• Show Date: 09/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Linda Lane Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Affenpinscher

`Three Counties Champ Show

Friday 9th June 2023

Affenpinschers – Judge Linda Lane (Konishiki)

I was thrilled to judge Affenpinschers, my appointment had been delayed a few years due to covid but it was worth the wait. I had a really good entry for a non CC show and was absolutely delighted with the quality of the dogs. I had purposely not looked to see who was winning of late and judged afresh the dogs before me. I did own Affies many years ago and I must say the quality has improved. The conformation of the dogs was great and all the dogs were happy and showed well. There were some promising young dogs entered and I will watch their show career with excitement. Thanks again exhibitors for entering under me.

Puppy Dog 1 (0)

1. Dowsett’s Simiacanes Sedis of Tteswood. BPD - 8 month old boy with the most appealing head, showing a good turn-up with the slightly undershot jaw – eyes and nose ratio showing the equal triangle as called for in the standard. Very good ear carriage and open nostrils. Nice harsh coat and showing a good topline moving around. Still a baby and with more practice should show himself off to his true potential.

Junior Dog 1 (0)

1. Currie’s Faehat Trilby. What a cheeky monkey expression this 16 month boy had. Lovely wide nostrils prominent chin with good upturn, nicely small set ears, coat was great for roughness, short straight back with moderate angulation. Moved and showed well.

Post Graduate 1 (0)

1. Shepherd’s Avantgarde Sexy Symbolist NAP. A very smart and well conditioned young man. 18 months old, stood four square, correct head with open nostrils, dark eye and alert expression. Harsh blackest of coats, lovely natured. Great front and correct level topline moving soundly around the ring. Pushed for top honours.

Open Dog 6 (1)

A class full of quality Affies all of which could change places on another day.

1. McEvoy’s Ashiblack Pearly King. BOB, BD. An outstanding quality 22 month boy of a size I prefer. Harshest of coats, lovely square shape, straight front, compact feet, dark pads and nails, cheekiest of faces with lovely wide bottom jaw and upturn, short neck, he strutted his stuff going around like a seasoned showman and won in a class of quality dogs.

2. Dowsett’s Ch Avantgarde Italys Secret with Tteswood JW. RBD. I have judged this outstanding 3 year old boy before and have given him top spots. His conformation and soundness is outstanding and he shows so well. He has a real monkey face with the darkest of eyes, lovely for size and good to go over, typical rough coat, short neck and squarely built. He comes into his own on the move. Shame to have met (1) above.

3. Shepherd’s Ch Avantgarde Zonked Out Zappa.

Veteran Dog 1 (0)

1. Currie’s Ch Orlock Evernight for Faehat ShCM VW. Best Veteran. I simply could not believe this very smart black as black boy was 10.5 years old. Such a lovely size, great expression – still with a glint in his eye. Rough coat, moved around the ring like a puppy. He really was a credit to his owner. I can see how he won all his awards.

Bitches – I found the quality of all the bitches was exceptional today. How the affies have come on with soundness, personality and conformation. A real credit to the breeders.

Puppy Bitch 4(1)

1. Pirrie’s Riogaioch Dear Prudence. 9 month old very black feminine girl. Good for size. Lovely rough coat, nice and square, great front, head with the sweetest of expressions having a dark eye and correctly placed ears. Good upturn. Wide bottom jaw. Very well schooled and showed her socks off.

2. Currie’s Faehat Percher. This baby puppy was such a nice size and shape, again having the monkey expression, small feminine head, correct ears, dark eye, nice bottom jaw and rough coat. She was also handled well and moved well going and coming. Close up to 1 above.

3. Hughes Pipes of Peace at Nantmelan.

Junior Bitch 2 (1)

1. Pirrie and McEvoy’s Afterglow Cheddar Gorgeous Guereza. RBB and BPIB. This 11 month old super temperament girl was my star of the day. I nearly gave her best bitch. As soon as she entered the ring she just looked correct. Such a lovely shape with a great topline and tailset. Perfect head with the triangular placed dark eyes, great set of ears, nice bottom jaw and mouth. Her coat was rough and she moved effortlessly and soundly around the ring. Def one to watch for the future.

Post Graduate 3 (3)

Open 3 (1)

1. Shepherd’s Avantgarde Les Fleurs Du Mal NAP. BB. RBOB Such a sound girl who has it all going for her. Very good condition, gleaming black coat of rough texture, nice for size, Very pretty head and expression, dark eye, lovely wide bottom jaw and lips, correct reverse scissor bite and such a happy girl going around the ring so soundly with her tail held high. Such quality from this top affenpinscher kennel.

2. Pirrie’s Riogaioch Beth Le Hem. Another quality young lady who was definitely enjoying her day. Typical cheeky head and expression, great body shape, nice front, good tailset and topline when moving so soundly around the ring. Close up to 1.