• Show Date: 09/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Leila Tarabad Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/10/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Italian Greyhound

East Of England Championship Show 

Italian Greyhound 

Judge: Miss L Tarabad (Khatibi) 

I was absolutely delighted with such a big entry of Italian Greyhounds with no CC’s on offer. The weather was kind so we could make use of the lovely big ring and the dogs seemed to enjoy the warm summer’s day!  

Puppy Dog, (2,1) 

 1.Salatini Supremo (Miss N Hunter) 8month old who was not overly confident on the table. Elegant in outline with good neck, well angulated rear, good bone and feet. Nicely shaped head with fine muzzle and bright eyes. Could carry a little more condition. Moved soundly, a little close going away.  

 Junior Dog, (4,1) 

1.Tamiskene Hamilton (Mrs G D Bird) The most elegant and balanced here. Long arched neck, good topline, nice front assembly, good depth of chest and well angulated rear. Long, narrow head with nice eyes and expression. Moved well maintaining his outline, could have a little more drive from behind. Still has maturing to do but should finish nicely. RBD. 

2. Crystaldrift Caerllion (Mrs Tate) Soundly moving youngster in lovely condition but was a little skittish so not making the most of himself. Lovely depth of chest, good ribbing, correct topline and strong rear. Well balanced head with slight stop and large eyes. 

 3.Loutony Little Brother (Miss K Wallace Horne) 

Post Graduate Dog, (2) 

1.Crystaldrift Caerllion (Mrs Tate) 2nd in JD, was more settled here and was better out and back than 2. 

2.Skylar's Chico (Miss K Wallace Horne) Presents a pleasing outline in profile with good topline, depth of chest and rear angulation. Nice head and expression. Could stand straighter in front. Moving soundly in all directions, just a little untidy out and back. Best Sp. Beginner. 

 Limit Dog, (2) 

  1.Salatini Dakota Gold (Miss N Hunter) Nice size, elegant in outline with good neck and shoulders, straight in front with deep narrow chest, good topline and strong rear. Long, narrow head with neat ears and alert expression. Moving well, accurate out and back with good propulsion from the rear. Needs a bit more confidence to make the most of himself. 

2.Gemolli Midnight Magic (Mrs C M Henshall) Confident 3yr old who moved well but carried his tail too high which ruined his outline. Correctly shaped head with nice eyes and expression. Long arched neck, good depth of chest, well angulated rear and strong fine bone. In good condition and fine coat. 

Open Dog, (3) 

1. Ch Salatini Santino (Miss N Hunter) Best on the move here, accurate in all directions with good drive behind and lift in front. Nice size with good front, deep narrow chest, fine bone, good feet and well muscled rear. Masculine head of good length, large bright eyes, strong jaw and fine muzzle. Easy winner of BD.  

2. Ch Gemolli The Magician (Mrs C M Henshall) Nearly 8yrs old and still in lovely condition. Not as straight in front as 1 and a little steeper in croup than I’d prefer but presents an elegant outline with fine skin and coat. Flat skull with slight stop, large eyes and well balanced length of muzzle. Moved positively. 

3.Ch Tamiskene Rhumba (Mrs G D Bird) 

 Special Beginners Dog, (1) 

1.Skylar's Chico (Miss K Wallace Horne)see pg dog. 

Puppy Bitch (3) 

1.Laborghini Hot As Hell (Ms L Hague) Sweet baby with a delightful temperament, really making the most of herself and presented in super condition with fine skin and glossy coat. Balanced and elegant outline with good topline, correct rear angulation, good depth of chest and fine strong bone. Feminine head with neat ears, fine muzzle and strong jaw, eyes could be a touch larger. Moved soundly. BP. 

2.Salatini Statuesque (Miss N Hunter) Nice puppy but unfortunately was rather nervous and so wasn’t making much of herself. Lovely head and expression with nice eyes and correct length of muzzle with strong jaw. Gracefully arched neck, straight front, narrow chest and parallel rear. Moved well out and back. 

3.Laborghini Miss Chievous for Silhouettig (Mrs T Fryett) 

Junior Bitch, (2,1) 

1.Artmeis Raise The Stakes (Mrs J B & Miss H Amsel & Rishworth) Easily one of the best in the entry, super for size, outline and condition. Smooth and sound to go over with graceful outline, correct topline and rear assembly, good bone and feet. Beautiful head and expression, neat ears, bright eyes and fine muzzle. Lovely on the move, displaying typical action in profile with good drive from the rear. Still a little more maturing to so but no doubt one that will carry her title with little trouble. Close up in the challenge.  

 Post Graduate Bitch (6,1) 

1.Ansanda Winter Bird (Mrs A J & Miss D M Guyton) Easy winner here moving with the best action, maintaining her outline in profile and using her rear well. Good reach of neck into nice shoulders, could stand a little straighter in front. Narrow chest, good ribbing, well muscled rear and well set and carried tail. Good length of head with large eyes and correctly set ears. 

2. Zephyrelli Raphaella (Mrs F Righton) Neat, elegant outline with good depth of chest and length of rib, front could be straighter. Feminine head with nice eyes and expression. Moved soundly but not much lift or drive from the rear. 

3. Loutony Precious Portia (Mrs L P Nuttycombe) 

Limit Bitch, (5,1) 

1. Silhouettig Blue Ballerina (Mrs T Fryett) Bigger than ideal and not very feminine but the only one who moved accurately out and back. Long narrow head with strong jaw. Good neck, shoulders and topline, straight front and well muscled rear.  

2. Ansanda Glitter and Gold (Mrs A J & Miss D M Guyton) Better size and outline but not as positive in front as 1. Good depth of chest, fine bone, correct topline and tailset and well angulated rear. Feminine head with pleasing expression. Moved happily. 

3.Raising Venus Du Zephyr De Bizance (Mrs C Pendlebury) 

Open Bitch (6,2) 

1. Artmeis Three Card Trick (Mrs J B & Miss H Amsel & Rishworth) An easy winner her with little I'd change. Sister to the JB and little separates them in size, shape and condition. Beautiful construction all through flowing smoothly from head to tail with lovely neck, good shoulders and upperarm, super topline and rear assembly, deep narrow chest with legs perfectly straight in front. Delightful head and expression, long and narrow with neat ears, large bright eyes, slight stop and long fine muzzle. In immaculate condition, well muscled with supple skin and glossy coat. Moved accurately in all directions with the correct lift and propulsion, maintaining her graceful outline as she moved freely around the ring. Handled to an advantage and showing with confidence to really make the best of herself. It was close in the challenge between all 3 of the kennel mates but she just impressed a fraction more on the move. Another future champion I’m sure. BB, BOB. 

2.Gemolli Antique Tapestry JW (Mrs C M Henshall) Similar in size, feminine and elegant with good topline standing and on the move. Correct front and rear angulation with fine strong bone and good feet. Pretty head with alert expression from nice eyes, fine ears set correctly and good length of muzzle. Moved soundly with typical action, in good condition and fine coat. 

3.Salatini Rose Gold (Miss N Hunter) 

 Veteran Bitch, (1) 

1. Am Grch Artmeis The Winter Queen (Mrs J Amsel) 9yr white in superb condition and quite the showgirl. Impressive in outline with lovely curves, fine bone, straight front and parallel rear, Good depth of chest and length of rib, good rear angulation with hocks well let down. Well balanced head of good length with strong jaw, large eyes and fine ears. Moved freely with the desired high stepping action and good drive behind, holding her outline firm. A very impressive veteran who just pipped her younger kennelmate to RBB. She was also BV and later took Veteran Group 4, well done. 

Special Beginners Bitch (5,1) 

1.Silhouettig Mirror Mirror (Mrs T Fryett) Won this class on her better movement both in profile and out and back. Straight in front with good depth of chest, firm topline, well set and carried tail. Head ok, a little deep in stop but of good length with dark nose. Good temperament and well handled.  

2. Loutony Precious Portia (Mrs L P Nuttycombe) 3rd in pg and was much more settled here moving freely, a little flat in topline and elbows could be tighter but was sound and confident. Feminine head with nice eyes and alert expression. 

3.Lady Dior (Mrs C Pendlebury)