• Show Date: 10/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lisa Tyler Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 21/09/2023

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Whippet

Many thanks to the committee for inviting me to award my first set of CCs in a breed I first judged in 2004; to my very efficient stewards, and to the exhibitors for entrusting me with their hounds. I was looking for a well-balanced scopy hound with curvy outline and sound, free flowing movement. Lots of quality on display especially in the bitches. A few fused teeth, not as many as in previous appointments; some going close behind. It was very hot and humid, and a few hounds did not move with the freedom that their conformation suggested they were capable of.

Class 1809 VD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3831 SHEPHERD, Miss S J Ch Citycroft Sundae With Oxana JW Sh.CM ShCEx, f/w 7 y/o, it has been fascinating to watch this boy develop from puppy to champion and now to veteran and he is looking in great shape. Scopy, elegant, masculine without coarseness, presented in super show condition and moving as well if not better than in his youth. BV, close up for RCC.

2nd: 3770 ALLANSSON, Miss C & MACDONALD, Mr R Nattah Echo in the Mist over Macalldon, blue fawn 9 y/o, good for size and well balanced, curves in the right places, moves really well with no sign of his age, just preferred front of 1.

3rd: 3784 BYRON, Miss Emilie Padistan Pip in New York VW.

Class 1810 MPD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3839 TYSON, Mr Craig & TYSON, Mrs Louise & TYSON, Miss STARCEYLON DANCING MASTER, striking black, really elegant with textbook conformation, stands over plenty of ground, good angles both ends, in gleaming coat and he moves with such freedom and drive, lovely to watch. Ample forechest and good feet with springy pasterns, at 7 months he still has some maturing to do in body but all the promise in the world. BP.

Class 1811 PD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3857 YACOBY WRIGHT, mrs Lynn Cobyco Catch Your Eye, 11 months fawn, another impressive puppy, quite substantial with pleasing masculine head, well ribbed up and strong through loin and quarters, nice flow to topline, moved very well all round.

Class 1812 JD (5 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 3853 WINTER, Mr Laurence & YEATES, Miss Debra & MORLAND ZORADEN MASERATI, fawn with an excellent outline, very nicely balanced, good depth and length, excellent front, well let down hocks, deep chest and good tuck up, good profile movement, nice youngster who held his own in the open class later.

2nd: 3824 SAWER, Mrs Sarah Danluke Do Ya Think I'm Sexy At BUMPKISS; brindle, nice outline with good shoulder and fill in front, good turn of stifle, pleasing head, just needs to gain some more confidence in the ring, he was not settled.

3rd: 3828 SEVERN, Ms J Boland Baloo

Class 1813 YD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3843 WHEELER, Mr Rob Ch Ranveli Diki Diki, this strikingly elegant silver brindle took my eye immediately with his beautiful outline, all sweeping curves and plenty of scope. Lovely head with pleasing expression and dark eye, fine ear, super lay of shoulder, clean front and spring of pastern, standing over plenty of ground, strong rear with well-let down hocks, excellent free daisycutting profile movement and clean out and back, a lovely hound. CC.

2nd: 3815 MILUK, Mrs J & MILUK, Mr R TUMBLERS ADAGIO, br/w with plenty of substance, decent front with good fill and return, good depth of chest, strong rear, moved well enough. Topline rather overdone for my taste and a bit short in loin.

3rd: 3828 SEVERN, Ms J Boland Baloo

Class 1814 ND (8 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 3802 HIGGINBOTTOM, Miss ELLEN Natalie Ranveli Royal Duke Of Dawnsafon, light fawn 10 month pup, very nice head and front, good angles both ends, well muscled rear and low hocks, he moved very well with good footfall and covering the ground, just needs to firm up in topline which should come with age, easy winner here.

2nd: 3825 SAXBY, Miss K Sandspring Sea Master, fawn, quite a nice head, straighter in front than 1; good depth of chest and tuckup, curvy topline, good fallaway and tailset. Moved OK in profile, not as tidy out and back as 1.

3rd: 3790 CHELSEA, Ms Katharina Moleswell Osborne

Class 1815 GD (9 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 3782 BUNNEY, Ms Susan E Bunehug Let It Be Me, fawn/white, up to size, masculine head with dark eye, good front, fill and return of upper arm, curvy topline, well-muscled rear and moved accordingly, a touch short in loin for my taste but not to a fault.

2nd: 3842 WEBBER, Ms D Lolani Ride a Wild Trail JW, silver brindle, very nice type, good for size with a really nice head and strong jaw, stands over ground and has broad thighs and low hocks, movement was sound and clean but not quite the free stride in profile of 1.

3rd: 3790 CHELSEA, Ms Katharina Moleswell Osborne

Class 1816 PGD (6 Entries) Abs: 1

This was a really nice class with three excellent males of different types.

1st: 3771 SOFFE, Miss Carly Zoraden Macchiato JW, masked fawn/white, neat and compact with excellent conformation all round, all curves and no exaggerations, very well handled and he comes into his own on the move, superb extension and drive which won him the class.

2nd: 3832 SHEPHERD, Miss S J Kidaruka It's Showtime At Oxana JW, another really classy hound, masculine in outlook, really well constructed and a touch scopier than 1, thought he would be my winner stacked but he did not put himself out on the move as I have seen him do and could not match 1’s profile movement, though totally sound and clean. Preferred size to 3 who has a lovely outline and sound as a bell, but just too much of him for me.

3rd: 3841 WEBBER, Ms D Denimblue Willdo JW

Class 1817 LD (9 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 3780 WILTON-CLARK, Miss Jane Shalfleet Making Waves, blue brindle; so elegant with a classic head and expression, flat skull and dark eye. Super flow from neck to topline courtesy of well laid shoulder and return of upper arm, deep brisket carried well back with curvy underline, strong quarters and lovely flowing action on the move, clean out and back, presented a lovely picture. RCC.

2nd: 3778 BINGHAM, Mrs D Lolani Jazzed Up, refined fawn with white trim, pleasing head and outline, good front and feet, decent rear, moved pretty well all round, would like depth of brisket carried back a touch further.

3rd: 3801 HALL, Mesdames E S Bass & D M Shalfleet New Moon Rising at Silverfrith

Class 1818 OD (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3849 WILTON-CLARK, Ms J Shalfleet Toy Story, br/w, 4 yo male, this boy has matured into a real stallion hound, super masculine head, well up to size with ample substance, plenty of scope, in fit muscular condition and moves with plenty of drive and freedom. 

2nd: 3855 WOODCROFT, Ms L & YACOBY - WRIGHT, Mrs Lynn Cobyco City Limits, very nice red 3y/o with super free active movement in profile and clean coming and going, pleasing curvy outline with good conformation all round, quality hound.

3rd: 3853 WINTER, Mr Laurence & YEATES, Miss Debra & MORLAND ZORADEN MASERATI

Class 1819 SBD (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3801 HALL, Mesdames E S Bass & D M Shalfleet New Moon Rising at Silverfrith, upstanding mature w/br 4 y/o, well constructed with a really nice masculine head, well-balanced unexaggerated angulation, lots of scope; clean out and back but not putting his best foot forward in profile. Best SpBeginner.

2nd: 3790 CHELSEA, Ms Katharina Moleswell Osborne, solid fawn of a different type to many here, head OK though a bit round in eye and would like more fill in foreface, but he is well made all through with plenty of scope, and having been told afterwards that this was his first ever show at 18 months, he handled it all extremely well and moved very nicely once he settled.

3rd: 3812 MCCREDIE, Mrs Cherry Harerunner Heavenly Mover

Class 1820 VB (5 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3776 BASS, Mrs E S Blandings Treacle Tart Sh.CM VW, silver brindle/w, such a lovely feminine head and outlook, so elegant and scopy, super front with springy pasterns, good length and strength of loin, in fit condition and covering the ground really well in profile, cannot believe she is now nearly 11 years old, credit to her owner and her breeder.

2nd: 3797 FISHER-HOME, Mrs C. & HOME, Mrs J. Ch Citycroft Creme Caramel Of Jasarat JW, shapely feminine fawn with lovely curves, well balanced angles, strong rear and stands over plenty of ground, moved very well, another super veteran.

3rd: 3813 MEADS, Mr & Mrs Tony & Bridget Rockanor Silver Saphire at Jasbri

Class 1821 MPB (4 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 3838 TYSON, Mr Craig & TYSON, Mrs Louise & TYSON, Miss STARCEYLON REGINA DI QUADRI. Light brindle with excellent front, giving good flow from neck through shoulder, pleasing unexaggerated rear, used herself very well on the move with long free strides, still a bit of growing left to do. BPB.

2nd: 3791 COURTNEY, Ms Sue & WALLACE, Mr D & GOWER, Mrs D Nattah Chasing The Wind to Courtbirch, blue fawn, again a quality pup, just 6 months, good strong rear, good front with ample fill for age, nice deep brisket, curvy underline, moved very well, should firm in topline with maturity.

Class 1822 PB (1 Entries) Abs: 1

Class 1823 JB (4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 3852 WILTON-CLARK, Ms J Shalfleet Chilli Cracker, silver brindle, 15 months with very pretty head and dark eye giving a pleasing expression, excellent lay of shoulder and return of upper arm, standing over a lot of ground, moved very well once she settled, just had a tendency to drop her rear while stacked.

2nd: 3820 PERKINS, Miss G Zetor Kierpark Just A Song At Zeglynn, lightly marked brindle, leggy and elegant, plenty of scope, moved very well with good reach in front, good feet and pasterns, could drop in brisket a little more.

3rd: 3775 BARNES, Mrs Brenda Doddridge Strictly Cha Cha

Class 1824 YB (5 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 3804 HOWGATE, Mr M & HULL, Ms Y Palmik Truth About Love JW, the word that immediately springs to mind for this lovely young fawn is ‘class’. Beautiful outline with curves in all the right places, from her neat feminine head to her low set hocks everything is in proportion and harmonious in balance with no exaggerations anywhere, pin sharp out and back and with a superb free flowing stride in profile which covers the ground effortlessly, a real eye-filler. CC, her first, and BOB.

2nd: 3820 PERKINS, Miss G Zetor Kierpark Just A Song At Zeglynn

3rd: 3822 REECE, Mrs Sally Saleehah Stardancer

Class 1825 NB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3796 FALCONER, Ms Di Kuriwao Serrafina Star, f/w, lovely make and shape with well-laid shoulder, good return of upper arm, nice sweep of topline into strong well-angled quarters, clean free mover, very nice bitch and I can’t imagine she will be in novice for much longer.

2nd: 3848 WILLIAMS, Mrs K H Tigsisle Frost And Flame, blue f/w, petite and feminine, well balanced angulation, moved pretty well all round, ample scope, well-let down hocks, a nice bitch who needs careful assessment as her markings don’t flatter her.

3rd: 3826 SAXBY, Miss K Sandspring Sea Coral

Class 1826 GB (8 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3783 BUNNEY, Ms Susan E Bunehug So Be It, fawn with a really pleasing outline, good flow from poll to tail, excellent forehand, good depth and ribbing and stands over ground, sound all through and moved accordingly, a very nice type.

2nd: 3851 WILTON-CLARK, Ms J Shalfleet Easter Sonnet, w/br junior bitch, again of high quality as always from this kennel which produces such consistent type. Very nice head and good front, sweeping topline and plenty of scope, moved very well, not much between these two.

3rd: 3817 PERKINS, Miss G Zetor Southgrove Kiss From A Rose At Zeglynn (Imp NLD)

Class 1827 PGB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3768 LONGHURST, Mrs & Miss Angela & Abbeygail Abbeyhurst Dancing Queen JW, blue fawn, really liked this elegant scopy girl, textbook construction all though, excellent flowing topline, made a pleasing picture stacked but really shines on the move with lovely long, low, free strides and great drive from powerful quarters. Still not at full maturity and more to come from her. RCC.

2nd: 3807 JONES, Mrs W & JONES, Dr N Mac Bells Purple Patch over Chelynnah (Swed Imp), pretty blue brindle, petite and feminine with well-balanced angulation, clean out and back and good in profile too, though could not quite match 1 in this regard.

3rd: 3788 CHAPPELL, Mrs Karen & CHAPPELL, Mr Darren Blueflight Foggy Bottom

Class 1828 LB (6 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 3834 SMITH, Mrs L & COULTER, Mrs V Collooney At Last, bl/w presented in absolutely gleaming condition, elegant and graceful with a super clean front and very good length of loin, lean muscle behind and well ribbed up, free in profile, clean in front, just flicking a hock going away.

2nd: 3779 BLAKE, Miss Emily Jane Silkridge In A Moment At Mazargo, light blue brindle, slightly more compact in type with a pretty feminine head, good topline, strong rear end used to good effect, moved well all round. Not quite the front of 1.

3rd: 3847 WILLIAMS, Mrs K H Tigsisle Its About Time

Class 1829 OB (6 Entries) Abs: 1

Such a lovely class, five high quality bitches any one of whom could top this on another day.

1st: 3803 HOWGATE, Mr M & HULL, Ms Y Ch Palmik Chasing Rainbows JW, compact fawn bitch who has lovely effortless free gait, clean out and back, feminine head with an excellent front and flowing topline, good depth and length of ribbing, unexaggerated rear giving plenty of drive, a class act.

2nd: 3856 YACOBY WRIGHT, mrs Lynn Cobyco Cover Girl, fawn of a slightly different type, elegant and feminine, plenty of scope and with clean athletic movement, good depth and fill, another high class bitch.

3rd: 3850 WILTON-CLARK, Ms J Shalfleet Bridget Jones

Class 1830 SBB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3821 REECE, Mrs Sally Saleehah Moonflower, typy br/w, good for size, pleasing head with good work in it, very good front and fill, nice strong rear with excellent muscle tone, looked very good stacked but not settled on the move with a change of handler.

2nd: 3789 CHAPPELL, Mrs Karen & CHAPPELL, Mr Darren Blueflight Sun Warrior, fawn, quite nicely put together and with a pretty head, in good muscle tone, quite fine all through and would like more depth of brisket.

3rd: 3830 SHARPE, Mrs Joan Tigsisle Sun And Ice