• Show Date: 07/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 06/10/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Pointer

East Of England Agricultural Society

7th July 2023



Minor Puppy

1: Sunhouse Black Is Back at Salmonmist (ai) (Ms S R Philo), b/w of just 6 months and showing a lot of potential. On the stack he produces a very nice picture, and he has a lovely head and expression. Totally balanced and flows in outline. Well ribbed and short in loin. On the move his age shows but he puts his feet in the right place.

2: Kanix Snapdragon at Fallowfield (Mrs C Lewis), more mature o/w who impresses in side gait. I liked his head and expression, and he is well conditioned. Needs to fill in frame but time is on his side, and he will do very well.

3: Kanix Sourdough with Calaquendi (Mrs A & Miss V & Miss L Hill)


1: Carofel Wings of Hope JW (Mrs A & Mrs L Matthews & Adams), o/w nearing 12 months. Already all of a piece on the stack with a delightful expression. Well ribbed back with a short strong loin. Decent feet and well boned. He holds his topline on the move and covers the ground. Fine, supple skin adds to his appeal.

2: Kanix Sourdough with Calaquendi (Mrs A & Miss V & Miss L Hill), 8-month o/w who is at the teenage stage at the moment. He is of a bigger mould, but he is pleasing to go over. Just needs to get his head together on the move and he’ll be away.


1: Joneva Just Imagine (Miss G J & Mr N A Mennen & Sweeney), o/w 17-month-old. Masculine and upstanding. Decent head and expression strong in neck with good reach. Firm in topline and balanced in angulation. He impresses in profile and uses his tail. In super condition.

2: Clamerkin Jubilee Fly Past for Corotine (Miss C & Mrs C & Mrs J & Mrs S Hazeltine & Razzell & Drake & Welch), b/w 15 months old and has a decent outline stacked. He pleases in expression but would prefer more refinement in head. He is very good to go over and scores in front assembly. On the move he is a tad erratic on the out and back, but he keeps an outline in profile.

3: Tenshilling Jimmy Mack (Mrs J Webb)


1: Chesterhope One Way Ticket (ai) (Imp Nzl) (Miss Oddie), b/w of type and quality. Delightful head and expression. Not the biggest of males but very much all of a piece. In superb condition and well muscled. He is eye-catching in profile, just could be a little tidier going away.

2: Joneva Just Imagine (Miss G J & Mr N A Mennen & Sweeney)

3: Bradleypoint Floki (Mrs L Trueman)


1: Wilchrimane Kinsphere with Kiswahili (Mr Rf & Miss Ac & Mrs Ag Walkling & Siddle & Siddle), mature and of type. Pleases in head and expression. Good for size, he pleases in outline. Balanced in angulation. On the move he is sound and puts his feet in the right place, he could just use himself a bit more for added benefit.

2: Joneva Just Imagine (Miss G J & Mr N A Mennen & Sweeney)

3: Braithwaite Pole Position in Fallowfield (Mrs C Lewis)


1: Wilchrimane Two for Tea (Mrs M S Pattie), o/w who presents a very pleasing outline stacked. His head and expression are a delight, he flows in outline and is in optimum condition. On the move he has a lot of style but is just a little proud of his tail. For me I would just like him ribbed back a tad more.

2: Sunhouse You're Nicked (Mrs R M C & Miss R Martin), o/w who is masculine and typy. On the first look around I thought he was going to be my winner. He is super to go over and is precise on the out and back. He just could have used himself a little more in profile.

3: Stocksfell Saros (Mrs B Wilkinson)


1; Sh Ch Sharnphilly Boondoggle JW (Miss Oddie), b/w of obvious quality. Not the biggest but all male. He pleases very much for type, and he flows from nose to tail in a series of curves. Well ribbed back, he is short and strong in loin. Strong neck, good forehand and well muscled behind. On the move he is eye-catching and sound. CC and BOB

2: Harvestslade Cullinan (Mrs D & Mr N Preece & Gilding), slightly different type than the winner, however, this o/w is very imposing and has the most delightful head and expression. Upstanding and sound, he is very decent indeed.

3: Sh Ch Joneva Just My Style (Dr K Bond)


1: Sh Ch Tenshilling Home Alone JW ShCM (Mrs C J O'neill), 8-year-old o/w who belies his age. Smart as paint stacked and in superb condition. He has a fabulous outline and is so very typical. Moved out with style and soundness. RCC and BV

Special Beginners

1: Joneva Just Imagine (Miss G J & Mr N A Mennen & Sweeney)

2: Collholme Balthasar (Mr D T & Mrs J A Collins), o/w who presents a pleasing outline and has the most endearing temperament. He just needs to settle on the move as he is a little erratic on the out and back and a tad proud of his tail. In super condition.

3: Bradleypoint Floki (Mrs L Trueman)


Minor Puppy

1: Kanix Sooty at Stargang (Mr A & Mrs J Macara & Blackburn-Bennett), exceptional b/w of nearly 9 months. Her outline is breath-taking, and she is already the finished article on the move, holding her outline and as sound and stylish as they come. Quite delightful and a certain title holder. BP

2: Wilchrimane Frankly M’dear (Mrs & Miss A Siddle), o/w of 7 months and pleases enormously for type. She needs to drop into her front, but her outline is beautiful. In optimum condition, she is champion quality without a doubt. Just not as precise as the winner today on the out and back.

3: Sunhouse Black T' Square One (ai) (Mrs R M C & Miss R Martin)


1: Kanix Smoochie at Stargang (Miss H Blackburn-Bennett), beautiful o/w of 8 months, superior type and sound as a bell. In superb condition and well schooled. Champion quality.

2: Carofel If I Had Wings (C Guy), 11-month-old o/w who has a super expression and typical head. Built on the right lines, she just needs to fill her frame, and this will be to her benefit.

3: Millpoint Golden Pippin (Ms A Brooksmith)


1: Clamerkin Jubilee Surprise at Hookwood (Mrs S & Mrs J & Miss C Welch & Drake & Hazeltine), 15-month-old b/w with the most beautiful outline. Her head and expression are a delight, she has a good neck leading into a super forehand, well ribbed back and strong short loin. She is absolutely balanced and in fabulous condition.


1: Joneva Azelia Banks (Dr K Bond), 18-month-old o/w of type and quality. She pleases for outline, has the prettiest head and is balanced in angulation. Moved out well holding her outline and is sound.

2: Sharnphilly Gingerbread (Mrs N Klaiber), o/w with a sweet head and expression, she is at the teenage stage at the moment and needs to fill her frame. A little erratic on the out and back but time is on her side, and she was in super condition.


1: Tenshilling to Sir with Love JW (Mrs C J O'neill), o/w who stood out in this class, she is delightful for type and her head and expression are superb. Good to go over, she is well ribbed and has a strong topline. Moved out on the right track and kept her outline.

2: Stocksfell Showdown (Mrs B Wilkinson), o/w with an enchanting head and expression. She is delightful for type, and she has everything in the right place. She moves on the right track but could just had a little more enthusiasm for it. Good one though

3: Lundgarth Everest JW (Mrs S E Booth)

Post Grad

1: Sunhouse Partners in Crime (Mrs R M C & Miss R Martin), b/w of decent type and feminine in outlook. She pleases for head, has a decent front, strong topline and balanced behind. Sound in profile keeping her outline.

2: Rickory Ask Me Nicely (Mr A E & Mrs M S Swannell), b/w of slightly different type but still pleasing. She has a super head shape and is in excellent condition. Well ribbed and balanced in angulation. Not as positive in front as the winner today.

3: Millpoint Heart and Soul at Casdellda (Ms J Dunn)


1: Stocksfell Seldom Seen (Mrs B Wilkinson), o/w of quality and type, she impresses on the stack, but she comes into her own on the move and really impresses. Holds such an outline and carries herself with importance. Super front, long neck, well ribbed and strong in loin. Champion quality. In the challenge she pulled out all the stops and I simply could not deny her the CC

2: Sharnphilly Tiktok to Riowood (Miss Oddie), b/w who is also of superb quality, just preferred the balance of leg of the winner. Super to go over and sound as a bell on the move, another of champion quality.

3: Sonham Chasing Rainbows (Mrs A D Matthews)


1: Sh Ch Wilchrimane Frankel (ai) (Mrs & Miss A Siddle), o/w of superior quality and type, she has a breath-taking outline stacked and is in superb condition. Flows from nose to tail and she is well ribbed. On the move she is precise and stylish. Can understand why she has been so very successful, and she is bound to have more, today I felt she just flagged a little. RCC

2: Sh Ch Tenshilling The Wanderer (Mrs J Webb) liked this o/w for type too and she just needs confidence for the finished picture. In good body and moved out on the right lines.

3: Sh Ch Sharnphilly Santa Rosa (Mr J & Mr N Thirlwell & Malik)


1: Sharnphilly Rio Bella (Mr A E & Mrs M S Swannell), 9-year-old b/w who belies her age and is a credit to her owner. Good for type, she may be a little matronly in body but why not. Sound on the move and enjoying her day.

Special Beginners

1: Hawkfield Scandalous (Mrs N Klaiber), o/W of type and has a pretty head and expression. She moved on the right track and was in super condition.

2: Millpoint Heart and Soul at Casdellda (Ms J Dunn), b/w good for size and pleasing in outline, just a little erratic on the move today.

3: Pennystone Shamrock at Tenbrooksher (Mrs J & Mrs V Brookes & Brookes-Tennant)

Lee A S Cox (Judge)