• Show Date: 22/01/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Japanese Spitz

Manchester Dog Show Society

22nd January 2023

Japanese Spitz

My first-time awarding CCs to this totally charming breed and a thoroughly enjoyable experience it was. Thank you for bringing your dogs and for the superb sportsmanship displayed.



1: ASTON, Mr R & ASTON, Mrs K & BOWEN, Mrs A GlamGlow's Just A Crush, 10-month-old who is very mature for his age. Delightful head and expression. Pigmentation coming in. The correct shape and his coat is the correct texture. Beautifully presented, he moved out well. Promising. BP

Post Grad

1: WARRINGTON, Miss C L SAKKAKU CLOUD DREAM WEAVER, up to size and all male. He is the correct outline and has a very pleasing expression. Small, neat ears and balanced head. Coat in good condition and well presented. Carries his tail correctly and is precise on the out and back


1: BLISS, Mrs Stephanie Charney Tamotsu, mature male with the most delightful head properties. Eye shape ok but still gives the right expression. Totally balanced in outline and stands on good feet. He has a super coat texture and really moves out on the right track. Nice one and has a certain title ahead of him. RCC

2: PITTOCK, Mrs T Cheechako Aurelius. JW, slightly larger type but still the correct shape. Liked his head, expression, and pigmentation. A tiny bit longer in loin that the winner. He too moved out very well.

3: ASTON, Mr R & ASTON, Mrs K & BOWEN, Mrs A Glamglow's Mr Perfect


1: BLISS, Mrs Stephanie Ch Charney Chandresh, totally mature and in full coat of the correct texture. He is the correct shape and has an air of importance about him. Moves out on the right track and pleases for type.

2: PROUT, Mrs D Ch Kessaku Bobby Dazzler, close up and another very good male. Super coat well made, and I was splitting hairs. He moved out with precision but not quite the animation today of the winner.

3: SMITH, Mrs J E & SMITH, Miss J Kessaku Chilli Pepper At Snowshoes


1: ASTON, Mr R & ASTON, Mrs K & BOWEN, Mrs A Ch Charney Precious Gift For Kumiko JW, 8-year-old in fine form defying his age. He is a super shape, great wedge head with superb expression and can show some of the youngsters how to move being exceptionally light and nimble in his action. In superb condition he has a profuse coat that is pure white. Deserving of the DCC and BV. A super dog.

2: JONES, Miss L Ch Llwyni Simba Stop N'stare JW Sh.CM, another sparkling veteran who belies his 7 years. In superb condition and moved out well. Just preferred the expression of the winner today




1: SMITH, Mrs J E & SMITH, Miss J Snowshoes Iris, 8 month and already all of a piece, she has the most delightful head and expression and is beautifully presented. Super coat and moves out with precision of the out and back and keeps her outline in profile, sure to have a future. In the challenge for BP her mind was elsewhere and had to bow to the male

2: FERRY, Miss Jenna & FERRY, Mrs Sue Ferrybelle's Take It Easy, 6-month-old and as cute as a button. The cheekiest face of the day and real potential, I’m sure. She has it all there, just needs her brain to engage to make sure that everything goes in the same direction, but I feel we will hear more of her.

3: ASTON, Mr R & ASTON, Mrs K & BOWEN, Mrs A GlamGlow's Cotton Candy


1: SMITH, Mrs J E & SMITH, Miss J Snowshoes All That Glitters, a real cracker, she is a delight. Gorgeous outline, super expression, and excellent ears used all the time. On the move she simply cannot be ignored. Seriously considered her in the challenge but felt a few more months will be to her benefit. Champion quality for sure.

2; BLISS, Mrs Stephanie Charney Santa's Cupid, liked this young lady very much too, she too has a delightful expression, correct outline and moved out well, just not quite that look at me in profile today.

3: PROUT, Mrs D Kessaku Mamma Mia

Post Graduate

1: ASTON, Mr R & ASTON, Mrs K & BOWEN, Mrs A GLAMGLOW'S MADE YOU BLUSH, very pretty and full of fun. She has a typical outline, super expression, good pigmentation, and a coat of good texture. Moved out precisely on the out and back and collected herself in profile.

2: ASTON, Mr R & ASTON, Mrs K & BOWEN, Mrs A GlamGlow's Dare To Stare, close up and similar in type, just not the expression of the winner. She too scores on the move.



1, FRASER, Miss L G Tawvale Genki, super bitch. Fabulous head and expression. Feminine all through. Coat of good texture and moves on the right track. Not the flashiest but I felt her to be very correct for proportions and type. He has enough coat which is sparkling white. She too should carry a title with luck. RCC

2: GIBSON, Mrs A Kireina Beautiful Dreamer at Kaiaki JW, slightly bigger type but still feminine. She was super on the move and used herself to advantage. Just lost out to the winner on eye shape and expression.

3: BLISS, Mrs Stephanie Charney Tenshi


1: SMITH, Mrs J E & SMITH, Miss J Ch Snowshoes Belle Of The Ball. For me the star of the day and so she was most definitely the Belle of the Ball. She is totally typical and in super condition being very well presented. She has a superb wedge-shaped head and an expression that makes you smile. Good for size and screams femininity. Moves out with style, precision, and soundness. Sparkling white coat that was not overdone in any way. A very worthy champion. CC and BOB

2: BAMBRIDGE, Mrs P Charney Fine Design at Tartiko, close up and similarity in type. She too moves well in profile but was just a little erratic coming towards me today and this is what was the decider.


1: CHURCH, Mrs Tanya Int Ch Ir Ch Ch Sanyinko Silver Spirit, 7-year-old and in fine form. Pleasing for type, she put on a sound and polished performance.

2: DICKSON, Mrs Sheree Kessaku Yum Yum in Bernavia. Another in super condition and a real credit to her owner, she just was not a precise on the out and back as the winner today

Special Beginners

1: SMITH, Mrs Tracy Kessaku popping candy at Yokosaka, well presented and has a typical outline. She moved on the right track.

2: CHAPMAN, Miss Victoria Emiko Yukiko, good for size and shape, she has a super attitude and uses her ears well

3: MAK, Ms Tammy & KWOK, Dr Thomas Mijujo Crystal Cake

Lee A S Cox (Judge)