• Show Date: 12/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Leila Tarabad Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Judge: Miss L Tarabad 


South Wales Kennel Association - Championship Show 


Thursday, 12 October 2023  


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 


A Thursday in Wales was never going to be a record breaking entry but I was pleased that the Cavaliers topped the toy group with an entry that seems to be pretty average for the less accessible shows this year. Looking back at my last critique I’d mentioned how the dog entry had no depth of quality and 2 years on that doesn’t seem to have changed with only maybe 3 or 4 males I would have signed a green card for on the day. Bitches were better with several nice once throughout the entry and Open a particularly nice class. I was delighted to see so many wholecolours in the entry, temperaments were a delight (as they should be!), mouths were very good and I saw no light eyes. However actually finding dogs that really fit my interpretation of the standard was quite hard. Profile movement and outline is high on my list and I found very few moving with the desired length of stride, topline and tail carriage, heads were varied with several very short in muzzle and deep in stop and others with finer muzzles and no fill beneath their eyes neither of which gives the desired soft expression, movement out and back was varied but a lot were not accurate in both directions and some just needed improved presentation and training to make a better account of themselves! Having said that I was more than happy with my final winners and pleased to note that the points of concern that the breed has listed on Breed watch, did not seem to be much of an issue at all. 

Minor Puppy Dog 

Entries: 4 Absentees: 2 

1ST Llapsttams Knot Having It (Mr M & Mr M Spall & Clark) A fun start to proceedings with this little clown who really was ‘not having it’! 6month b/t who rather enjoyed himself in the ring but settled enough to show his sound movement, level topline and correct tail carriage. Small, compact and graceful with good reach of neck, correctly balanced length of leg, short loin and well angulated rear. Unexaggerated head which will need some time to develop but has sweet expression with correctly set and used ears and dark round eyes. Did his best to give his handler a hard time but did enough to win the class and seemed to be getting the hang of things by the time he returned for the challenge.  


2ND Keycav Solo Sydney (Miss N J Firth) A heavier type richly marked blen with masculine head, dark eyes which shows a little white, flattish skull and correctly set and carried ears. Well sprung ribs, could have a fraction more leg, well angulated rear, moved happily but topline could be firmer and tail is set a little low.  

Puppy Dog 

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0 

1ST Arroline Kryptonite (Mrs L & Miss H Long) I was pleasantly surprised to see how much this puppy has come on since I first saw him in the ring. Such a graceful, well balanced outline with lovely reach of neck into firm level topline, shoulders ok, chest and ribbing developing as expected at this age and needs to gain a little weight, good rear angulation with tail set correctly. Such a handsome head and appealing expression with lovely dark round eyes, heavily furnished high set ears, short plush muzzle and nicely finished lips. Moved with a lovely action in profile, nice reach and drive, maintaining his topline and carrying his tail at an acceptable level. As always from this exhibitor presentation was first class and his temperament was superb, sporting, eager to please and so friendly. Challenged his sister for bp and his effortless movement and gorgeous head gave him the edge,I’ll be interested to see how he matures. BP.  

2ND Loranka’s He’s The One (Mrs L Hughes) Half brother to 1 and again needs to carry more body. Nice size and carrying a well marked, richly coloured blen coat. Presents a nice outline with good neck and shoulders, good turn of stifle with hocks well let down. Nicely shaped head but not quite the expression of 1, eyes dark but could be larger, short muzzle with good cushioning and finish to lips. Moved well, needs to tighten in front but that should come with maturity. 

 Junior Dog 

Entries: 7 Absentees: 1  

1ST Harana Pinball Wizard (Mrs L Koster-Tindall) 16month b/t with such a kind expression and the sweetest temperament who was handled to an advantage. Presents a very smart, totally balanced outline in profile with arched neck, perfect topline, correct length of leg, short loin and good rear assembly. Masculine head with no exaggeration, correct length of muzzle, not too deep in stop, dark round eyes, flattish skull with ears set high and used well, well tapered muzzle and nice clear tan markings. Still has some room for his head to develop further which I’d expect at this age and I’m sure he will finish as quite the handsome chap! He moved with an effortless, easy action, head held proudly and tail carried straight off his back, he could maybe have a touch more reach and drive but he’s totally balanced both ends and really makes the most of himself. By no means the finished article but will no doubt finish well and will appeal to many. RCC. 

2ND Carleeto Cutie Pie (Mrs C & Miss J Lewis) Another nice w/c this one a ruby only just out of puppy but already maturing well and although the youngest here he more than held his own. Similar in size to 1 and again with a very nicely balanced outline, super topline, well constructed front and rear and good spring of rib. Very sweet face and soft expression, still needs to fill a little more but has a well tapered muzzle, dense pigment, dark eyes that could just be a touch larger and well set and used ears. Very nice on the move, elegant and effortless with a good length of stride, just carrying his tail a little too high which did detract from his otherwise super outline. Lovely coat, colour and condition. 

3RD Llapsttam's Sir Prize (Mr M & Mr M Spall & Clark) 

Yearling Dog 

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0 

1ST Lexody Pandemonium (Miss K Hawkins) vhc in junior, soundly constructed with decent front and rear angulation, firm topline and well carried tail. Neat little shape and lovely size. Sweet face with dark eyes that could be bigger, dense pigment, well cushioned muzzle and alert expression, very attentive to his handler and moving with purpose around the ring holding his outline firm. 

2ND Llapsttam’s Secret Affair (Miss L Wakeman) Unplaced in junior, small b/t with lovely temperament. Not holding a good outline on the move and rather fine in foreface. In plenty of well presented coat and carrying a good body. 

 Post Graduate Dog 

Entries: 4 Absentees: 0 

1ST Llapsttam's Heavenly Scent (Mr M & Mr M Spall & Clark) Easy winner here. Lovely ruby boy with an impressive outline, gracefully arched neck, straight front, good shoulders, firm topline, correctly set tail and well angulated rear. Moderate bone and good feet, moving with an accurate, elegant action, just wish he’d use his tail more. Very handsome head with beautiful big dark eyes, dense pigment, well cushioned muzzle, high set ears used well to frame his face and enhance his expression. Only 2 years old and still has a little more maturing to do but was easily one of the best males present. 

2ND Thekop’s Medicinal Brandy (Miss L Wakeman) A very sweet little ruby, a real toy spaniel carrying a lovely silky coat of good colour. Sound construction throughout with enough neck, good topline, good spring of rib, moderate bone and correct substance for size. Pretty head with good pigment, lovely big round eyes, a touch deep in stop, ample cushioning to muzzle and nicely finished lips. A little excitable on the move but went well when he settled and was good out and back.   

3RD Loranka’s Encanto (Mrs L Hughes) 

Limit Dog 

Entries: 3 Absentees: 0 

1ST Embeth Rock The Boat (Mrs S & Miss B Rees) A perfectly sized, richly coloured, well marked blen who I’ve often admired from ringside. Such a neat, nicely balanced shape, small but with good bone and substance, good front and rear assembly, could have a touch more neck, well sprung ribs, level topline and correctly set and carried tail. Very pretty head without exaggeration, well tapered muzzle of the correct length, shallow stop and dark round eyes. Sound and purposeful on the move with a good length of stride, maintaining a level topline with tail carried perfectly behind him, a little close away but good in front. Unfortunately when he returned for the challenge he was rather distracted by the tanoy going off nearby and just wasn’t using his ears and seemed rather unsettled on the move, such a shame as I thought he was a contender for top honours, I’m sure he’ll have better days. 

2ND Fujairah Eric Morecambe (Ms N J Cox) Another nice size blen who appeals in outline, could have more angulation front and rear but he is balanced with good topline, correct length of leg, good chest and ribbing, short loin and well set and used tail. Pretty head with beautifully furnished ears set and carried well, nice eyes and pigment, short plush muzzle and neatly finished lips. Moved soundly and smartly, not the reach and drive of 1 but still looks balanced circling the ring and moves out and back well. Handled to an advantage and has a delightful temperament. 

3RD Brymarden Touch of Gold of Charnavale (Mrs S Mangham) 

 Open Dog 

Entries: 3 Absentees: 1 

1ST Ch Ellemich American Express (Mrs M & Miss T Chapman & Ireland) Immaculately presented, well marked blen who was handled to an advantage and is such an eager showman. Lovely size and already fully mature for his 2yrs with good chest and ribbing, short loin, firm topline, well angulated fore and aft, good bone and feet, could just have a fraction more neck. Glorious head, the best of the entry, with fabulous big dark eyes and plenty of fill beneath, dense pigment, shallow stop, correct length of muzzle with neatly finished lips and such a soft expression. Moved with a purposeful, accurate gait in profile, holding his topline firm and carrying his tail nicely. He was handled expertly, never put a foot wrong in the challenge and I didn’t have any hesitation in awarding him the CC. Although I preferred his head the elegance of the bitch in the final challenge gave her the edge. CC, BOS. 

2ND Leescarriad Black Knight (Mrs V & Mr T W Lee) B/T of nice size with good front and rear angulation, well sprung ribs, moderate bone and good feet. Masculine head with dark eyes that could be bigger, flattish skull with high set ears and bright tan markings. Moved well enough. Not in the best coat or show condition but sound and with a nice temperament. 

 Veteran Bitch 

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0 

1ST Arroline Phoenix (Mrs L & Miss H Long) 9yr tri who is still vey much on her toes and displaying the typical sporting attitude I love. Soundly constructed with good front and rear assembly, ample reach of neck, good topline and tail carriage, could just be a little more compact and a touch smaller all through but she is balanced and in such fit condtition for her age. Correctly shaped head with dark eyes, plenty of cushioning to her muzzle and beneath her eyes, neat lips and fabulous ears. Free moving holding a nice outline and constantly wagging tail. BV. 

2ND Boatswain Azure at Droleus (Imp Ita) (Mrs S Jones) Much smaller ultra feminine blen in plenty of quality, well marked coat. Very compact with well sprung ribs, moderate bone, short coupled with good rear angulation. Could have a little more neck to give a more graceful outline. Such a sweet face with plenty of cushioning, dark round eyes, high set ears and a gentle expression. Moved happily. 

 Minor Puppy Bitch 

Entries: 8 Absentees: 3 

1ST Ellemich Secret Love (Mrs M & Miss T Chapman & Ireland) 6month old blen baby at her first show but was showing the others how it’s done! Such a happy, outgoing attitude, attentive to her handler and really making the most of herself. Very nice moderate head qualities, shallow stop, well tapered muzzle, beautiful big dark eyes and well used ears, should finish very nicely without exaggeration. Moderate reach of neck into good shoulders, very good chest and ribbing for age, could be a touch shorter in body, tail set and carried well. Carrying a lovely chunky body and very much the baby so was moving well with a good length of stride but couldn’t quite match the firmer more graceful gait of the older puppy in the challenge for bpb. Having awarded both her parents a CC it was not surprising that she appealed to me!  

2ND Merryanna Lily The Pink (Mrs L M Yeates) Smart little richly marked blen, a little shorter in muzzle but with a pleasing expression, dark eyes and flattish skull. Sound and balanced construction with lovely topline, good chest and ribbing for age, short loin, good bone and feet. Won her place here on her lovely profile movement, free and accurate whilst maintaining a level topline and carrying her tail correctly. Very sweet, outgoing baby. 

 3RD Granasil Coffee Bean at Revdvicki (Rev V E Burrows) 

Puppy Bitch 

Entries: 5 Absentees: 2 

1ST Arroline Eternity (Mrs L & Miss H Long) 10 month rich, well broken blen who presents an elegant outline standing in profile with arched neck, good topline, well angulated rear, well balanced length of leg, like her brother, would benefit from carrying a little more weight. Feminine head with dark round eyes, correct length of muzzle which is well cushioned and finished neatly, high set ears used well and dense pigment thoughout. Moved soundly with good topline and tail, but not quite as free in profile action as I’d have liked which is what gave her brother the edge in the challenge for bp. Bpb. 

2ND Ellemich Ortega (Mrs M & Miss T Chapman & Ireland) 9month blen in profuse puppy coat and with lovely substance for her size and age. Well angulated fore and aft with well sprung ribs and short loin. Such a cute expression, short plush muzzle, big dark eyes with plenty of fill beneath, dense pigment and well used ears. Moved happily, covering the ground with ease but carrying her tail a little too high. 

3RD Narayden That's Magic (Mrs M E Owen) 

Junior Bitch 

Entries: 5 Absentees: 2 

1ST Coedgwylum Greta (Ms S A Conneally) Smart little well marked blen with a beautiful head, so feminine with such pretty eyes, correct length of muzzle, neatly finished lips and well set and furnished ears. Has a lovely balance to her outline with correct length of leg, level topline, nice neck and correct tail carriage. Moved with a sound, positive action, balanced front and rear but could have more reach and drive. Quality coat and lovely happy temperament. 

2ND Granasil Tea House Moon On Sancana (Mrs E D Williams) 13month b/t who isn’t quite as together as 1 yet. Correct size with decent shoulders, good topline, moderate bone, could have a touch more neck. Sweet face with lovely eyes, a little shorter in muzzle than 1 but with plenty of cushioning, bright tan markings and such a soft expression. Moved freely, good out and back and with a good length of stride in profile. 

3RD Revdvicki's Just Divine (Rev V E Burrows) 

Yearling Bitch 

Entries: 4 Absentees: 0 

1ST Rishtte I'm Tanisha of Remmya (Mrs E Bennett) Rather nice ruby, moderation all through and a sensible showgirl. Liked her size and well balanced outline with moderate reach of neck, good front and rear assembly, well sprung ribs, short loin, correct bone and substance for size and in lovely fit condition. Pleasing head qualities with dark eyes that could be a little larger, not too deep in stop, well tapered muzzle, good pigment and flattish skull. In good coat and is a nice colour. 

2ND Llapsttam's Eunice JW (Mr M & Mr M Spall & Clark) Ultra feminine b/t who just was not cooperating with her handler. Such an endearing expression with the most beautiful big dark eyes and good fill beneath, short plush muzzle, neat lips and well used ears. Neat little shape with ample reach of neck, could have more angulation in front, short coupled with good rear assembly and correct tail carriage. Moved with a free, effortless action in profile holding a nice outline.  

3RD Granasil Tea House Moon On Sancana (Mrs E D Williams) 

Post Graduate Bitch 

Entries: 10 Absentees:1  

1ST Leogem Campanula (Mr D & Mrs T Homes) Heading a nice class I felt she was the complete package, not a flashy showgirl so didn’t immediately catch my eye but on closer inspection she had so much to like. Correctly shaped head, moderate and so feminine with dark eyes, shallow stop, well tapered muzzle and well furnished ears framing her pretty face so well. Arched neck into good shoulders, firm topline, well sprung ribs, short loin and well constructed rear. Moved with a graceful action, covering the ground nicely, a touch close away, good coming towards, holding her outline firm in profile with tail carried perfectly off her back. Well marked Blen jacket, perhaps could be a little richer in colour, presented in first class order, was very close up for the rcc, just a little unsettled by a change of handler in the challenge. 

2ND Carleeto Minnie The Minx JW (Mrs C & Miss J Lewis) Another nice one who was close up to 1 just not as positive coming towards and a little more of her all through. Really super head and expression, easily one of the best w/c heads in the entry, correctly shaped with beautiful dark eyes, shallow stop, correct length and finish of muzzle, ample cushioning and such an appealing expression. Sound construction throughout with lovely front and rear angulation, perfect topline and tail, good spring of rib, correctly balanced length of leg and good substance for size. Very impressive profile movement, plenty of reach and drive, moving with purpose and attitude. As always from this kennel a perfect display of Cavalier characteristics; sporting and active and so very happy. In gleaming b/t coat and handled to an advantage. 

3RD Sweetbriar Sundae (Mrs K Bryson) 


 Limit Bitch 

Entries: 9 Absentees: 3 

1ST Sweetbriar Soprano JW (Mrs K Bryson) Glamorous, ultra feminine heavily marked blen who I’ve always admired and won a class under me last time I judged, 2 years on she continues to impress. Nearly 4yrs old, beautifully mature in the most pristine well presented coat and fit, well muscled condition. Correct for size and ever so elegant in outline with lovely neck and shoulders, good chest and ribbing, well angulated rear, moderate bone and correctly set and carried tail. Beautiful head and expression, dark soulful eyes, the most magnificent ears framing her face, neatly finished muzzle, shallow stop and good pigment. Her adoration for her handler is evident and she simply didn’t take her eyes off her, which did not always help her show off her lovely outline on the move but I couldn’t fault her for having the exact temperament that makes the breed so special! Very sound in all directions, free and active with her tail wagging happily behind her. She returned to the challenge and showed her socks off to take the RCC. 

2ND Jernito Winter Hope (Mrs J Nolan) Made the class by the skin of her teeth and so didn’t seem as settled as she could have been. Another blen, attractively marked and impressive in outline. Decent neck, short level back, well sprung ribs and well angulated rear. Pleasing head and expression, flattish skull with high set ears, large eyes, well tapered muzzle and good pigment, not quite as soft an expression as 1. Smart, purposeful movement, looking particularly good in profile.   

3RD Charnell Gintastic for Sancana JW (Mrs E D Williams) 

 Open Bitch 

Entries: 9 Absentees: 2 

The best class of the day. 

1ST Ch Leogem Winter Melody (Mr D & Mrs T Homes) A Blen I’ve often admired and was delighted to see her enter the ring and to be given the chance to have a closer look, it was not surprising that I was impressed with what I found! Spot on for size and shape, balanced and graceful, carrying a quality silky coat, rich, well marked and correctly presented. Head carried proudly on an arched neck, lovely front assembly, good chest and ribbing, short loin, perfect topline, well constructed rear with tail set perfectly off her back. Totally unexaggerated in head,flattish skull with high set ears carried perfectly to frame her face and enhance her expression, plenty of fill beneath dark eyes, which, to be ultra critical could be a touch larger, correct length of muzzle, well cushioned, neatly finished with dense pigment throughout. So accurate on the move, correct out and back and looked a picture in profile circling the ring with and elegant action and good length of stride. Presented in peak condition always standing to an advantage and making the most of herself, I thought she was fabulous and it’s no wonder she’s had such a successful show career so far. An easy decision to award her this class, the CC and BOB, a real class act. 

2ND Stavonga Sea Change at Ricksbury JW (Mr B Rix) I was rather surprised just how much I liked this blen as she has never really caught my eye and often doesn’t make the most of herself. However, on closer inspection I was very impressed with her correct construction, good shoulders, good rear, moderate reach of neck, good chest and ribs, short loin, level back and well set and carried tail. For me her head could be a little more feminine with a sweeter expression but it is correctly shaped with ample fill beneath lovely large dark eyes, well cushioned muzzle of the correct length, shallow stop, dense pigment, flattish skull with ears set high and used well. She had her mind on the job in hand and moved purposefully around the ring, impressive out and back and covering the ground well in profile. Not in the best coat but what she has is silky and well marked, doing enough to gain her place here but when called in to challenge for the rcc she couldn’t match the finish and attitude of the limit bitch. I’m sure she will carry her title in due course. 

3RD Loranka's Secret Potion (Mrs L Hughes)