• Show Date: 08/12/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: LINDA SKERRITT Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 15/12/2023

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand)

Thanks to all exhibitors who entered at this new venue for LKA. Ten years ago I wrote I was concerned that leathers should not get too short and this still needs watching. The Standard asks for “reaching to just beyond the tip of the nose”.

PD (2) 1 McGregor & McGregor’s Claela Lets Drink A Toast. Predominantly b/w tri. At just under 1yr old maturing nicely. Strongly made all through with lovely balanced head and pleasing expression, dark eyes and correct length leathers. Good harsh coat, correct ribbing, plenty of bone, strong topline carried well when moving soundly.

2 Brown, Brown & Brown’s Claela Sweet Dreams. Well balanced and much to like about him though unfortunately nervous so difficult to assess properly. Profuse coat. Pleasing head with correct ratios. Good length leathers. Level topline with good tail set. Well angulated at rear though a little close behind today when moving.

JD (0), PGD (2,2), LD (1,1)

OD (4) 1 Huikeshoven’s Snowball v TumTums Vriendjes. Headed a class of quality hounds of differing type. At just 3yrs old, a striking, o/w masculine dog of larger mould. Strongly made all through and displaying excellent balance. Noble, domed head with correct ratios, square muzzle, and good length leathers with inward curl. Tight front construction. Good bone and tight feet. Well-proportioned all through, good ribbing and topline held well on the move. Good ring presence, covering the ring easily on strong quarters with correct fore and aft extension and sabre tail carriage. DCC and BOB. Pleased to see short-listed in Group.

2 Buchanan & Maclaren’s Ch Macaroni v Tum-tums Vriendjes of Tarmachan (imp). Another slightly larger dog. Attractive overall outline with well-shaped head and long, strong neck leading into straight front with good sternum. Shoulders well laid back and correct ribbing. Well balanced, standing on strong quarters with moderate stifle. Tail well carried when on move. RDCC.

3 McGregor & McGregor’s Ch Claela Infinity And Beyond.

GCD (0)

VD/B (2,1) 1 Buchanan, MacLaren & O’Day’s Ch Tarmachan Black Ice. Well-balanced 7yr old bitch, a worthy champion. Lovely expression, pleasing head shape, dark eye, prominent sternum and good reach of neck. Harsh coat. Level topline, slightly rising over loin on move. Tail set correctly and of good length, carried proudly. Moved easily, freely and with drive. BV.

PB (3,1) 1 McGregor’s Claela Sweet Afton At Arona. Now at almost 12mths, maturing well. The most feminine expression on well-shaped head of excellent proportions and with good furnishings. Nice reach of neck. Tight front, superbly balanced outline and correct angulation. Good ribbing, topline and tailset. Moved easily and true with reach and drive. BP and RBCC.

2 Hamlyn & Altman’s Claela Bonny at Morn with Soleildor. Tri-colour litter sister of 1st. Well balanced though needs time to body up. Kind and dark eye, good head properties. A sweet bitch that was unfortunately slightly nervy though settled down to move nicely.

JB (0)

PGB (2,1) 1 Rossington’s Soufriere Balisage. Good pigmentation on this typey 2yr old tri. Correct length muzzle. Balanced proportions, with good body and coat though slight outturn to right foreleg. Ribs moderately rounded and carried well back. Movement free and carrying tail well.

LB (4,2)

1 Buchanan & MacLaren’s Tarmachan Clootie Dumpling. Much to like about this eye-catching 2yr old sable/white. Excellent head, oval eye, fine leathers. Good overall proportions with clean neck leading into tight front, good sternum and shoulders. Well boned with correct ribbing. Correct hind angulation propelled her freely and effortlessly around the ring. Good texture coat and presented an overall balanced picture. Pleased to award her the BCC, which I understand was her third.

2 Makey’s Gairside Special Interest. Beautiful bitch with calm, feminine head. Good pigment. Leathers with good fold though could be slightly longer. Nice size with well-constructed front and straight forelegs. Good bone. Ribbing carried well back. Coat sparse on tail. Topline held well on move. Good angulation, moved easily with good tail carriage.

OB (2,1)

1 Cooper’s Ch Jayanel Peppermint Patty. Much to like about this lovely bitch. Feminine head of good proportions and pigmentation with oval, dark eye. Pleasing front assembly, tight feet, good ribbing. Very sound when moving round ring with level topline, good extension and hind movement and correct tail carriage.

GCB (0)

Linda Skerritt