• Show Date: 04/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Poodle (Standard)

Southern Counties Canine Association

4th June 2023

Poodles (Standard)

Gone are the days of entries into the 100’s with a number of exhibitors battling it out with quality after quality for the major awards. However, I was delighted with the entry numerically today and I thank you for bringing your dogs. The ring was a little challenging but most coped well.

To be honest, I have seen the breed in a better state, but we still have a few Standards that could compete with the best of yesteryear and so all is not lost. Having judged Toys at Crufts this year, I found many of my concerns also in the Standards. Heads vary considerably with some heavy in back skull, some short in foreface and some with round, almost staring eyes. As I said in my Toy report, you want the head long with refinement in fitting with the rest of the dog, with a slight peak but for me it’s the expression that makes a Poodle head, intelligent with a glimpse of mischief. The almond shaped eye adding so much to this. Leg length continues to be a problem, a Poodle should be high stationed, with length to leg. Short legs, for me, lose balance and type. Front assembly has always been a concern, which in turn contributes to carriage as well as reach. A Poodle should move around the ring holding their head high but looking down their nose. They should not be searching the sky for stars. Presentation is very important and makes the final picture, but it is not the be all to end all. It is the dog underneath that is important. However, if you want to make a good dog look spectacular, then presentation will help.

I awarded two first CC’s today and feel that we will be hearing a lot more of both of them. Interestingly, they both had the same sire which proves that he was not only a great show dog but is going to be a producer as well. Surely what it’s all about.


Minor Puppy

1: Namkia Worth Melting for (Miss M Aikman), white, 8 months and presented an imposing outline stacked. Very pleasing for expression. He has neck and a good topline. Well set tail although slightly proud of it at the moment. Decent front and exceptional feet. Well presented as always by this exhibitor. Moved out with style and precision.

2: Celmareva Born with Fire (Miss C Nicholas), 7-month-old white who is decent for type. Has length to foreface but not quite the expression of the winner. He has a decent coat for his age, and it is well presented. Balanced in outline and decent to go over. Well set tail and carries it well.

3: Back to The Fushia (Miss D C Aylmer)


1: Volgarus Alpine Getaway (Mrs J Wells), really fell for this young white. He has the most gorgeous head and expression which for me was one of the best today. Not the biggest but he is totally balanced, well made with super front assembly, short backed and high stationed. He is well presented and moved with style and arrogance in profile. A little erratic on the out and back but he is a puppy after all. All the fire of a poodle. Loved him and he should title with ease. RCC and BP

2: Sarnia Return to Sender (Miss S J O'higgins), black who is pleasing for type and is high stationed. Presented to perfection, he has a coat of good texture. Decent in head but not quite the refinement and expression of the winner today. Moved with style in profile, but another was was slightly erratic coming towards me. Champion quality though.

3: Back to The Fushia (Miss D C Aylmer)


1: Vicmar Rewrite The Rules (Mrs S Pine-Haynes), A very exciting 12-month-old black who is already all of a piece stacked. The most delightful head and expression, superb coat texture beautifully presented. To go over there is very little to change having a superb front, long neck, correct topline with slight hollow, balanced angulation behind and he is in superb body condition. Another future champion for this kennel and deserving too. On the move he puts his feet in the right place, when he thinks about it, but still has the exuberance of youth which added to his appeal. For me he was what I was looking for today and could not get past him in males. Well deserving CC and the first of many, I’m sure.

2: Villanders Lamborghini (Miss V Sakina), decent black dog for type and he has style on the move in profile. He is the correct shape, and he holds himself well. For me I would prefer a tad more body condition which in turn will help him on the move on the out and back, as at present he is just a little narrow. Decent one though

3: Villanders Luxury Lover (Mrs L Graveney)


1: Sculbrook The Beat Lives On (Mrs C A Brook), brown of good colour and beautifully presented. He has a decent expression, but I would prefer a little more refinement in head. High stationed, he stands on good feet. Decent topline and well-set tail. Moved on the right track

2: Eshwarah Sea The Stars (Miss A Fisher), café au lait of correct colour and evenly cleared out. He has a good coat texture and once settled moved on the right track. Would just prefer a little more length of leg for balance.

3: Carlonia Spring Sunshine (Miss C R Gilbert)

Post Grad

1: Malice Mizer Desperado Somanic (Imp Rus) (Mrs M H Carter),

pleasing for type and won the class on head and front. Needs to put his mind to the job in hand. Decent to go over and when settled his put his feet in the right place.

2: Sculbrook Raising The Odds JW (Miss Fa & Mrs Ca Brook), upstanding and masculine, this dog is beautifully presented. Just a tad too much of him for me and I would prefer a little more layback of shoulder. He carries himself well in profile


1: Smart Connection Sign of Catwalk (Imp Rus) (Miss S & Mrs W O’higgins & Knudtzen), has recently made a name for himself and today he won the class with some to spare. Beautifully presented, fully mature black dog of immense quality. His head and expression are very pleasing. Super topline and well-set tail. On the move he impresses in profile, is good going away but perhaps could be a little tidier coming towards you. Very worthy of his title and he will continue to win more for which I will not disagree. Today I felt he could have used his neck more to advantage and so had to give way to the youngster.

2: Kertellas What's My Line at Poppymaque (Mr B & Ms C Irving & Fountain), black with a good texture to his coat. Pleasing for outline and moved out well.

3: Jaspalie Ghost (Mrs G Coates)


1: Kertellas The Legacy (Mr A P R Hoblin), white dog whom you have to get hands on to fully appreciate as he could really use himself better on the move. He is super to go over and has a decent head and expression. His coat texture is superb, and he is presented sensibly. If he puts his mind to it, he is very worthy of a title as he really deserves to carry one.

2: Rus Ch Kaylen's Stop Joshing Around (Imp Usa) (Mrs J Wells), black dog who was beautifully presented and a decent shape presenting a very imposing outline. However, for me, he did not have the head or expression of the winner and he is a tad narrow coming and going.

Special Beginners

1: Afterglow Baseball Swing (Mr A Hornsey), black dog who is balanced in his outline. He held himself on the move. Balanced in angulation

2: Back to The Fushia (Miss D C Aylmer), pretty headed apricot, needs to grow up on leg but has a delightful personality

3: Eshwarah Sea The Stars (Miss A Fisher)

Veteran D/B

1: Novatell Wicked Streak (Mr & Mrs Woodward), 7-year-old blue of type and quality. Pleasing in expression, moved with style holding her outline. Coat of good texture. Stands on decent feet. Best Veteran

2; Haylesdown Halvor (Mrs E M Doyle), blue with a clear colour and good coat texture. Has a pleasing expression. Moved soundly and steadily.

3: Namkia No Melody Is Sweeter at Marderzett (Mrs M A Cheek)

Good Citizen D/B

1: Marcasite Love Is Begun (Miss A L Laing), silver bitch, good for size and moved soundly

2: Carlonia Spring Sunshine (Miss C R Gilbert). Apricot shown in pet trim and enjoying his day considerably as he was far more interested in the smells on the ground than showing himself off.


Special Beginners

1: Villanders Lemona Woman of Zantescwtch (Mrs K Mcloughlin), well presented black of decent type. Pretty head and expression. Balanced in outline. Moved on the right track, could just do with a few more pounds on her

2: Edith Groomers Delight (Miss E Groves) blue, of good size, coat clearing, decent expression and carries herself

3: Afterglow Willow (Mrs J C Elson)

Minor Puppy

1: Somanic Insane Affair avec Funkypp (Miss Ks Allegretti), 6 months black with potential. Well presented, her coat is coming along nicely, she is good to go over and has everything in the right place. Moves out well holding her outline.

2: Namkia’s Dressed in Frost (Miss M Aikman), 8-month white who pleases in outline. Liked her expression and she is well made. Just needed to concentrate on the move but her time will come.

3: Outflash Rumour Has It (Miss S Smith)


1: Montego Milli Vanilli (Miss C & Mrs K Parker & Winwood), a very honest 11-month-old white who is very correct to go over. Pleases in expression and has a delightfully naughty way about her. Her coat is well presented but need to harshen. Moved out holding her outline and puts her feet in the right place.

2: Namkia Let It Go (Mrs J Fletcher), white from the previous class who has a very pretty head. Coat of decent texture for her age. She needs to relax into herself, and this will enhance her outline


1: Dandy-Lion's Expensive Taste at Malibu (Imp Swe) (Mrs K & Mr C J Sillito-Beale & Beale), A young lady that has blossomed into a star and has made a real impact recently. A brown of exceptional quality and colour. Totally balanced and beautifully presented. She looks down her nose with a delightfully wicked expression. Has reach to neck, super front assembly, short backed and balanced behind. Stacked, she cannot but impress and to have a brown of this quality is something special. However, being brown, she doesn’t believe she has to behave, and although she has so much style and carriage, she was just slightly erratic when it mattered today on the out and back, and so helped me with my decision. Could easily sign a CC for her and she will win many, many more, but today she had to settle for the RCC behind the equally gorgeous white.

2: Volgarus Consider The Lily (Mrs J Wells), black and another of immense quality and absolutely beautifully presented. I loved her head and expression, and she has an exceptional front. Moved out with precision on the out and back and really takes the eye in profile. She too should carry a title and I hope she does.

3: Magin Elizabeth Taylor (Mrs K & Mr J Laws & Lynn)


1: Myall Noelani Storm (Ms M Dainty), black who is correct for shape and has a pleasing expression, moves soundly but could just use herself a tad more

2: Highla Loves to Party at Novatell (Mr & Mrs Woodward), pleasing outline on this bitch and I like her for type, she was just slightly erratic on the out and back today which cost her. Well-presented and balanced in outline

3: Achara Girl On Fire JW (Miss N Dawson)

Post Grad

1: Somanic Luna Dream (Miss R Carter), apricot of good colour and texture. Pleases in head and expression. On the move she has carriage and uses herself to advantage. Well presented and handled well

2: Alisiane Step in Time (Mrs C Clancy), black in full coat, pleasing expression with a glint in her eye. Just lost her outline in profile and was slightly erratic on the out and back


1: Atastar and Just Like That (Mr P Langdon). Simply gorgeous white bitch who screams femininity. All I was looking for today. Not the biggest but totally balanced and is high stationed, standing on fantastic feet. Her head and expression are divine giving that glint of naughtiness. Length to neck leading into a well-made forehand, correct topline and well set and carried tail. She is balanced behind and in fantastic muscle condition. Ice white coat presented beautifully and fabulous pigmentation adding to the finished picture. At first, I thought the ring was not to her liking but the more she moved, the more she settled into the job in hand, and she visibly grew in stature. Her carriage is breath-taking, looking down her nose, arching her neck and she has an ease of stride in profile. Very worthy of the CC today and she will title with ease. Won BOB over her gorgeous half brother as she was just that little bit more collected. Delighted to see her go Gp 2.

2: Kertellas Diamonds Darling JW (Mr A P R Hoblin), black of quality and type, pretty head and expression, coat of good texture. Another who is very hard to fault on inspection and she too should carry a title. Just lost her outline slightly in profile today and this cost her. She will have better days, I’m sure.

3: Marcasite Love Is Begun (Miss A L Laing)


1: Volgarus Eliza Lee (Mrs J Wells) another black of immense quality from this clever breeder, high stationed and balanced. Holds herself so well on the move and she has style. Title bound with the average amount of luck.

2: Jaspalie Indecent Proposal (Mrs T Brown), white bitch of quality, pretty head and great pigment. Super presentation. Moved out well but just a tad narrow on the out and back today.

3: Graebarn Sweet Caroline (Mrs M A Barney)

Lee A S Cox (Judge)