• Show Date: 26/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Leila Tarabad Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 30/11/2023

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Chihuahua (Long Coat)


26th August 2023 

Judge: Miss L Tarabad (Khatibi) 

L/C Chihuahua 

I really enjoyed judging this entry, my first time awarding CC’s in the breed. I found the temperaments exceptional, mouths were very good and generally quality was good throughout the classes with plenty of choice for the green cards. The exhibitors and atmosphere around the ring were a delight. 

VD (3 Entries) Abs: 0  

A super class to start the day. 

1st: 1706 HUMPHREYS, Mrs L Ch Amarantos Tobin. Superbly balanced 7yr old in perfect coat and condition. Compact and dainty with firm topline, good chest and ribbing, good front and rear angulation and well set and carried tail. Really lovely head and expression with good dome, large flaring ears, round dark eyes and short pointed muzzle. Moved so well in all directions, accurate and brisk, holding his outline firm. I loved his attitude, he showed his heart out and seemed to enjoy every minute. I couldn’t deny him the RCC. RDCC, BV. 

2nd: 1725 SANGSTER, Mr James & SANGSTER, Miss Eilidh Ch Tidos Charlie He's My Darling At Kirlasidh JW. 10yrs old and still looking great for his age. A little longer than 1 with ample reach of neck, good spring of rib, sound front and rear assembly and well set and carried tail. Very sweet face with lovely eyes, dense pigment, defined stop and short muzzle. Moved happily, very nice out and back.  

3rd: 1701 HEAPPALMER, Heappalmer William Jill Ch Penapettit Platinum 


PD (4 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 1726 SANGSTER, Mr James & SANGSTER, Miss Eilidh Kirlasidh Young Pretender. A very exciting puppy who was intent on throwing away any chance he had of higher honours (and suceeded). Loved his size, substance and shape, carrying the correct coat with perfect topline and tail carriage. Gorgeous head and expression, lovely eyes, flaring ears and nicely finished muzzle. Moved well (when he wanted to) but just didn’t want to cooperate fully and as much as I liked him I couldn’t do any more for him in the challenge. I hope he’s just being a stubborn puppy and will be more cooperative in the future as he is certainly champion quality. 

2nd: 1691 DENNIS-SMITH, Mrs D Starceylon Sundown. A little bigger than 1 but soundly made with good topline, well sprung ribs and good depth of chest. Nice expression from large dark eyes, dense pigment and well set and used ears. Moved well. 

3rd: 1729 TAYLOR, Mrs Jackie & TAYLOR, Miss Isobel Ahau Casa Grande Wanna be adored 


 JD (5 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: 1710 HUNTLEY, Mrs E Jahneemahs Eye Candy. Well schooled son of the bob with lots to like. Nicely domed head, short muzzle, beautiful large round eyes and well set ears. Lovely balance to his outline with good front assembly, firm topline, well set and carried tail, good substance for size and in super condition. Moved very well, accurate in all directions and holding his outline firm in profile. In good coat.  

2nd: 1731 TODD-MCCOID, Mrs Leah & TODD-MCCOID, Mr. Nicholas Rubyanlo Te Amo JW. Just 12months so has some maturing to do and needs to carry a little more weight. Very nice head with dark eyes, large ears, good dome, short pointed muzzle and definite stop. Could have more angulation in front, well balanced length of body, well angulated rear and good tail set and carriage.  

3rd: 1707 HUMPHREYS, Mrs L Amarantos Meet Joe Black 


 PGD (5 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 1718 MASON, Miss Daisy Crownlake's Denis The Menace. A real little showman who was handled beautifully. Such a sweet face with good finish of muzzle, lovely domed skull with ears set and used well. Small and dainty but with good substance, sound front and rear assembly with firm topline and in good coat. 

2nd: 1738 WILLS, Mrs Pauline Dorentys Chuckleberry Fin. Lovely type but not making the most of himself. Lovely head and expression, large eyes and short muzzle. Super topline and tail carriage, good chest ad ribbing and well balanced outline. Lovely brisk action on the move. 

3rd: 1695 GRAY, Mrs Elaine Ann Sanati Soul Ch Fiji Love for Rubyanlo (IMP UKR) 


LD (5 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: 1694 GRAY, Mrs Elaine Ann Rubyanlo Bertie Buttons. A nice little boy who got better as he settled through the class and did more than enough to earn his place here. Nicely balanced in outline, compact and dainty with good front and rear angulation, enough neck and good spring of rib. Correctly shaped head with good dome, large flaring ears, lovely eyes and appealing expression, just a touch short in muzzle. Moved well and presented in nice coat.   

2nd: 1690 DENNIS-SMITH, Mrs D Efterpi Armani Blue Flame. A little square in outline but a nice size with good spring of rib and well set and carried tail. Nicely domed head with short pointed muzzle and well set and used ears. Moved soundly. 

3rd: 1735 VEAZEY, Miss C Tidos its Only Love 


OD (7 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 1711 HUNTLEY, Mrs E Ch Natimuk Beaumont. Beautiful dog in full bloom and in the peak of condition. Compact and dainty with good angulation fore and aft, firm level back, correctly balanced length of leg and body with tail set and carried correctly. Gorgeous head and saucy expression with lovely dark eyes, short pointed muzzle, large flaring ears and definite stop. Moved briskly, accurate in all directions and holding his outline firm. Correctly furnished to enhance his outline and with such a delightful temperament. I had no hesitation awarding him the DCC & BOB. 

2nd: 1705 ARMENDARIZ, Ms Olga Lobo De El Capricho De Ela. Another nice one who just wasn’t on his toes and so wasn’t making the most of himself. Good for size and type with sound front and rear assembly, good topline and tail, nice chest and ribbing and well balanced outline. Sweet face with dark eyes and typical expression. Sound and purposeful movement maintaining a lovely outline. Called him back to challenge for the rcc and he was close up.  

3rd: 1696 HARGREAVES, Miss Lynn Winchi's Arnold Noah 


Class 839 VB (3 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 1697 HARGREAVES, Miss Lynn UK Ch Ch Tampico Princess Ellimay 10yrs old and in quite fabulous condition, handled and presented beautifully. Gorgeous feminine head with dark eyes and pigment, good dome and well set and used flaring ears. Well constructed with good balance and substance. Moved freely holding a good topline.  

2nd: 1717 MASON, Miss Daisy CATWALK QUEEN AT CROWNLAKE. 8yr old who obviously still loves showing off! Small and feminine, with good tailset and carriage, well sprung ribs and good depth of chest. Pretty face with alert expression. Moved happily. 

3rd: 1692 ELLIOTT, Ms M Ch Shumagda Isadora Duncan Of Amberetta Sh.CM 


PB (3 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 1688 DAY, Mr L Monicachi Queen Of Diamonds. Easy winner here this little lady is sure to have a good future. Presents a lovely balanced outline in profile with good neck, firm topline, high set tail, nice front and rear angulation, straight front and parallel rear. Cheeky little face with large dark eyes, well used large ears, good dome and short muzzle. Moved with a lovely confident gait, brisk and accurate, covering the ground with ease. Handled and presented to an advantage and with such a great attitude. BP. 

2nd: 1723 ROBSON, Mrs Sharon TIDOS ROCK QUEEN. Ultra feminine with a nice little outline, dainty but with a good body, good chest and ribbing. Sweet face with lovely eyes and expression. Such a sweet temperament, moving happily. 

3rd: 1687 BOWEN-PARKER, Miss Lauren Emily Parkbow yes it's allowed 


Class 841 JB (5 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 1732 TODD-MCCOID, Mrs Leah & TODD-MCCOID, Mr. Nicholas Rubyanlo Showens Stjarna. 13month of a lovely size, dainty and compact with lovely topline and tail carriage. Super neck and shoulders, good chest and ribbing for age, standing straight front and with good width behind. Such a pretty face with saucy expression, dark round eyes, large well used ears and nicely finished muzzle. Very smart on the move and very nicely balanced. Was very close up in the challenge. 

2nd: 1721 PRICE, Mrs K Bramver's Hana of Kircyan (IMP JPN) NAF. A naughty one! Similar in size and balance to 1. Beautiful head and expression with lovely large round eyes and well domed head. Nicely constructed and carrying the correct amount of coat to enhance her outline. Moved well when she wanted to! 

3rd: 1720 PEARCE, Mrs P M Mirifico Isla 


Class 842 SBB (2 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 1728 TAYLOR, Mrs Jackie & TAYLOR, Miss Isobel OSKOLA WHITE ANGEL. Small with correct length of body to give a nicely balanced outline. Good topline and tail. Head needs some time but has nice eyes, definite stop and well finished muzzle. Moved happily, better out and back than 2. 

2nd: 1687 BOWEN-PARKER, Miss Lauren Emily Parkbow yes it's allowed. Went better here than in her first class, a very raw baby that needs a bit of time to come together. Sweet face with dark eyes but could use ears more to enhance her expression. Moved ok. 


 PGB (6 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: 1693 FOTHERGILL, Mrs D I'm A Dream Adeline Is My Name ( Imp Ita) Easy choice here, a classy little lady, every so feminine and dainty with a well balanced, compact frame and lovely substance for her size. Good neck into a firm level topline and correctly set and carried tail. Good front and rear angulation, deep chest and well sprung ribs, maturing well for her 16months. Ever such an appealing head with super dome, well used ears, large dark eyes and super expression. Superb coat and condition, moving smartly, good out and back and holding a firm outline in profile. Easily champion quality and I’m sure will gain her title but had to settle for the rcc today. RBCC 

2nd: 1724 RUSHTON, Mr S & ROBSON, Mrs S RUSHWARDEN GOLD CHARM WITH TIDOS. Just a year old so has more maturing to do but has lots to like and stood her own against the older exhibits. Dainty and nicely balanced with such a happy attitude. Nicely constructed just needs to fill in body now. Delightful head and expression with super ears, dark round eyes, short pointed muzzle and lean cheeks. Moving happily and soundly. 

3rd: 1730 TODD-MCCOID, Mrs Leah & TODD-MCCOID, Mr. Nicholas Rubyanlo Magic Trix JW 


LB (5 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 1702 HOLLAND-SMITH, Mrs Susan Angela Kirdanchi Sugar Plum Fairy JW. Won here on her good construction. Decent neck, good spring of rib firm topline and well set and carried tail. Appealing head with good dome, beautiful eyes and short muzzle with definite stop. Moved well in profile, ok out and back. In nice coat. 

2nd: 1712 JONES, Mrs Patricia Flickan Figurine JW Another nice bitch, could have better shoulders but is soundly made with good topline and tail, nicely balanced length of leg and body, well angulated rear. Correctly shaped head with lovely eyes, definite stop and pointed muzzle. Moved happily. 

3rd: 1734 TYSON, Mr Craig & TYSON, Mrs Louise STARCEYLON THE ICE QUEEN J 


 OB (4 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 1700 HEAPPALMER, Heappalmer William Jill CH Maciendas Gaia. Super little bitch who’s fabulous profile movement and outline couldn’t be ignored. Such a neatly balanced shape with lovely neck and shoulders, super topline and tail carriage, well angulated rear and well sprung ribs, could just have a touch more width in front. Super head with typical expression, good dome, lovely flaring ears, lean cheeks and muzzle, definite stop and large dark eyes. Carrying a nice coat to finish the picture and showing her socks off, daring to be ignored! Moved so smartly, brisk with good reach and drive, firm in topline and holding her tail perfectly. I loved her. BCC. 

2nd: 1722 ROBSON, Mrs Sharon Ch TIDOS CHERRY TRUFFLE. Another lovely one who I’d have happily signed a green card for. Similar in size and shape to 1 with pleasing outline, enough neck, firm topline, well sprung ribs, nicely constructed rear and correctly set and carried tail. Very pretty, feminine head with dark eyes, nicely finished muzzle and well set and used ears. Smart on the move covering the ground well. 

3rd: 1703 HOLLAND-SMITH, Mrs Susan Angela Kirdanchi La Sylphide JW 


GCB (1 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 1692 ELLIOTT, Ms M Ch Shumagda Isadora Duncan Of Amberetta Sh.CM. 3rd in veteran. Very nice head and expression, dark eyes which could be a little bigger, nicely finished muzzle and well used ears. Nice size and substance with good spring of rib and depth of chest. Moved happily.