• Show Date: 23/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Loraine Ratter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 14/11/2023

Irish Boxer Dog Club

Breed: Boxer

Irish Boxer Club Championship Show

Date: 23/09/2023

A fabulous weekend in the Emerald Isle I was treated to the most amazing hospitality which was appreciated and warmly accepted it was an honour to judge for this historic club.

Vet D 1st & BVIS Fay-Smith Ch Winuwuk Scouting for Girls at Lorrosa handsome masculine brindle whom I have judged previously refined and well balanced throughout still retaining an excellent profile dark expressive eyes neat ears obvious chin broad deep muzzle muscular neck deep brisket well sprung ribs correct topline and tail set well-muscled quarters covering plenty ground on the move beautifully conditioned

MPD 1st & BPD Van-Beck Newlaithe Respect promising brindle well grown and showing lots of potential and scope for the future at the tall and rangy stage at the moment clean skull neat ears typical assured expression obvious chin good dentition excellent reach of neck correct length of foreleg strongly boned limbs tight cat feet firm topline and correct tail set rather uncoordinated on the move but sound and has plenty time of come together 2nd Payne Birley vale Blazing Heart attractive head and expression excellent rise of skull muzzle well cushioned good pigmentation brisket and fore-chest already well developed lovely bone and tight feet topline needs to settle moved soundly

PD 1st Murphy Bern Drews Jingle All the Way masculine head alert expression good depth and width to muzzle evident chin clean flat cheeks soundly constructed with a good lay of shoulder firm well angulated quarters sound and steady on the move with a good length of stride 2nd Hare Jimbren the Irishman taller upstanding youngster promising head good rise of skull blocky muzzle soft expression good dentition clean arched neck excellent length of foreleg strong straight limbs super pasterns and feet strong sloping top-line a little erratic on the move today

YD Excellent class 1st & RCC Mair Ch Macabre Kicking Up A Storm At Glenauld scopey young male with a typical square outline his angulation is harmonious fore and aft topline firm good depth to chest evident forechest correct ribcage defined withers strong bone short pasterns super feet balanced head dark eye mischievous expression full of attitude broad muzzle good dentition sound mover with an easy ground covering stride 2nd McCarty & Gething Ch Boxania Romanoff To Jedhi beautifully constructed with a well-balanced and unexaggerated outline crested neck evident withers correct topline and tail set excellent underline strongly muscled quarters masculine head with no hint of coarseness good rise of skull flat cheeks well-padded muzzle correct chin good mouth animated, sound and stylish on the move 3rd Bell Lyn Shanes Ima Celebrity

ND 1st Law & Pynegar Shellark Spence Is Dynamite With Berwynfa brindle medium sized masculine head well set dark eyes good width and depth of muzzle straight front strong bone short firm back well-muscled quarters could be more animated on the move 2nd Nelson & Connell Borestone Secretariat at the tall and rangy stage of development body need time to drop and fill his frame his head is masculine dark eyes kind expression good width of muzzle strong neck well boned straight forelegs strong pasterns and tight feet short gleaming coat lacking a bit of enthusiasm on the day but moved adequately

GD 1st McDonald Yeteb Totally Charming square outline balanced masculine head dark eye confident expression wide underjaw big nose wide nostrils correct lip placement long muscular crested substantial bone neck level topline well angulated hammy quarters powerful and sound on the move demonstrating good reach and plenty of drive

PGD 1st Taylor Newlaithe Absolute Bug excellent type masculine with a classic outline brick shaped head dark eye alert expression good pigmentation wide deep muzzle correct underjaw and lip line clean muscular crested neck compact body firm topline bag on tail-set well developed quarters purposeful sound movement beautifully conditioned and presented in hard condition

LD 1st Fay-Smith Lorrosa Roy Pretty Boy Shaw elegant brindle square outline balanced and short-coupled typical head good rise of skull and enough width of muzzle lively alert expression shoulder well laid good length of upper arm strong short slightly sloping topline tail well set hammy quarters stylish and sound on the move 2nd Neilson & Mair Glenauld The Hurricane At Borestone larger type with substantial bone short pasterns and tight feet still needs to develop into his large frame typical head and expression good reach of neck in excellent in coat and condition

OD 1st CC & BOB Keenan & Griffin Ir Ch Duxsara Double Diamond masculine quality dark brindle workmanlike, balanced and unexaggerated profile conveying an impression of strength, power and athleticism desirable in this breed excellent rise of skull dark expressive eyes broad muzzle obvious chin broad nose wide open nostrils correct dentition excellent reach of neck enough forechest strong well developed bone tight cat feet ribs well sprung deep brisket firm topline stylish and sound on the move covering the ground effortlessly presented in hard muscular condition responsive and at one with his handler delighted to award him crown and pleased he was awarded his fourth the next day a Belfast 2nd Mair Ch Glenauld Stormzy upstanding mature dog different type to the first typical head defined stop dark expressive eyes short, wide deep well-padded muzzle good mouth obvious chin harmonious angulation fore and rear muscular crested neck firm topline good tail set and underline plenty of bone super tight feet sound mover well-conditioned and handled to advantage 3rd Payne Ir Ch Willow Storm Chaser

VB 1st Payne Ir Ch Willow Stars in Her Eyes a spritely 10yr old in super condition so typical in type and temperament I admired her substance excellent length of foreleg strong well-developed bone and tight cat like feet she stood fore-square and was attentive and engaged with her handler beautiful soft expression with a definite twinkle in her dark eyes muzzle well-padded on the move retained her topline and outline a credit to her owner

MPB 1st Carter Susancar Maddasan Hatter feminine head excellent rise of skull flat clean cheeks dark expressive eyes blocky muzzle big nose open nostrils muscular neck strong bone firm pasterns and small tight cat like feet developing fore chest ribs well sprung strong top-line excellent underline confident, steady and sound on the move 2nd Payne Birleyvale Burning Heart correctly proportioned head good width of muzzle evident chin dark eyes pleasing expression soundly constructed with harmonious angulation fore and aft good bone tight feet strong elegant neck firm topline rather unsettled on the move 3rd Law Shellark Abbey Road

PB 1st BPB & BPIS Van-Beck Diddle On Newlaithe brindle super youngster with an attractive square profile she is elegant and feminine with strong well developed bone and correct substance appealing head clean skull enough rise of skull blocky muzzle evident chin super neck excellent topline and tail-set short muscular back good depth of brisket ribs well laid back balanced angulation fore and aft animated and stylish on the move 2nd Hare Jimbren Queen Of Tarts beautiful quality and full of type classic head no excess wrinkle excellent width and depth of muzzle soft melting expression elegant crested neck well laid shoulder pronounced withers strong round bone tight cat like feet topline firm short loin good tail-set strong well-muscled quarters not completed happy on the move today

JB 1st Brown & Hutchings Ch Winuwuk Silent Witness her profile conveys a picture of elegance head of excellent proportions lean skull evident stop good width of muzzle large open nostrils keen expression muscular crested neck correct length of foreleg super bone, pasterns and feet short muscular back topline slightly sloping good width to croup broad super muscular hammy thighs purposeful mover covering the ground effortlessly 2nd Adam Carkennar Brainstrom eye catching outline clean feminine head broad muzzle dark eyes evident chin good pigmentation ample bone and substance correct depth to brisket fore-chest still developing well angulated hammy quarters stylish and sound on the move 3rd Murphy Berndrews Easter Bonnet

YB 1st Thomson Ashronsha Dream Away At Latchkey JW quality brindle youngster square and balanced in outline lacking any exaggeration clean arched neck level topline correct tail set appealing expression correct stop padded muzzle evident chin accurate free mover gleaming coat well conditioned handled empathetically 2nd Payne Willow Honeysuckle scopey elegant fawn balanced head clean skull soft appealing expression muzzle well-padded good dentition I liked her substance and strong bone super feet evident forechest correct spring of rib level topline moved well with excellent reach and drive

NB 1st & RCC Mair Glenauld Ovanta super confident self-assured showgirl giving her handler a real work out a real eye catcher with a flowing outline short-coupled throughout muscular crested neck evident withers strong topline bang on tail set well-muscled hindquarters super head type correct rise of skull blocky muzzle her expression is soft but self-assured excellent dentition good reach and powerful drive on the move wish she were mine 2nd Payne Willow Irish Mist refined type well balanced throughout standing fore square attentive and responsive to handler attractive feminine head good rise of skull correct stop dark expressive eyes soundly constructed with evident fore-chest well laid shoulder crested neck level topline short strong back broad muscular hindquarters fluid free movement

PGB 1st McDonald Yetab Little Miss Sunshine young bitch with plenty of scope attractive correctly proportioned head lean skull super width and depth to muzzle good pigmentation defined stop well developed body balanced angulation good bone and feet firm sloping topline good tail set accurate sound mover presented in hard muscular condition 2nd Payne Birleyvale Bellisario typical outline pleasing head neat ears feminine expression evident chin good dentition excellent reach of neck enough depth to brisket slightly sloping topline good underline strong bone firm pasterns tight feet moved adequately

LB super class 1st McCarthy, Gething & Banks Sunhawk Norwatch Lovelace At Jeddhi feminine elegant brindle of immense quality and style super profile well balanced head clean skull dark eyes correct width and depth to muzzle strong underjaw muscular neck well laid shoulder defined withers excellent topline and croup hammy well defined quarters good reach and drive on the move 2nd McDonald Yeteb Little Miss Nonsense litter sister of previous class winner well balanced outline feminine head balanced muzzle to skull ratios muzzle square and well-padded strong underjaw and good dentition muscular crested neck excellent bone, pasterns and feet good depth of brisket correct spring of rib sloping topline well-muscled and angulated quarters sound ground covering movement 3rd Huggins Manic Picture This For Daervlish

OB fabulous class 1st Payne BCC Ch & Ir Ch Willow Sparks Will Fly eye-catching dark brindle stylish flowing outline beautiful chiselled head dark expressive eyes crested neck level topline good tail set harmonious angulation fore and aft her sheer quality and breed type carried her through to the top award over some excellent bitches 2nd Carter Ch Susancar Celia Deal beautifully balanced square outline correct ratio of substance to elegance on her toes and showing to advantage clean skull muzzle well-padded strong underjaw broad nose dark expressive eyes appealing sweet expression long crested neck evident withers short strong back bang on tail-set harmonious angulation fore and aft powered effortlessly around the ring 3rd Mair Ch Vandenrob Vanessa Via Glenauld JW

Judge: L Ratter (Seafar)