• Show Date: 29/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Loraine Ratter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 05/01/2024

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Dobermann

Midland Counties Canine Society


Judge: Mrs L Ratter


MPD 5/0 Excellent class 1st BP & BSB Moore Tuwos National Hero (IKC) black/rust quality puppy moderate and balanced all through masculine head with level parallel planes, correct length and depth of muzzle excellent dentition dark eyes typical alert expression firm elegant neck sloping topline correct tail set moved soundly demonstrating excellent reach and drive 2nd Evans Amazon Showtime clean square outline blunt wedge slight stop neat well set ears beautiful eye shape colour and expression muscular neck excellent round bone tight feet correct lay of shoulder deep well sprung ribs ample forechest good tuck up fluid, sound ground covering movement 3rd Brough & Brannan Supeta's Miami Heat for Aniiraz

PD 5/0 1st Gallacher Manzart Excalibur at Izralight black/rust soundly constructed and short coupled with moderate angulation fore and aft masculine head alert expression high set neat ears parallel head planes correct underjaw and length of muzzle round bone super feet firm topline tail well-set animated and sound on the move 2nd Bishop Korifey Heartbreak to Sacaria masculine brown/rust less mature than the winner correct head planes and length of muzzle alert expression neat ears clean neck well developed forechest well laid shoulder good spring of rib confident free easy mover shown in hard condition 3rd Kent & Sutton Korifey Reckless

JD 4/1

1st Wilson Pursang Shimmy Shimmy Ya JW square, muscular and compact in profile short coupled throughout with a super forechest ample depth to brisket round bone short firm topline masculine head parallel planes strong underjaw typical expression in excellent coat and well-conditioned moved soundly 2nd Reid Dobshangrila Xavi (Imp IKC) black/rust stylish and elegant with a clean outline level topline short loin well ribbed adequate depth to brisket shoulder well laid muscular hindquarters masculine head good length and depth of muzzle enough underjaw correct dentition dark eye unfortunately not completely settle on the day moved adequately 3rd Capell Llepac Against All The Odds

YD 4/1

1st Hart Supeta's Scorchio substantial brown/rust balanced outline parallel head planes good length and depth to muzzle correct dentition expressive eye neat well set ears good reach of neck ample fore-chest strong round bone well laid shoulder firm topline tail well set impressive on the move in hard condition

2nd Fletcher Sacaria Whisper of Hope square and muscular still needing time to develop in body masculine head flat cheeks enough length and depth of muzzle almond shaped eye round bone strong sloping topline balanced harmonious angulation fore and rear well developed second thigh easy mover demonstrating plenty of reach and drive

3rd Merchant Cockneyoka Get over It at Mandareus

PGD 2/1

1st Bromwich Rafthouse Kickback substantial, masculine and soundly constructed with a compact profile flat skull good depth of muzzle dark eye alert expression and neat ears correct dentition long lean muscular neck adequate fore and rear angulation firm top-line strong straight limbs tight neat feet easy sound mover covered the ground easily

 LD 4/0

1st Seward Teuschons the Fierce Knight with Elleonia JW black/rust this young male has really matured since I last judged him balanced throughout with adequate bone and substance well-proportioned wedge-shaped head neat ears dark eye alert focused expression powerful muzzle strong underjaw scissor bite deep brisket slightly sloping topline hindquarters well angulated with well-developed and defined first and second thighs purposeful, stylish and sound on the move

2nd Young Krieger's Hunky Dory at Malibray JW impressive masculine brown/rust with a square outline, super bone, strength and substance level parallel head planes good length and depth to muzzle expressive almond shaped eyes muscular neck firm topline good tail set moderate harmonious angulation beautifully conditioned and presented in hard muscular condition steady sound and athletic on the move

3rd Robertson Cockneyoka Dire Straits

OD 9/1

What an amazing class of top-quality males 1st CC & BOB Henderson Tuwos Mr Bombastic black/rust with a commanding presence and confidence that instantly appeals elegant, athletic and workmanlike with correct bone, feet and substance long wedge head correct stop parallel planes strong underjaw excellent dentition obliquely set dark expressive eye attentive and watchful gaze long lean muscular neck firm slightly sloping topline strong loin harmonious balanced angulation easy effortless movement with excellent reach and drive presented in hard muscular condition 2nd & RESCC Jones & Ushakova Ch/Lux Ch Korifey Vanquish upstanding extrovert showman blunt wedge shaped head flat skull level planes correct dentition and strength of underjaw alert knowing expression lean muscular neck super forechest deep brisket and well sprung ribs slightly sloping topline well angulated hindquarters round bone tight feet presented in hard muscular condition handled with great skill and empathy 3rd Woodhouse Ch Jojavik Master Cutler

VD 3/2

1st Groves & Lafford Lateagain Satisfaction JW ShCEx balanced with unexaggerated clean outline strong head enough length and depth to muzzle soundly constructed with ample forechest deep brisket gently sloped top-line well set tail purposeful sound mover

SBD 3/0

1st Moore Tuwos National Hero (IKC) (see MPD) 2nd Bromwich Rafthouse Kickback (see PGD) 3rd Bryan Johmar Harlequin

MPB 11/1

1st Bradbury & Sanderson Jodaseen Steel City Blues feminine, elegant and refined throughout with a square outline flat skull slight stop good depth to muzzle dark eye typical expression good length of neck forechest already well developed strong gently sloping topline and correct tail-set animated and stylish on the move with obvious reach and drive

2nd Henderson Tuwos Never Walk Alone RAF presents a clean outline with balanced harmonious fore and rear angulation elegant throughout with plenty of substance strong round bone tight feet well sprung ribs compact body firm topline feminine head level head planes ears well-set excellent length of muzzle correct stop expressive dark eye strong underjaw a little unsettled on the move

3rd Murray & McCall Tuwos New Romance

PB 4/0

1st Merrett Korifey Sweet Child of Mine JW black/rust beautiful constructed youngster feminine throughout but retaining strength and athleticism parallel head planes neat well-set ears dark expressive almond shaped eyes strong under-jaw tight lips square well-developed body ribs well sprung strong gently sloping topline tail well-set excellent round bone tight feet shoulder and hindquarters well angulated balanced, stylish and sound on the move 2nd Gardner Korifey One in A Million at Sonomara black/rust compact throughout attractive feminine head good length and depth of muzzle alert expression excellent dentition long elegant neck well-proportioned body forechest already well developed straight front strong round bone tight feet enthusiastic, sound and energetic on the move 3rd Burnham Jodaseen All of My Heart

JB 7/2 1st Evans Amazon She Is Adored brown/rust square, elegant, athletic and feminine throughout with excellent substance strong round bone and tight feet super length of head parallel head planes flat skull correct stop strong underjaw eye dark and expressive balanced harmonious angulation firm sloping topline tail well-set sound and effortless mover with real power and drive beautifully conditioned 2nd Tant Rafthouse Bundlebrent at Granadeya square profile balanced wedge head good length and depth of muzzle correct dentition strong underjaw tight lips long clean neck ample forechest good spring of rib firm top-line balanced angulation well-muscled second thigh excellent coat 3rd Ingram & Tousent & Lack Jojavik Spangled Mob

YB 4/0 1st Ingram & Lack Ch Jojavik Belladonic Fame JW black/rust square, short coupled and athletic correct length and depth of muzzle strong underjaw dark eye alert expression muscular long crested neck well laid shoulder firm strong sloping topline fluid effortless movement handled expertly the rapport between this bitch and her handler was a joy to see 2nd Marflow Teuschons Mirror Force well-proportioned feminine head flat skull neat ears dark eye correct dentition long neck short sloping top-line deep brisket fore-chest well-developed strong round bone tight feet steady sound mover 3rd Taylor & Stracey Krieger's in Style JW

PGB 9/4

1st Lafford Lateagain Wild Heart avec Sariandobes JW brown/rust balanced outline and angulation short and square in profile feminine head with neat well-set ears muzzle of good length long neck brisket well developed short firm top-line purposeful sound movement with good reach and drive

2nd Goodall Maighread's Bonnie Rosheen to Mianna black/rust beautiful square outline strong feminine head blunt wedge head parallel planes long muscular neck firm topline well-developed body excellent forechest and rib harmonious angulation muscular hindquarters with well-developed second thigh

3rd Plummer Aritaur Juno Lucina

LB 10/2

1st Evans Amazon Just Let Me Adore You classic profile excellent static balance feminine throughout with well-developed round bone tightest of feet clean elegant neck deep brisket firm sloping topline balanced angulation hindquarters well-muscled beautiful blunt wedge-shaped head parallel planes correct stop alert expression free effortless mover with excellent reach and drive

2nd Daniel Tuwos Macy Gray at Mattacane feminine and stylish with plenty of substance correct wedge-shaped head muzzle of good length correct stop strong muscular neck firm slighty sloping topline ribs well sprung excellent depth of chest straight parallel front legs tight feet on the move covered the ground with minimal effort and excellent reach and drive

3rd Morrison Aritaur Noisette

OB 8/2

1st & BCC Bisland Ch Krieger's Highland Fling JW brown/rust a real quality show girl elegant and athletic with a commanding presence and outlook soundly constructed with balanced harmonious angulation feminine wedge shaped head flat skull correct stop watchful alert expression super neck firm topline forechest well-developed straight parallel forelegs round bone tight feet on the move completely sound but I felt she was slightly hampered by the small ring which restricted her ability to completely settle into a steady rhythm in excellent coat beautifully conditioned attentive and responsive to her handler

2nd Hutchinson & Mycroft Supetas Diamonds RForever with Debison JW compact square outline short-coupled throughout wedge shaped head almond shaped eyes alert expression correct stop and depth of muzzle strong underjaw excellent dentition correct forechest well boned super feet firm topline short loin accurate and purposeful on the move

3rd Murray & McCall Manrio Galataya

 VB 1/0

1st BV & RESCC Lainchbury Ch Ashlain Trypiti JW ShCM VW I have judged this top-quality bitch several time since she was a puppy and rewarded her highly black/rust compact and square blunt chiselled head level planes correct muzzle and stop strong underjaw tight lips dark eye superb expression she is balanced and soundly constructed without exaggeration muscular throughout in hard condition she powered round the ring demonstrating excellent reach and drive

 SBB 4/2

1st Adams & Springett Aritaur Lapis Lazuli balanced outline feminine with enough substance and strong round bone strong wedge head good length and depth of muzzle moderate length of neck well laid shoulder firm top-line body well-developed with excellent spring rib and good depth of brisket hindquarters well-muscled sound mover

2nd Collingwood Shalissa's Banshee (exhibitor did not wait for critique)