• Show Date: 26/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Leila Tarabad Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 30/11/2023

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Havanese

Driffield AS 

Judge: Miss L Tarabad (Khatibi) 


I had a lovely entry on paper, unfortunately about half were absent which was a little disappointing. 

JD (2 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 1832 SALMON, Mrs L Dyffrynsands Who's That Guy. Well presented 17month old who was more sturdily built than 2 and moved holding a better outline. Handsome head, almond shaped eyes, good pigment, correct length of muzzle and correctly set ears. Good front and rear assembly, still needs to mature a little more in body, correct topline and in good coat. Moved freely, a little close behind. 

2nd: 1828 MCKELLAR, Miss Carole Elisabeth Wizzizz Efenity'N Beyond. Smaller, needs time to mature in body and needs more weight. Moved well once he settled, holding a good topline and carrying his tail well. Well proportioned head with balanced length of muzzle, dense pigment and nice eyes.  


 SBD (1 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 1828 MCKELLAR, Miss Carole Elisabeth Wizzizz Efenity'N Beyond. See Jun. 


PGD (3 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 1825 GUNN, Mrs Lorraine Newtonwood Crazy For Love. Nice size, sturdy and balanced outline with good shoulders, correct topline, good tuck up and moderately angulated rear. Broad rounded skull with lovely dark eyes, good length of muzzle with moderate stop and correctly set and carried ears. Moved with a lovely spring in his step, holding a firm outline. Presented in good coat and condition. BD, BOB. 

2nd: 1827 HOLLIDAY, Mrs Kathleen Elizabeth Pandaprint Casanova. Slightly bigger and more masculine than 1. Well proportioned head with good pigment, correctly shaped eyes, well set and carried ears and pleasing expression. Enough neck, well sprung ribs, good tuck up and moderate rear angulation. Moved freely, very well presented. 

3rd: 1830 READ, Ms Lynda Heronsbridge Energumene 


 OD (6 Entries) Abs: 3 

1st: 1826 HARRIS, Mrs R A Tiggafield Jack Flash at Mantafield. Small and sturdily built with a nicely balanced shape. Could stand straighter in front, good bone, correct length of body, good tuck up and moderately angulated rear. Lovely head with good pigment, large dark eyes, nicely finished muzzle and strong jaw. Moved happily.RBD 

2nd: 1824 GUNN, Mrs Lorraine Janabear Dance O' The Knights. Not the substance of 1 but moved with a lovely action in profile. Medium neck, good topline, tailset and carriage. Correctly shaped head with good length of muzzle, darkish eyes and gentle expression. In good coat and condition. 

3rd: 1831 SALMON, Mrs L Dyffrynsands Balto At Lizzielane 


 JB (1 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 1833 SALMON, Mrs L Dyffrynsands Margot Mae at Lizzielane. 17months old, nice size but needs to carry a little more body. Nice neck, good topline and tail carriage, moderately angulated rear, needs time to mature in chest and rib. Feminine head with lovely pigment, correctly set and carried ears good length of muzzle and sweet expression. A little unsettled on the move at times. RBB. 


 SBB (1 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 1829 MCKELLAR, Miss Carole Elisabeth Janabear Stac Polaidh. 4yr, small and correctly balanced in outline but another that could have more body. Feminine head, a little narrow but with dense pigment, correct length of muzzle, darkish eyes and moderate stop. Moved soundly with correct tail carriage. BSpBeg 


PGB (3 Entries) Abs: 2 

1st: 1829 MCKELLAR, Miss Carole Elisabeth Janabear Stac Polaidh 


OB (4 Entries) Abs: 3 

1st: 1837 THACKERY, Mrs M A Ch Tiggafield All That Jazz. Beautifully balanced and lovely quality. Enough neck, into good topline, sound front and rear and well sprung ribs. Well balanced head with good pigment, correctly shaped eyes, good length and finish of muzzle and gentle expression. Moved ok when she settled but really wasn’t that happy on the grass which was such a shame as I’m sure she could move a lot better. I thought she would top the entry but she just didn’t do enough to match the positive movement of the dog. I’m sure she’ll have better days. BB, BOS.