• Show Date: 30/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Leila Tarabad Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 04/10/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Miniature Pinscher


30th September 2023

Judge: Miss L Tarabad (Khatibi) 

Miniature Pinscher 


It had been a long time since I judged the breed, with an appointment cancelled due to covid and then a wait for this appointment, in fact the last time I judged the breed I awarded the veteran bitch rbpis! I was delighted with the entry, especially considering it was Scotland which I know is a big effort for many exhibitors to travel to! I was delighted to see the BOB take Group 4, the puppy shortlisted in the group and the Veteran take Group 3, congratulations to you all!  

 JD (6,2) 

1st: WATKINS, Ms Tereza & BUGDEN, Miss Jess Ch Hawksflight Hot Pursuit JW. I was excited to get the chance to judge this well known young dog and can see why he has done so well. Spot on for size and shape, compact and elegant with good neck, topline and tailset, lovely forechest, straight front and parallel rear. Handsome head with strong muzzle, nice eyes and expression. Very well schooled and looks a picture circling the ring with an accurate gait and hackney action, was very nice coming but a little close going away. When he came back for the challenge he just wasn’t on his toes and making the most of himself which was a shame as I’ve seen him displaying the “spirited presence” characteristic of the breed plenty of times from ringside. Nevertheless a super example of the breed who was close up in the challenge. 

2nd: CHAPMAN, Miss V J Vickstock he's here again. 12months and gave away a lot in maturity here still needing to develop in body fully. Nice neck, topline and tailset, good sweep of stifle and compact in outline. Correctly shaped head with strong muzzle and jaw, dense pigment and nice eyes. Moved soundly with nice profile action holding a firm topline.   

3rd: BALANDA, Mrs S Allanabru Simply Red at Wishsong 


PGD (1 ) 

1st: TIMMERMANN, Mrs Silvia & MCDONALD, L Shadowmist Munroc to Manchester. 2yr dog, sturdy, compact and well muscled with lovely chest and ribbing, short loin and firm topline. Masculine head with alert expression, flat skull and strong muzzle, could have neater ears. Moved well, accurate out and back and holding a nice outline in profile, would like more drive behind. In super condition. 


 LD (2,1) 

1st: SANTORIELLO, Mrs S & SANTORIELLO, Mr Domenico PINICIO TWIST AND SHOUT JW. Standing alone but a worthy winner in any company. 19month red who displays the ‘fearless animation, complete self-possession and spirited presence’ which is characteristic of the breed and (in my opinion) is as necessary as the hackney action. Presenting a well balanced, compact, elegant outline with arched neck flowing into a super topline, good forechest, well sprung ribs, short loin and well angulated rear. Lovely head properties with dark oval eyes, flat skull, neat high set ears, strong muzzle and jaw and such a keen expression. Moved with a good hackney action in front, decent drive, holding his outline firm in profile and easily one of the best moving away. In smooth lustrous coat, fit, muscular condition and handled to an advantage. Returned to the challenge on his toes and daring me to ignore him! Still only young with a little more maturing to do but should have no trouble gaining his title. CC, BOS.  


 OD (4,1) 

1st: WESTERMAN, Miss Charlotte Ann Charpin Ottomatic JW. Neat little b/t with a super attitude. Small and compact with graceful neck into good topline, well angulated rear, medium bone and in gleaming coat with correct markings. Correctly shaped head with alert expression, oval eyes and high set ears that could be a touch smaller. Moved accurately with decent hackney action and holding a nice outline in profile. 

2nd: SANTORIELLO, Mrs S & SANTORIELLO, Mr Domenico PINICIO RED REBELLION JW. Half brother to the cc winner and so similar in make and shape. Again, such an appealing head and expression with neat ears and dark oval eyes. Elegant and balanced in outline with lovely neck, topline and rear assembly. Was not making the best of himself on the move today, I'm sure he’ll have better days. 

3rd: REDDINGTON, Miss K & HARRISON, J Kaypin Voulez Vous 


VD (1) 

1st: HARRISON, Ms J D & REDDINGTON, Miss K Ch Trenson Flummadiddle Sh.CM. Super ‘old man’ who, at 8.5yrs old, is still in the most wonderful condition and obviously loves being in the ring. I was impressed by him some 7 years ago when judged him as a youngster and he really hasn’t changed that much aside from a little frosting around the edges! Compact and sturdy with super chest and ribbing, short loin, strong rear and good topline both standing and on the move. Handsome head with small high set ears, strong muzzle and jaw, dense pigment and such an alert expression from his dark eyes. Moved with a precise action and some hackney in front, coming towards a little wide but holding an impressive outline in profile. Still more than worthy of taking home the green cards and was my RCC winner, only beaten by his grandson! RCC, BV, Veteran Group 3. 


 PB (2 ) 

1st: STRACEY, Miss R Krieger's Kiss'N'Tell. 8month b/t of undeniable quality and with personality plus! Fairly mature for her age with impressive chest and ribbing, moderate tuck up, correct topline and well developed rear giving an eyecatching, smart, elegant outline. Feminine head with good strength to her muzzle and jaw, flat skull and high set ears with a hint of mischief in her dark eyes. Moved with a lovely action in profile and some drive behind, good going away, could firm up a little coming towards. In impressive condition and so well schooled and handled. I have no doubt she will carry her title. RCC, BP and shortlisted in the puppy group. 

2nd: TIMMERMANN, Mrs Silvia & CORNUM, Mrs Rhonda Shadowmist Smoking Gun of Munroc. Smaller and less mature baby who was a little overawed but made a good account of herself moving happily around the ring with a nice topline and proud head carriage. Compact frame with short loin and good rear angulation. Sweet face with dark eyes and dense pigment.  


JB (2 ) 

1st: URWIN, Mrs Wendy & URWIN, Mr Jonathan VICKSTOCK WOW ANEEVA. Small, neat 12month red who obviously still has some maturing to do but already presents an impressive outline when stood with graceful reach of neck into sloping topline, straight front, parallel rear, decent chest and ribbing for age, short loin and medium bone. Feminine head with lovely dark eyes, dense pigment, high set ears and appealing expression. Moved with accuracy out and back, a little excitable going round and so wasn’t holding the best outline but had decent hackney in front. A quality youngster who should do well. 

2nd: HARTLEY & FAHEY, Messrs Colin & Clark Sticmaze Slapstick With Zoomeera. Larger all through but balanced with correct bone and substance, good reach of neck and well muscled rear. Well proportioned head with dark eyes and alert expression. Was rather enjoying herself on the move and was obviously sound but just didn’t settle enough to really show off her gait. 


 PGB (2 , 1) 

1st: FRENCH, Mrs Katherine & FRENCH, Mr Adrian Pinicio Pirouette JW. 19month b/t of a nice size who could be a touch shorter in loin for ideal balance. Elegant in outline with arched neck, good topline, still needs time to develop fully in chest and rib and could carry more weight. Straight front, parallel rear with good turn of stifle and enough width behind. Well proportioned feminine head with dark eyes and high set ears. Moved with a nice hackney action and had the most delightful attitude. 


 LB (2 ) 

1st: REDDINGTON, Miss K & HARRISON, J Kaypin Hey Diddle Diddle. Rather nice 19 months old, small and compact with such lovely substance, in gleaming coat and well muscled condition. Strong neck into good front assembly, lovely forechest and spring of rib, short loin and well angulated rear. Keen expression from dark oval eyes, neat ears, strong muzzle and jaw. Moved with a very precise, smart action, could have a little more hackney and could be slightly firmer in topline when moving in profile but overall a lovely bitch who I’d happily sign a green card for. 


 OB (2)  

1st: STRACEY, Miss R Ch Galkerah's Antonia to Krieger JW. Eyecatching b/t who was impossible to ignore. Her outline is beautifully balanced with correct length of leg and depth of chest, strong arched neck, firm sloping topline, high set tail and strong, well developed rear. Superb forechest, spring of rib, moderate tuck up and short strong loin. Her head is quite strong but well proportioned with flat skull, strong muzzle and jaw, fairly dark eyes and high set ears that could be a little neater. It was her movement that impressed me most with superb drive from the rear, decent hackney, good out and back, holding her head proudly and topline firm at all times, I could have watched her circling the ring all day! In pristine, fit condition with her lustrous coat gleaming and marked correctly. I had no hesitation in awarding her the CC. In the final challenge although I preferred the dogs head I couldn't resist her precise, effortless movement. CC, BOB and was delighted to see her take Group 4 in good company. 

2nd: WESTERMAN, Miss Charlotte Ann Keljantzi's Yulianna at Charpin JW. Lively 5yr old b/t with elegant balanced outline, decent chest and ribbing, short loin, sloping topline and good sweep of stifle. Feminine head of correct shape with flat skull, nice eyes and expression, strong jaw and high set ears. Rather excitable on the move but had a nice action when she settled and used her rear well. Handled and presented nicely. 


 VB (1) 

1st: SANTORIELLO, Mrs S & SANTORIELLO, Mr Domenico Ch Tubize Manhattan By Pinicio JW Shcm. One I have judged in the past and has always impressed, now as a veteran my opinion hasn’t changed. Such a neat, sturdy outline with graceful lines, arched neck into lovely front assembly, firm sloping topline, good forechest and spring of rib, moderate tuck up and strong rear. Medium bone and good feet with correctly marked, smooth b/t coat. Beautiful head and expression with lovely small ears, dark eyes, strong muzzle and jaw. Moved well, accurate out and back, displaying good hackney action and maintaining her outline perfectly as she circle the ring, could just have a touch more drive. Another from this kennel that displayed the fearless, spirited attitude typical of the breed. Was close up in the challenge.