• Show Date: 30/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Leila Tarabad Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/12/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: German Spitz (Mittel)

Scottish Kennel Club 

30th September 2023 

Judge: Miss L Tarabad (Khatibi) 

German Spitz (Mittel) 

With only 4 classes scheduled and no cc’s I was absolutely delighted with such a lovely entry. 

 PD/B (1 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 1251 SAICH, Mr & Mrs C & L LINDCOLY COLOUR ME BLUE. Standing alone, although standing was not exactly what he wanted to do! 10months old and so very excitable but moved well once he settled. Wedge shaped head with nice eyes, neat ears and nicely finished muzzle. Short neck into good shoulders, straight front, moderately angulated rear and well set and carried tail. Presented in good coat and condition. BP. 


 PGD/B (5 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: 1247 ROGERSON, Mrs & mr P & D NOSREGOR HERCULES. 2yr b/w dog who was beautifully presented and handled. Liked his balanced outline in profile with short neck, correct length of leg, short coupled body and moderately angulated rear. Handsome, masculine head of good proportions with nicely finished muzzle, lovely dark eyes, high set ears and dense pigment. Moved freely looking good in profile, could be better out and back. In firm, fit condition with a super attitude. BD, BOS. 

2nd: 1242 MOIR, Mrs J S & MOIR, Misses L J Jansanleis Rave. 13 month bitch who still has some maturing to do and couldn’t match the outline of 1 being a fraction longer in body. Short neck, good shoulders, nice chest and ribbing, moderate rear and nicely set and carried tail. Lovely head and expression with dark oval eyes, moderate stop and well finished muzzle, high set erect ears and good pigment. Free, effortless movement, presented in good coat. RBB 

3rd: 1252 WILSON, Mrs I D Izlou Everday I'm Truffling 


OD/B (7 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: 1241 MOIR, Mrs J S & MOIR, Misses L J Ch Jansanleis Mayhem JW. Absolutely superb veteran bitch who at 12.5yrs is in quite unbelievable condition and could not be ignored. Squarely built, compact with good substance and carrying a profuse coat of the correct texture, presented immaculately. Short neck into good front assembly, good ribbing, short loin and well constructed rear. Balanced length of leg, firm topline and well set and carried tail. Super on the move, brisk and accurate, holding her outline firm as she circled the ring. So alert and attentive to her handler who presented her to perfection. I had no hesitation in awarding her BB, BOB and BV and was absolutely delighted to see her shortlisted in a fabulous quality group under Tom Mather and then top the Veteran Group under Keith Baldwin, so well deserved. 

2nd: 1246 ROGERSON, Mrs & mr P & D NOSREGOR IN A LAND OF MYTH. 2yr dog again with a nice square outline, level topline and correctly set and carried tail. Soundly constructed and nicely balanced with good ribbing, short loin, moderate rear angulation, good bone and feet. Masculine, wedge shaped head with correct length of muzzle, lovely eyes with alert expression and neat high set ears. Moved well in profile but could be more accurate out and back. RBD.  

3rd: 1248 SAICH, Miss A J Hocombewood Hot Toddy For Lindcoly 


SBD/B (1 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 1252 WILSON, Mrs I D Izlou Everday I'm Truffling. Just 12months old, black dog with a good outline, squarish with good substance, good chest and ribbing, level topline and high set tail. Correctly shaped head, broad and almost flat between neat ears, well balanced length of muzzle, dense pigment and dark, oval eyes. Smart movement in profile, handled well. Best SpB.