• Show Date: 07/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 06/10/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Spaniel (Sussex)

East Of England Ag Society

7th July 2023

Sussex Spaniels

Always such a pleasure to judge Sussex and I thank you for your entry. Temperaments, without exception, were good.


Minor Puppy

1: Eald Bull Eagle (Ms V A Davey), 8 month old and super for type. Liked his head and expression. Well off for bone, enough ground clearance and well ribbed back. Superb colour and sound on the move. BP


1: Eald Bull Eagle (Ms V A Davey)


1: Saxonbejayz John Kerr (Mrs R M Barnes), 17 month old and coming along the right lines. His head shape is good and he has a pleasing expression. Balanced in outline, he puts his feet in the right place but could possibly just use himself a little more in profile.

Post Graduate

1: Foxhampton Fits The Bill JW (Miss E Matthews), super headed boy with a soft, yet intelligent expression. I liked him for balance and type and he is super sound on the move, not hurried but correct in action. In beautiful coat and condition. Considered him further.

2: Harasteorra Big Bear JW (Mr L & Miss D Bradbury & Preston), liked this boy too and he will change places on another day. Just preferred the balance of head of the winner but this boy is well made and moved out well. Lovely coat and colour

3: Saxonbejayz John Kerr (Mrs R M Barnes)


1: Deanway Proper Charlie (Mrs A L Moon), decent for type, he uses himself on the move and is decent to go over. He scores in temperament and is a super colour. Good leg balance and pleasing in profile.

2: Crumbledor Albus Dumbledor at Rydonmist (Miss D Beecham), beautifully presented and pleases in head and expression. A little bit wide coming towards me today and slightly proud of his tail, but he’s a decent one.

3: Saxonbejayz Elliot (Mr G & Mrs L Brown)


1; Sh Ch Eald Dances with Wolves among Nyliram JW ShCEx OSW (Mr T Graham), exceptional quality on this dog. His head and expression are simply a delight, his colour text book. On the move he is positive, has a slight roll but keeps a strong topline. In superb condition and presented beautifully. Yes, he could have slightly more length to leg but his other very obvious qualities outshine this. A super dog indeed. CC & BOB

2: Sh Ch Meggamooch Ulysses (Mrs S Alderson), really liked this boy too and his head and expression are so typical. His coat is of a sealskin quality and is colour good. To go over there is little to change I just felt that the winner was more positive going away today. RCC

3: Crumbledor Reubus Hagrid (Mrs S Mowbray)

Special Beginners

1: Special Vero Buongiorno (Imp Pol) (Mrs S Rule), this boy is beautifully presented and he is super sound. I just felt his expression a little too hard and this spoils his head.


Post Grad

1: Meggamooch Xquisite Serendel (Mr J Goodwin), superb headed bitch and a glorious colour. She is exceptional for type and she moves so well. Would just prefer a better mouth.

2: Foxhampton Foxy Lady (Miss E Matthews), I liked this bitch for type and she is the correct shape. I just preferred the head and expression of the winner today and she was slightly erratic going away. She will have better days I’m sure.


1: Varya Velikolepnaya Iz Valley Wins at Torshca Imp (Imp Blr) (Mrs D Ashcroft), pretty headed bitch and super colour and coat. She has good ground clearance and is so typical on the move, which is where she won the class.

2: Harasteorra Aphrodite (Mr L & Miss D Bradbury & Preston), liked the head and expression of this bitch and she too is a decent colour. Just preferred the length of front leg of the winner. Moved in the right track and in super condition.

3: Meggamooch Winterfell (Mrs S Alderson)


1: Crumbledor Bella Lestrange (Mrs S Mowbray), decent colour and superb temperament . Moved out well covering the ground , could just possibly benefit for a couple of pounds off.


1: Sh Ch Meggamooch Tango (Mrs S Alderson), superb bitch of 7 years, totally defying her age, as all good Sussex do. Delightful head and expression, in superb condition and sound as a bell. She screams Sussex for type and is so typical in action. CC and BV

2: Deanway Summer Storm (Mrs A L Moon), I really liked this bitch too and she too is very worthy of a title and I can’t understand why she doesn’t have one. Fit as a flea and super sound. Her head and expression pleases and she is good to go over.

Special Beginners

1: Harasteorra Beta Canis at Saxonbejayz (Mrs R M Barnes), superb colour and pretty expression. Moved on the right track. Just needs to fill out her frame and she could do some useful winning

Lee A S Cox (Judge)