Japanese Chin - Post Graduate Dog

1st Blair Sharlarna's Chaos at Bellflows well balanced promising young dog free from exaggeration correctly proportioned head super neck leading into a well laid shoulder decent width of chest excellent topline and tail set correct coat texture sound and stylish on the move

 2nd Pearce & Hann Rakuchin Rumour Revealed immature in comparison to the winner but with all the essential attributes required to finish well he needs more time to mature I admired his size and compact outline fine strong bone beautiful feet correct coat texture which was lacking in many today

 Japanese Chin - Limit Dog

1st Gillhespy Chinart Akerrn a profusely coated dog who unfortunately began to really struggle with the heat and was subsequently withdrawn from the challenge large masculine head dark eye typical expression good cushioning and turn up moderate neck soundly constructed moved adequately

2nd Harbron Jaschin Stop and Paws a dog I have judged several times and admired today he was not himself clearly not settled or enjoying his time in the ring I hope he returns to his previous level of functioning soon

 Japanese Chin - Open Dog

1st & RESCC Lindsay Ch Cranvarl Roger at Anjuli JW a young champion full of quality, style, refinement and brimming with breed type his static and kinetic balance is impressive loved his outline on the move and profuse silky coat I feel the best is yet to come for him when he is fully developed in body

 2nd Lindsay Ch Anjuli Trevor ShCEx fully mature and at his best real showman at one with his handler broad head dark eyes set wide apart typical expression super neck broad chest level top-line beautifully conditioned coat and furnishings well developed hindquarters with excellent muscle tone soundness personified on the move

 3RD Martin Sharlarna Trouble Maker

Japanese Chin - Veteran Dog

1ST DCC & BV Pearce & Hann Ch Rakuchin Kenji Na superb veteran in full bloom large head dark eye with correct amount of white small high set ears round open nostrils short muzzle slight nose roll does not detract from his expression proudly carried well set muscular neck broad chest good spring of rib level topline high set profusely feathered tail hindquarters well developed hock well let down excellent reach and slight elevation evident in profile movement sound, effortless and confident on the mover he coped well with the heat later in the day and was 3rd in the Toy Veteran GP

2ND Gillhespy Vouges Roiyaru Shoukei at Chinart (Imp Swe) well-marked sable large head correct expression and cushioning good width of front straight parallel limbs with fine strong bone level top-line good tail-set sound stylish mover rather lacking in furnishings today but coat of excellent texture and well-conditioned

3RD McFarlane Myojo Morgan at Glendyke ShCM VW

Japanese Chin - Puppy Bitch

This was a lovely class of promising youngster’s 1st BP & RESCC Leach Sharlarna Ginger Ninja super profile correct eye and cushioning sweet expression cobby body with developing substance good length of leg fine strong bone firm topline moved soundly with clear elevation in front

2nd Potts Adreeam Highland Chincess quality puppy delightful personality outgoing and confident super outline short and cobby feminine but with good substance and fine strong bone typical hare feet correct eye and cushioning moved soundly with some style when she cooperated with her handler beautifully presented

3rd Lindley Sharlarna Conchita for Meglind

Japanese Chin - Yearling Bitch

1st Quinn Sharlarna Eye Candy JW dainty youngster super for size with a square and compact body balanced outline enough substance feminine head dark expressive eyes plenty of cushioning strong underjaw super neck chest still needs time to develop more width good lay to shoulder ribs well developed strong topline and tail well set moved adequately loved her outgoing confident personality responsive, attentive and at one with her handler

 2nd Lindsay Jaschin Who’d Have Thought at Anjuli quality sable less mature than the winner well-shaped head with good skull well cushioned muzzle body still developing her angulation is harmonious fore and rear animated, sound, and stylish on the move well-conditioned with excellent muscle tone beautifully presented

 3rd Westwick & Davidson Sharlarna Hiflying Handbag

Japanese Chin - Post Graduate Bitch

1st Crane Anjuli Margo for Cranvarl balanced and typical feminine throughout broad rounded skull ears well set large expressive dark eyes correct nose placement nicely cushioned muzzle enough width of chest shoulder well laid well developed ribcage good length of leg lovely hare feet level topline well set tail confident stylish mover

 2nd Pearce & Hann Rakuchin Queen of D’nile cobby square and well balanced dark expressive eyes with typical look of astonishment well cushioned muzzle correct nose placement moderate neck fine bone hare feet good spring of rib typical action on the move silky coat texture

 Japanese Chin - Limit Bitch

1st Martin Sharlarna Bish Bash Bosh dainty, square and a lovely size feminine well rounded and proportioned head with correct expression good nose placement and cushioning excellent reach of neck firm topline profuse coat silky texture beautifully presented

 2nd Young Craimose Touch of Class square profile broad skull large expressive dark eyes good width to muzzle well placed nose moderate reach of neck level topline fine bone neat hair feet level topline high set tail lacking coat and furnishing today

3rd Crane Cranvarl Macey Grey

 Japanese Chin - Open Bitch

1st BCC & BOB Rooney & Green Ch Jaschin First Edition rounded skull large dark eyes with the required look of astonishment exquisite expression short muzzle super cushioning strong underjaw ample reach of neck fine bone and hare feet moderate neck harmonious angulation of shoulders and hindquarters although not in full coat today she had plenty of furnishings silky coat texture and beautifully presented delighted to watch her performance in the quality toy group where she was shortlisted

 2nd Rooney & Green Jaschin Paws for Applause a size larger than the first beautiful type refined and feminine excellent profile well-rounded skull expressive dark eyes with the correct amount of white balanced throughout with a well-developed cobby body level topline high set tail profuse silky texture coat which was beautifully presented

 Japanese Chin - Veteran Bitch

1st Blair Bellflows Honey Bee Lux Jr Ch/ir Jr Ch not looking or behaving like a veteran coped so well with the heat and really moved out soundly with style typical head with enough cushioning astonished expression correctly placed ears cobby balanced body level topline which she retained on the move silky coat texture profuse feathering moved soundly